Hello everyone and welcome back to Intellipaat once again. So In our video series of things you don’t know about, today we are going to
talk about artificial intelligence. So here i am going to talk about a few essential things that you should be knowing if you are really interested into this particular domain. let’s begin then. So for most of us the field might seem quite fascinating and we think that this is quite a new profile but that’s not the case. artificial intelligence is an old concept
whose origin dates back to the 1950s. So this was formerly born or rather artificial intelligence
was formerly born in workshop conducted by IBM in 1956 and then it was originally coined
by mccarthy and others. So in the last 2 decades artificial intelligence
has grown really heavily. The AI market has grown 8 billion in 2018
and International Data Corporation predicts that it will be around 47 billion dollars
by 2020. So all this happened through big data, faster computers and advancement in machine
learning techniques in the past years few So let me give you few example for that Siri, Google Now and Cortana
are examples of artificial intelligence but then AI is actually all around us. It can be found in vacuum cleaners, cars, video games, Hollywood special effects movies, software Medical Research and International Financial Market Among many other examples. Let me also tell you guys that we use Google
Maps, Gmail, Facebook and all these applications where artificial intelligence plays really
a crucial role now all the recommendations that we get on let’s say YouTube Google or
Netflix is again because of AI

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