We have three different systems because
our customers required three. Essentially, there is an entry level
system with coASSIST, in which we basically take the Euro NCAP set up:
front camera, front radar, four corner radar, and we add a central
computer and we deliver the functionality that is required in terms
of traffic jam assist, highway driving support, with driver initiated lane change and driver initiated highway exit. Then if you want to grow that capability,
you grow the functionality from driver initiated lane change to automated lane change, automated highway entry and exit. You need the artificial intelligence to really be able to support that. We have our coDRIVE and our coPILOT systems that can deliver that functionality. Our coASSIST system, our entry system, is going to be in production in Q4 of this year, this is with an Asian OEM. And as ZF is owning all the functionality, delivering the
full system capability of that product, it is very important that we deliver
reliable and safe systems, but also that we are able to deliver the comfort that is
needed. Level 4 is nice, it is a nice target to get to, but for us we need to take our time with Level 2+, deliver the comfort, learn as much as possible
about the systems, how the humans interact with those systems, so that when
we are ready for Level 4 we feel really good about what we are putting on the market.

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