I work for a large enterprise academic
medical center. The driving factor for us to begin to look at technologies to support automation was our diverse landscape of tools. So we were looking
for something that would allow us to work across our different platforms. We
have to be able to drive lower cost on the administration in order to have
continued investments in the practice. We’re actively shifting towards digital
transformation. Automation had to come first. We’re not looking to reduce
employees, we’re looking to do more meaningful work by automating routine
business tasks. We did multiple pilots with multiple vendors, one of which was Catalytic. Catalytic came through with the easiest to use platform for us that we knew we could start and ramp up quickly. We had saved HR over 4,000 hours
automated. That was a distinct immediate value. When it comes to automation it’s
not just about the time that you’re saving people, it’s about the extra
services that you can provide with the same amount of people that you’ve got

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