Petro: Definitely
Albert Einstein most advanced and impacted our understanding
of the universe. He published more than
300 scientific papers, along with about
150 non-scientific works. But Einstein is best known
as the father of modern physics because of his
Theory of Relativity. The Theory of Relativity
says basically that mass and energy
are aspects of the same thing. Mass and energy
are equivalent and one can be converted
to the other. When it was first published, Relativity overturned
the 200-year-old theory put forward
by Sir Isaac Newton. It changed perceptions
of the day by confirming that all motion
is relative. Time was no longer
uniform and absolute. No longer could physics
be understood as space by itself
and time by itself. Instead, an added dimension
had to be taken into account. As evidence of his genius,
the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded
to Albert Einstein in 1921.

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