– Are you ready for more
leads with no cold calls? If you are, you’ve come
to the right place. Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo. This is The Dave Lorenzo Daily and this is video number
one in a six-video series and this is the No Cold
Call Prospecting System. We’ll help you generate leads without ever making a cold call. Today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of using
this no cold call system, and this is a system
I’ve used for 30 years to grow huge businesses. The first business I
used this system in we took from scratch,
from startup, to $50 million in three years. The second business I used this no cold call lead
generation prospecting system in we took from zero to $200
million-plus in six years. And I use this system every day with professionals,
with lawyers, with CPAs. I’ve used it with doctors,
with cosmetic surgeons. I’ve used it with people
who sell insurance, with people who work
in financial services. I’ve used it with hedge funds
to get investors interested in what they are looking
to develop in business. I’ve used it to sell
auto parts wholesale. I’ve used it to
sell private jets. I’ve used it in just
about every industry, dozens and dozens of industries. You can use it too, and I’m going to teach
you the ins and outs of this no cold call lead
generation prospecting system in this six-video series. Let’s start by describing
the five huge benefits of a No Cold Call
Prospecting System. Before I get into
that I wanna remind you that The Dave
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seeing you here every day. So the five huge benefits of a No Cold Call
Prospecting System. Benefit number one. It positions you as an expert. When you cold call,
you’re a pest. You’re bugging someone. You’re trying to annoy them
into doing business with you. You’re interrupting their day and you’re trying to
help them understand that they have a problem. That’s annoying to people. This system positions
you as an expert. You get invited in. People want to work with you
after they’ve experienced you in the system that I’m
about to describe to you. You’re an expert. You’re helping them
solve problems. You’re helping them
achieve their goals. Most importantly
you’re developing relationships with people. You’re not annoying them. The second benefit to our No
Cold Call Prospecting System is it generates high quality leads. It generates way better
leads than cold calls. Think about it for a minute. The lead you get
from a cold call is somebody whose day
you interrupted, someone who you had
to pound the door down to get in front of. In our system you’re
getting people interested in what you do
because they’ve come to you looking for a
solution with a problem. That’s a better quality lead. That person’s qualified
to do business with you because they have a problem
they need help solving and you’re just the
person to solve it. The third benefit of our No
Cold Call Prospecting System is that it’s easy to convert
the leads into clients. That’s right, it’s easy to
convert the leads into clients because they’ve already come
to you looking for help. They want you to
solve their problem. They want help from you. You now are going to help
them solve a problem. They want to give
you their money because they want
their problem solved. It’s not someone you’re
trying to beat up to get them to part with
their hard-earned cash. It’s somebody who’s already
come to you and said, “Help me solve my problem.” The fourth benefit of our No
Cold Call Prospecting System is that you develop multiuse
evergreen assets. You develop tools that you
can use over and over again. The system that I’m
going to demonstrate to you in this six-video
series will help you develop assets, actual
intellectual property, that you can use
over and over again to grow your business. You’re not making a
cold call one time and then whatever you did
on that magic cold call that closed the deal
evaporates into the ether. No. You’re developing
assets which you can use over and over again
to grow your business. The final point that I
wanna make to you today, I can’t stress this enough, in the five benefits of the No
Cold Call Prospecting System, the final point is that
it is high-leverage. The time you spend
on this system helps you develop dozens of leads, not one lead one time,
like a cold call. You’re going to discover ways to get in front of
dozens and dozens, if not hundreds and
hundreds, of people who you can help immediately. That’s employing leverage. That’s the best use
of your sales time and it’s also the best
use of the dollars that you’re going to invest, if you want to
invest money at all, in this prospecting system. High-leverage. So in our time together
we have six videos. I’m going to share with
you five strategies, and it is one solid system, that will produce leads to
you over and over again, and this is the exact
system that I outlined in my bestselling,
award-winning book titled The 60 Second Sale:
The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong
Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye. If you didn’t read The 60
Second Sale, that’s fine. I’m gonna cover
the systems here. If you want to go in-depth
and you want all the details, pick up a copy of The 60
Second Sale on Amazon. We’re gonna put a link
down in the description so you can get it right now. You can get it on Kindle. You can get it on audiobook. You can get the hardcover. This will help you
grow your business to the tens of millions, if
not hundreds of millions, of dollars just like I’ve
done over the last 30 years. You’re going to use
speaking, publishing, networking, two very
important internet assets, and strategic alliance
partnerships to develop leads. I don’t care if you’re a
pharmaceutical sales rep or you’re selling private jets. I don’t care if you’re an
attorney working by yourself or in a big firm, a
CPA, a cosmetic surgeon. This system will work for you because it’s worked for other
people in your industry. Here’s how we break
the system down. If you take the five elements
of the lead generation system that I discussed, you see
them up there on the screen, speaking, publishing,
networking, strategic alliance partnerships, and the two internet
assets I recommend you start with,
YouTube and LinkedIn, and you develop relationships with people by
producing great content, the way I’m going to teach you how to produce content
in this six-video series. You then follow up with
those people over time. They become part of
your natural network and you demonstrate your
expert status to them, not only when they first
show interest in you, but over and over again
through your follow-up system, you have a closing
conversation with them. They come back to you
time and time again for help solving problems. They share all of
their problems with you and you start to
diagnose problems they’re having before they
even know they have them. You solve them for
them in advance. That’s called
relationship intimacy. This six-part series is going
to be a goldmine for you. We’re going to
teach you how to use each of these elements
to develop your business, to grow relationships with
your clients over time, and to make more money than
you ever dreamed possible and get home on time
for dinner every night. I’m Dave Lorenzo and
we’ll be back here in our next video when
we break down the first of the five elements of the No Cold Call
Prospecting Series for you. I hope you join us
in our next video. Until then, do
this and sell more. I’ll see you right back here in the next video in our series.

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