100 thoughts on “Adam Schiff: NSA Withheld Trump Ukraine Evidence From Intel Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. I've read so many books abt the fight that sections of the German people put up against Hitler, from when he first came to power. They could see what he was doing, and how it wd lead to war, and fought mightily, but to no avail in the end. This is what it feels like now, with Trump corrupting the DoJ, and now the intel agencies, and stacking the courts. People don't learn from history.

  2. House Democrats, Americans know the GOP are Corrupt and Evil, So now until election show the evidence papers send it to the press, have back to back hearing, Use your Subpoena power, If the GOP want to hide the evidence show it anyway to the American people.

  3. lying piece of Schiff. another red herring. it's U A**hole who's incompetent in put'd impeachment case together. always blaming others for ur failures. why didn't u pursue it then. big fat liar again. tell'n untrue stories again. making up untrue narratives again. blaming Trump for d reason d NSA is hiding evidence. b stop lying. u just fish'n for evidence again. bloody schiff is continuing to waste taxpayers' money to get rid of Trump. give it up A**hole. U helped trump win Nov. by a major landslide. wanna sealmd deal even more?? what's ur excuse when trump wins in Nov?? foreign interference/collusion again?? & how did d trump influence d upcoming election?? by exposing d bidens corruption?? that's his job, moron. d bidens did it to themselves. Ur just lying & mislead'n d American ppl ALL d time. its been proven ovr & ovr & ovr again. better start run'n y'all DNC corrupt A**holes, d DOJ is coming after y'all after they'r finished w d bidens. I wouldn't b surprised if creepy jo throws y'all under d bus to protect his family. better start run'n now while u can. take ur money & run to Russia or china before they raid ur homes.

  4. ty chairman schiff and dr maddow, these are things of which we need to be made aware. our nation is facing perhaps the worst crisis, the most extreme danger, since its inception. ty chairman for always standing up!

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!




  6. Document what you can. When administrations change have a full investigation. And prosecute whoever as an accomplice

  7. They should let this go the government already said that everything Trump did was ok..right in our faces they said🖕🇺🇸

  8. There is definitely a cult within the government and all branches. Something is extremely off. All these agencies working together to hide the truth about Trump, wtf is going on!

  9. Do you want your kids growing up looking up to trump . Being a crooked president or Obama a good man.if you say trump move to Russia . when it's over that's the only place trump and his family can live.name one thing he did That was good 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔steal waiting 🤔🖕

  10. voting as a principal could be "suspended," until civil order is restored and the population disarmed – Refuse to Vote on any Bills passing through the House

    Keep NSA and FBI stuck on the Trump family 24/7 with taps and bugs until new evidence is found

    Influence, control, direct, the intelligence community that we still have left at our disposal and BLAME and ASSIGN all of our Tactics directly to the Trump White House

    Manufacture Evidence, Tamper Witnesses

    Then Impeach again ASAP – only this time, Without Schiff in the Lead (he's too creepy and incredulous, seems to be compromised)

  11. Adam Schiffs good buddy is Ed Buck, a guy who caused 3 black men to overdose on drugs because he liked to torture them because they were black, thats Adam Schiffs friends, im sure Adam isnt like his friends

  12. Sounds like Trump is draining the swamp. I bet you see the info you seek when the indictments come down Schiff. Tell us again how you didn't work with the whistle blower, that's a good story, we like that one. Tell us why the whistle blower forms were changed by Atkinson weeks before the complaint was filed. Tell us how you have no ties to Ukraine. Looked like you sch!tt when they did acquit. Glad to see the right to a speedy trial still works, good test run. Good to see you are not worried, you don't look scared Schiffless at all. Hey Adam, like Chuck Schemer said, you still have hope and Mitt… lol. Maddow, Mark Dice said he loaned you my liberal tears cup, have you seen it?

  13. Don't you find it funny that every time Adam schiff's accuses the GOP or Trump's of anything like saying they're hiding evidence how come they never have any evidence to prove it it's just his big mouth soras sons bother in law. Remember she's ugly sister was married to sources Son

  14. Rudy Guilianni has some interesting facts , timetables , banking transactions of aid money going to Burisma , all the documents proving Trump was set up by democrats , he’s been releasing the info for just over a week now . It’s been 5 plus years investigation by Rudy , who has many dignitary clients including our great president . Our president has the best organized crime lawyer in the world , his name will be cleared , and a lot of high profile people will be prosecuted in near future , this game is only just begun .

  15. You should have brought out your best witness; your whistle blower during impeachment phase you moron, that was your supposed witness right? Partisan all the way, from both sides

  16. The best form of running a campaign is drawing in the media with stories of shock and outrage as a means of promoting a candidate. If the democrats can't get their act together then put up and accept what will be dished up that will last for decades.

  17. The rule of law, a Democratic government, and the Constitution is only as strong as the elected officials willing to follow them. History has shown that those elected honestly can turn on the governments they belong to and destroy them. Leading to a dictatorship as in the case of Stalin, who was elected to office, and Hilter who was elected to office and turn 1930's Germany into nightmare . In both cases these 2 men cost the lives of millions of people. With people refusing to rain in trump's corruption and placing him above the law. They are producing a person so morally corrupt and unhinged he has already started to attack and remove his enemies without fear of current law with no checks and balances or Constitutional restrictions. Putin got his money's worth in trump and those in the Republican party his people gave millions to in donations to support trump and block election reform. Such as Moscow Mitch, Graham, Rubio, Curz, Nunes, and the GOP stooges on Russian payrolls goes on.

  18. Aha, the cyanide squad, not heard much bout that branch of ultra government coke bandits for a while. C'mon boys, how it hanging as 🇺🇸 goes down the pan of reputation, huh ¿?

  19. So Schiff didn't have what they needed for impeachment so they threw a Hail Mary pass for witnesses while running to the impeachment goal.

  20. This guy is a perpetual liar and fabricator of mythical evidence. He even is speaking like a weasel now. I mean cmon where is all the evidence in plain sight stop using so called evidence which you claim can’t be shown and we are to just believe it as fact because you say so.

  21. This is HILARIOUS! I've never seen so many 'adults' walk around with their diapers overflowing! GREAT! If the SHOW-BUSINESS PARTY would only check their own leftist candidates and constituency, they'd find enough material to entertain the world forever!
    Keep it up, SHOW-BUSINESS PARTY ! ! !

  22. I feel that everything will come out and in my opinion, the Trump White House crooks will have no one to stand for them. They have to leave office one day. Most people hold them in ill repute now.

  23. Cnn, schiff,= garbage communist intent to overthrow America. Both agree the American people can’t be trusted. Benedict Arnold traitors, both. When will both these hole go away,,, forever! Soo sick of of their hate, sick of lies.. this is all these holes offer.

  24. I guess Rachel didn't get the memo.
    Nobody cared before, and it's even worse now..
    They didn't even know who this guy was on Jeopardy…..WITHA PICTURE!!

  25. Schiff didnt do his job when they impeached our great president. They had no facts what so ever now they cry about it. Shouldn't have rushed it but you did. 4 more years hahaha

  26. It should be against the law for people to be privy to this information of corruption and deceit to the American people. They should all be held accountable for the wrongdoings. Even if they act like they are naïve to what actually happened. Accountability is what the government should be upholding. Not corruption!

  27. Rachel Madcow interviews Adam Schitt. Terrific, real intelligent stuff. Can we please just flush both of them down history's toilet and move on. These two have nothing to say; they never have had and never will. They can carry on their conversation in the cess pit where it belongs.

  28. "doesn't know how pertinent they may be"?? Bloody lying schiff fishing AGAIN. Trump infect ' n justice Dept & intelligence committee, ?? Bloody lying schiff making up stories AGAIN!! come on ppl y'all still believing any of schiff's crap?? if I was trump I'd sue d bum wipe for more than he has for slander. y'all pretty stupid to believe this piece of schiff STILL!!!


  30. Every publicly stated goal PUTIN set to destroy America after the collapse of USSR-Trump accomplished- every single one-no end in sight.The right of Kings reboot

  31. This is trump's M.O. He gets those close to him to make themselves complicit in his crimes and then they have to bend themselves into pretzels to help cover up the crimes. Most of his top people like Mulvaney, Barr, Mcconnell, Pence and Pompeo are neck deep in the extortion, the cover-up or both.

  32. There must be great concern when Government agencies aren’t inclined to share pertinent information with Congressional Committees.

  33. Schiff for brains &
    No-Nads Nadler both voted against the Ukrainian aid but then got their panties in a bunch when it was held up.
    They accused Trump of election interference while they try everything they can to keep Trump from being on the 2020 ballot.
    Biden extorted the Ukraine and bragged about it on camera so of course the put that charge on Trump too.
    The corrupt treasonous Dumpacraps are ridiculously stupid.

  34. The concern is obviously with Adam Schiff. Law enforcement never shares the details of the investgation with the target of the investgation.

  35. Wats up with her face!!!??? It looks so sad and distresful when shes asking questions. It's so distracting and in a sense irritating the way her eyes and eyebrows twist as if shes about to cry

  36. Seriously this dude is a known liar. Give me a break you have lost over and over. You want an open ended case to add whenever you feel like it. The law doesn’t work this way. Get over your sour grapes.

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