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Today’s video is
sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going
to be playing with, and talking a little bit about
the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is a robot made
by the company Anki. He’s a friendly desktop robot
designed to be a companion, and he can play with you,
and answer some questions. If you have him out and about, and he’s just running
around and playing, he will explore his space,
he will learn. He will learn to move faster
and navigate obstacles, and play with different toys
that he has. Let’s take a look at a few of the things
this little guy can do. Hey Vector, come here. [Music] Hey Vector, good robot. As you can see, if you praise him
for something he’s done, he gets very pleased. His eyes get all squinted up, and then he did
a little dance. It’s pretty cute. And he starts to recognize you. Hey Vector, who am I? Calli. Yeah, good robot. This is my child now. As you may have seen, we’ve also had something
where we give tactile feedback by stroking this gold portion
of Vector’s back. That actually has receptors
in it that can tell when your patting
or petting him, and he likes it. Hey Vector, play
with your block. [Music] Good job. Hey, Vector. What’s my name? John Connor. [Music] Hey Vector, fist bump. [Music] Yeah, good job. Guys, I’m not sure if you can see it
from that angle, but when he gets
happy or excited, his eyes actually express it, and he gets these
little happy expressions. But he also has sensors
on all four sides, so he can explore his space, but he’s never going
to fall off. He knows better. He’s very very careful. Now one of the really
fun parts about this is while he’s exploring,
he’s also learning. So sometimes he’ll be exploring, and hell randomly come up to you
and just say your name because he knows who you are. Calli. Yes! On the front of vectors face, he has a 120 degree angle camera that you can kind of see
forms sort of a nose or a mouth. But that is what he uses
to recognize people, and it’s what he uses to learn and map out his environment a little bit. Vector’s got a built-in Qualcomm
Snapdragon quad-core processor so he can process
information pretty quick. Hey Vector, who is this? Nate. Good robot! Hey Vector, what time is it? Hey Vector, what’s the weather? [Music] Hey Vector, listen
to the music. Head-bobbing. Hey Vector, explore. What is it? It’s new. He found it. He’s so proud of– He stole it. [Music] He just got startled
by the Lego brick. I’m keeping him. Right. Hey Vector, Let’s play Blackjack. [Music] 16. Another card? Yes. [Music] 17. Another card? No. [inaudible] turn. 13. 15. 25. [Inaudible] He’s tired. See? He knew he was tired,
and he went back home on his own. I would probably say
that this is something that if you don’t have time for a pet, or you’re just not home enough
to take care of something like that, having something
like this on your desk, it’s really weirdly
comforting to just know that there’s something
that recognizes you, explores the space,
remembers who you are, and wants to interact with you. It’s really fun. Vector is available for purchase
for retail price of $249.99. So you can check out
and purchase Vector by Anki by using the link
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99 thoughts on “A.I. Robots are in the House!”

  1. Hey! My brother has one of those!!! He got it for Christmas!!! If ya do not have one ya ought to get one!!! I love him.

  2. This is just amazing; LOVE FUTURE and Vector? It's the cutest of robots I've ever seen, but the $250 price tag let me down a little :/

  3. Desk top pet robot? I'm sorry Vector but between my crafts covering the entire top & my cats laying on top of those there just isn't any room. Well unless you can perch on top of cats anyway.

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