Hold up hold up Do you want to head into Rozhok? Ahh yeah … sure Okay do you have a spare AR or anything? Because I’ve only got a pistol Oh yip ahhh you can have my m16 if you want? Actually that’d be awesome Sweet here you go Oh Why didn’t you just hand it to me? Sorry… what do you mean? Don’t worry – it’s alright K cool… ah… oh Do you have any 5 point ammo? Do you not have any? Well no because you unloaded it before you gave me the gun Yeah Why did you do that? What do you mean “why did I do that?” Well I mean… why did you unload the gun before you handed it to me? Because that’s how the world works Rowan! What is wrong– what is up with you!? What are you even talking about?? Well first of all you want me to magically transport the gun from my hands straight into your hands!? What?? That doesn’t make any sense And second of all you want me to put the gun on the ground WITH ammo in it?? Not put it back in my pocket?? Yes Ben! That’s precisely what I want you to do!! When someone hands someone a gun you can just leave the ammo inside the gun! Okay! So! Should I just do some other physically impossible things?? Like levitate my way to Rozhok?? Is that what you want me to do?? You want me to levitate to Rozhok and shoot lasers out my eyes Rowan?? Okay Ben! What is so hard about handing someone a gun with a loaded NYA NA! Okay! First of all! Gun safety! 101! We’re in a fucking warzone! There is a blue circle of death surrounding us! There’s about 80-odd people trying to kill us! I think you can just hand me a loaded gun! I wouldn’t worry so much about GUN SAFETY! Secondly it’s literally physically impossible for me to give you a gun with ammo already in it Rowan! Just hand me a loaded fucking gun!! Okay Rowan can you hand me a loaded pistol please? Sure Ben OH ROWAN! ROWAN WHY’D YOU PUT THE GUN ON THE GROUND ROWAN? Oh Yeah! Shall I make my way to Rozhok then?? We done? Yip Can I go now?? Unbelievable You still haven’t given me any ammo! Fine Hey so it turns out that most people that watch these videos aren’t actually subscribers… Ha… So um… Hit the subscribe button

100 thoughts on “Ammo – PUBG Logic (handing your teammate a loaded weapon) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)”

  1. All weird deaths in this video.

    ^WarHawk killed JollyChaos with Mustard Gas
    ^FuzzyBallz killed EmperorParsy with a strong high five
    ^Bert killed Ernie in a crime of passion
    ^PeterPan killed Wendy by accidentally dropping her
    ^Disney killed all Standalone Star Wars films with Solo
    ^ThyOldDickTwist killed z0mbieballs with a dick twist
    ^LootMaiden killed flipperlizard88 with a sweet kick to the face

    *correct me if I am wrong

  2. Wait, WHAT? You want me to just move my mouse over and magically hit the subscribe button!? That's not how the world works, Rowan! It's literally physically impossible for me to subscribe to a channel that creates numerous entertaining videos for free. Unbelievable.

  3. I mean, yeah Solo killed all the singleton movies, but it's not like "Caravan of Courage" was any good either. Barring nostalgia.

  4. 1 year later
    PUBG added sytem where you can throw weapons, ammo and items to teammates without making them pick it up on the ground
    Then you accidentally threw a Pan in your teammate's face

  5. Im a big fan of you guys!Please stay safe and healthy!You make me laugh every single time of my miserable days!Thank you so much for that!You keep preventing me of not suicide..god bless you

  6. At the end:
    "It turns out most people watching aren't subscribers"
    Me: (not subscribed) yup.
    Him: so hit the subscribe button…
    Me: nope

  7. Dou you think, I can subscribe just by pressing that red button? No, I can click on a blank field of this window, then your "subscribe" button must find and pick my click up — that how it works.

  8. I love how Ben talks about "weapon safety" while he has his booger hook securely wrapped around the bang-bang switch and flagging Rowan with the working end.

  9. То есть ты хотел чтобы все кто посмотрел просто взяли и подписались на твой канал? Но это же невозможно, ты труба так не работает……

  10. 1.2 million views and 1.58 million subscribers, hell yeah I haven't seen numbers like that since YouTube started

  11. Oh yeah, you want me to just maaaagically hit the subscribe button, like that's something I can just do. I should just somehow move my mouse, which isn't even a real rodent, over the big block that says "subscribe" like some sort of wizard, and click on it like a fricken bodybuilder. You must have me confused with David fucking Copperfield to expect me to pull that off. Okay, wise guy, watch this: I'm moving my mouse, I'm positioning it over the "subscribe" block, and CLICK- oh…it worked…I'm subscribed…WELL YOU STILL DIDN'T NEED TO BE SUCH A DICK ABOUT IT!

  12. Because that's how the REAL world works! Ben does have an good point.
    Can't u just hand it to me? 🤣🤣🤣this gag is so LIT

  13. Filmfehler bei 1:55 … oh a englisch. I mean…. Movie error … eh… mistake … at 1:55. Ben puts his hands at his head. In se next szene hes doesnt :=) Greetings from germany! Wir lieben euch.

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