12 thoughts on “6 AMAZING Super Expert Team Shell Levels!”

  1. 6 AMAZING #TeamShell levels in a single beautiful video for your viewing pleasure! From creators like Joshbones, Brakkie, Caspur & Dremy, you don't want to miss this! Enjoy!

    Levels featured in this video:

    Shell Tundra #TS by 74LS32N: HW6-B43-4MF (1621/95058, 1.70%)

    Rising Poison + Shell Jumps #TS by Joshbones: 3RX-6T3-3FG (116/13414, 0.86%)

    The Thunderhead by J-Chick: Y6F-2TM-72G (1537/123072, 1.24%)

    Cold House #TeamShell by Brakkie: 1G7-DSN-JPF (404/39041, 1.03%)

    Devil's Shoestring #TeamShell by Caspur: BBH-NMP-GJG (758/62469, 1.21%)

    Blue On Black #TeamShell by dremy: J45-M47-8LF (555/73142, 0.75%)

  2. Some really cool levels there, I’m making my first for team shell, I doubt it’ll be as good but I’ll try my best

  3. What's amazing is, after all this time, people are still finding creative ways to utilize shell jumps in levels.

  4. I'm still quite impressed that out of all the SMM1/2 players I watch on YT that do the preview/teaser thing, you're literally the only one I've come across that does it well/mostly spoiler free!

    I'm also quite impressed with how good you are at this game! I'm trying to get better, aside from playing a lot, do you have any tips/suggestions that might help me improve?

  5. Cool levels. I've tried making levels like these before but they never turn out right. It's always good to see nice designs

  6. Great to see you back Crono!! Love your content and these collections of themed levels are great. Will play these levels later. GG

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