100 thoughts on “Arduino Garden Controller – Automatic Watering and Data Logging”

  1. I have seen this video so many times and I still think this is genius. Keep up the good work and hello from Greece.

  2. Its like you are not talking anything tabout technology but also its like you are telling too much about tech 😛 I love this. Also yes cool graphs are very cool 🙂

  3. so only me wondering what that dog was hunting?
    he looked like an artic fox

    edit i feel so bad. after he appeared and not only reflected i saw he only had 3 legs…

  4. Damned cilantro is like $2 a bag… I’ll buy a $80 Arduino kit, $40 in soil, $120 in electricity, and 50 man hours and get cilantro for free!!!! I’m an engineer as well, it makes sense to me too.

  5. Having watched your channel for a while I'm amazed that I haven't seen this before! It's exactly what I'm aiming for with a little more organisation and, consequently, more action!


  6. BPI-Nano arduino Nano board and BPI-UNO arduino UNO board , same as official arduino boards:

  7. great vid and all, but pls don't put a bell on the collar of your cat, it stresses them out, they like to sneak in silence.

  8. Love this video and your honest commentary. Thanks for making this! Just starting out with a Raspberry Pi so I will hopefully not kill all my house plants.

  9. I have watering system for my corn. It involves some dc water pump, hoses and sprinklers, plug adaptor and digital plug timer.

    Lol. I do wanna learn to code. But maybe later.

  10. like arduino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdqaeC2D8Y8&t=45s like arduino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdqaeC2D8Y8&t=45s like arduino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdqaeC2D8Y8&t=45s

  11. amazing friend, you are doing things that many engineers and plant research people ignore or take for granted that they are fine

  12. Data logging is running software to make memes automatically everywhere on the line. Bytes are used to sense a funny moment through accidental laughing.

  13. I was thinking to make a project like that for my university as a computer and electronic systems engineer but now I see sm1 has already done it. 😀

  14. Last year I designed a Humidity controller for my indoor garden, this year my son in-law wants to do the same thing so I got started and decided it would be nice if it had WiFi so I got an ESP8266 (ESP-01) and added WiFi for remote monitoring. After getting that working I thought it would be nice If I had a browser just for the humidity controller so I dusted off Visual Basic 6.0 (yes I still use this old work horse development program) and now I have dedicated web browser that logs the information from my controller. Now I can make charts and graphs too.

  15. What do you use to generate the graphs you have at 7:42? Do you pull a snapshot graph or do you have something to monitor it in real time? How often do you check it?

  16. "I want to make cool graphs"
    I mean: your graphs are nice but you could definitely spice them up by using grafana for example. 🙂 That's where I turn all my data into graphs

  17. Man. Having watched so much of your newer stuff and loving it, this has to be my favorite video so far. Thanks for doing what you do!

  18. i'm a little late for the party, but i got my arduino kit about 2 months ago, and this video pretty much sums up my projects involving the arduino.
    the side project is installing IR enabled light and fan switch, which hang a meter from my desk.
    as for the main project, that one is a little more complex (and even more unnecessary). the gist of it is that i'm also going to control my audio system with IR as well. so basically every knob or switch that was quite literally within arm's reach, will now go through the arduino and be controlled with the IR remote. at that point,i figured i might as well hook up the compute power to it, too, which again, was also within reach. and in case somebody is wondering, yes, this project does include a zip-tied servo motor hot-glued to a volume knob on one of my amps.

  19. im sorry im sure you are a really great engineer and i respect that but this gardening video is terrible. you over complicated everything, gardening is very easy all you need is some nutrient rich grow medium (which is cheap) and about 30 mins a day you don't need any of the fancy electronics

  20. This video is so honest and truthful about why do things like this, I love it !! Who doesn't like a cool graph? I'm glad that you figured out your driving force. I'm thinking about doing something like olla balls that are connected to the drip line, so sensor position will be critical.

  21. great video, this is some cool shit man! Lux would seem like what you need to measure but for plants its actually PAR photosynthetic active radiation) . In some cases you can have plenty of lux but not of that light is PAR which is what you plants need to grow.

  22. Look as an engineering student I'm going to say I would absolutely build something like this for the fun of it more than for the financial benefits.

    I built an automated kill switch and data logger for my workshop to power down my workshop when I'm not there and monitor the temperature because it's hella fun.

  23. Love your dog! So enthusiastic and happy 😀

    Oh, and the soil moisture probe seemed like a really good one. Thanks for pointing it out! …Although I may try a cheaper one, and just smother the electronics with polyurethane caulking (pro tip: only use silicone when glass is involved, or when it's a food-safe environment).

  24. Oh man that was so funny! How did I never came across this channel before? Great video, wonderful content, amazing humour!

  25. You gotta be careful with the soil moisture sensor you choose, as some will give off metals into the ground which are then absorbed by the plans. Could be a potential health hazard if you plan on eating them.

  26. I love a randomly hilarious narrator. Lots of good info here, thank you. Also, I see you have a 3 legged dog, and I was wondering if that was a 1 eyed cat? Only certain people will understand the relationship between those two things.

  27. What an interesting video.. I plan to build a greenhouse. I do research, so this video is very unique from the others, yet it's interesting to watch 🙂 watching and almost laughing 🙂

  28. Hey this video was fucking perfect. Thanks for pointing out failures and successes and not just successes.

  29. I have also seen automatic gardening system in the book named :GETTING STARTED WITH ARDUINO by Massimo benzi and really want to make this.

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