Hi, my name is Ronnie. I’m from Israel. I have been having neurological chronic pain for the last ten years. And tried everything, conventional medicine, alternative medicine, all kinds of woo stuff, read books, but the pain just kept getting stronger and stronger and stronger. About three years ago, I started doing EFT, the regular EFT, didn’t do nothing for me. And I went to YouTube and I tap typed EFT and then I find, found Robert. And I really like his way. But still things weren’t working, so I just left everything. I just waited for a miracle for about 4 years. The miracle didn’t came. And it got to a point that I can’t walk. So I decided, okay, let’s go back to conventional medicine. And I had an implant of, implant, I had an implant of spinal cord stimulator. Which means, I have an electrode in my spine and a battery in my bottom. The battery give their energy to the electrode and it changed the neurological signal and it’s supposed to just relieve the pain. But instead of relief, I got an additional pain in my butt. So it was very hard for me to sit, to walk, to live. And then meet my mother on the same day. We thought about Robert. She came to me and she said,” Hey remember the Faster EFT thing? You should do that.” And I told her I just thought about it today. I went to the website. I did the seven-day course. And then all the subject of programming just got me. I mean. I thought, okay, there is really, really something there. And the next thing I booked a retreat in Ireland. Because I felt that I need more than a session or more than just doing it by myself. And I felt that I need something big and intensive because it’s been going for so long. And so I had a five days retreat. And I felt the change really fast. First of all, in my, in my head, I remember the first thing was being grateful. I could say, I’m grateful for my bed, I’m grateful for the beautiful sky, I’m grateful for the ocean, but I couldn’t feel it. But on the third day, I already, I already started to feel, really feel grateful. And the big thing was that I could walk but very little. So at airports, I need the special aid. So they brought me on a wheelchair, to the arrivals, I moved from a wheelchair to a wheelchair, from airport to airport airport and and then I had these sticks to walk with. The next morning, we went for a walk, I was walking slowly and with a lot of fear with my sticks. And on the third day, I didn’t need the sticks anymore, I could walk by myself. I finished the retreat, retreat and took the plane to Greece to have the level 1 seminar. And that was like a whirl like, okay, now it’s your turn to take control of your life. And I learned so much. It’s like my head is, I, I don’t, I don’t have words even to to explain. The thing is that the fur, the the big change is inside. It’s in, it’s in the feeling towards myself, towards my family, I know that it’s not about them, I know that it’s all about me. And for me, it makes it easier because I don’t need to to deal with all of them anymore. It’s just here in my head. And I just have to go there and give myself the permission to to be free and to be me and not to be them, to be me. And now I’m walking, I dance this week. And I love dancing, bouncing up the stairs. On the second day, I was called to the chair in the, in the seminar. Before I came here to do the the level one seminar, I was very bothered about how would I sit for so long in a classroom on a chair, because, because I have this pain in my, in my bottom. And I was very worried about it but doing the exercise with everyone, having the session with Robert just simply relief the pain. The pain went down and down and down. And I was able to sit for one hour, two hours or sit, get up and go and sit at another place, go up to the roof and sit there. It’s something that I couldn’t do before. I would be able, I was able to sit for 15 to 20 minutes top and then I would have to move or change position or just get up because it would be too, too sore to sit. But as you can see I’m sitting now, all is good. And in one of the evenings, I had a session with Robert that was overwhelming in a good way. I just, I remembered I started remembering things that I didn’t remember before. And it just all kind of came into the right piece, the pieces came to the right places and the links it’s something that we learned at the seminar and I really got it. And I understood, understood the links. And I mean what was the thing back then that I related to a feeling or to pain that caused me to create this situation in my body. But now I know how to unlink it. I know how to change it and I’m happy, much more happier. And there’s something else I want to say. Exactly 21 days ago, I was so desperate and I was so hurtful and in so much pain. Even though I already knew I’m going to have the retreat, retreat and and level one Eutaptics. I wrote a goodbye letter to all the people that I care about. Because I really felt that I can’t go on like this. I can’t live with this pain anymore. If you were in pain, I can say that a physical pain starts in an emotional pain because I heard a lot of doctors they told me a lot of things but they didn’t help me. And I think the really important thing to understand is that physical pain starts with an emotional pain. And it’s a good idea to address this pain and the emotional one and to see what’s going on there, how you can change it, how you can see where it started and how you, you can just, I want to say control, but it’s my issue, control. So if you have physical pain, you just have to go to the emotional pain and solve it there. It starts there, even though, even though I have a machine inside my body. I have a wire, an electric wire, actual electric wire inside my spine and an actual battery in my butt. And if the doctor says that it doesn’t have enough room, so that’s why it hurts. But I just proved them wrong because it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t matter if there’s room for the battery or there’s no room for the battery. What matters here is, is why I create, why I created this pain, why you created this pain. And you can change it on your own the tapping did work. Getting to know Robert, well, I saw him on YouTube. I saw this guy like funny and very straight forward but what you don’t see in the videos is the compassion. What I didn’t see maybe you see that. But compassion, love, smiles, the eyes I could see I could see smiles in his eyes a lot. He’s very rational. It’s all fact that’s the thing. It’s all fact, facts. It’s rational things. It’s simple things actually that cause in inside your head. But sometimes we kind of make them a little bit more stronger or bigger than they are. And what Robert does is just he takes the story, he just puts it in pieces, and he makes it look very simple and it is very simple. And you just need to be open to to the simpleness because we’re all the same. We all have the brain the gist tells us how to survive. And the amazing thing is, about Robert is how he can like this, gets what’s going on in your head and then like Hungarian Kubik just, just make it put it on in the right place. But the greater, the greatest thing about it is that he teaches teaches us how to do it. And this is an amazing gift. I don’t think that there is a bigger grief gift than that. Now I have my tool and I’m going to use it every day and I’m going to change my life. That’s it and thank you. Subtitle: Liu Chin [Music] [Music]

9 thoughts on “1297 How to Heal Chronic Pain | Testimonial | Neuroscience Based Healing Technique | DIY”

  1. well done Roni, glad to meet you in the seminar and thanks for sharing your amazing story, you all have been part of the healing, peace 🙂

  2. What a story… So glad you are feeling so much better already, Roni! Robert and Faster EFT are great! Hope to be able to go to a seminar too next time in Europe. Love and Light ❤

  3. It's amazing how her right eye told the story of tension and nervousness and as she talks about the subject, the tension disappears. Thanks for sharing this moving story and I admit the dance in the end made me search for a non-existing onion…

  4. Love you Roni! You are soooo amazing! I remember you from day one transformational weekend and how you have changed. Unbelievable!!!! Thanks to Robert! God bless his heart and many many years to live and teach us!

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