Hi I’m Jimmy in this video I’m going to walk through the nine investments that I would buy if I was just starting out in investing. Now my last video I said that I was gonna do my top three favorites in this video. But depending on what our investment goals are or our investment style is there’s different types of investments that could serve individual investors. So instead what I’ve done is I’d select my top three favorite ETF s top three long term buy and hold stocks and top three dividend stocks all geared towards the new investor. But because there are so many potential investments in this video I plan on running through them at a somewhat quicker pace. So if there are any companies or ETF that I mentioned in this video that you think deserve a deeper dive please let me know in the comments below. While you’re down there perhaps you could hit the thumbs up and hit the subscribe button as well as the better Bell icon for notifications. Okay let’s get rolling. Let’s start with the top three ETF for beginners. Now I think ETF are a great place to start. If you’re just beginning an investing because they come with built in diversification least the ones that I liked. So the first one is the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF ticker symbol VOO I know this is somewhat of a boring pick for an ETF it’s something that just tracks the S&P 500. But if I did nothing about investing this would be the first place I started. If a great fee of just three basis points and just so we’re on the same page a basis point is the same as one one hundredth of one percent. So for every hundred dollars that we invest in VOO they take three cents. Now this ETF also has a dividend yield of slightly less than 2 percent which isn’t too bad either. Now another option along the same lines is SPY over a VOO and SPY is good they do pretty much the exact same thing they do have a higher fee they usually they charge 9 1/2 basis points compared to veto over 3 basis points but oftentimes with SPY they offer a bit more liquidity. When it comes to options self options are something that you’re interested in and might consider SPY as a replacement for this one. Okay. Up next I’ve got a dividend ETF it’s great for beginners. If you like dividends and that’s the pro shares Dividend Aristocrats ETFTicker symbol NOBL. NOBL invests in mostly large cap companies but their real thing is that they only invest in companies that have consistently increased their dividends over a long period of time. They have a fee of 35 basis points in their current dividend yield is right around 2 percent. Now some people may make the case that 35 basis points is too high for a new investor. And maybe that’s true. So if we don’t want to pay 35 basis points then we could go with the ETF like the Vanguard High Dividend ETF ticker symbol VYM. VYM has a fee of just 6 basis points and they may have a better dividend yield of about 3 percent. Now we may ask Why go with NOBL if VYM has a lower fee and a better dividend yield. And the answer is really in performance. So this is a table of NOBL compared to VYM and as he could see at least as of now and NOBL has outperformed view I am fairly consistently. And this is after fees and accounts. This assumes we reinvest all the difference we get back into the ETF. So either way both are very good and you could go with either. Personally I just prefer and NOBL. Okay. Our third and final ETF for beginners is the iShares core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF ticker symbol AGG. AGG Charges a fee of 5 basis points and they have a dividend yield of a bit short of 3 percent. Now this ETF invests in a ton of different bonds and with all the talk of the stockmarket pinch potentially crashing. I think this is a great and frankly somewhat necessary piece from most beginning investors. Okay now let’s shift over the top three long term buy and hold stocks for beginners. OK so first up we have Microsoft ticker symbol MSFT. Microsoft is one of my personal favorite stocks. And if I was just starting out Microsoft would be one of the first stocks after ETF that I got involved. I like them because they have decent growth if good margins and they have a very very strong balance sheet. They have more cash right now than they have debt which is impressive. So I think that they have a long term place in business in general. I think they’re going to do well over the long run. Okay. So that’s good. Up next we have Boeing ticker symbol BA. Now I like Boeing because they’re one of the few aircraft manufacturers in the world and just like Microsoft they’re unlikely to go anywhere for at least the foreseeable future called the next decade or so. Now they have run into some issues lately as I’m sure we’ve all seen some of their issues that they had that led to some plane crashes. And with that being said they do have a fairly strong balance sheet. And I would expect their revenue to pick up growth again after all these recent issues are sorted out. Now Boeing stock is. Likely to move higher over the long run because I would expect for their revenue and earnings per share to continue to grow. Plus they have a dividend yield of a bit more than 2 percent. So that’s always nice. Okay. Final buy and hold stock for new investors is alphabet also known as Google. Now Google is another one of those companies that have a great balance sheet. And once again they have more cash than they have debt and they’re likely to be around for quite a long time and they’re likely to do well for a long time. One drawback to buying Google stock is that the shares are gone for about twelve hundred dollars each right now. So if we have a broker that lets us buy partial shares that could work a great but if not twelve hundred dollars per share might be a bit much to ask. If we don’t like that a backup company to these three would be a company like Disney ticker symbol DIS I think Disney’s another great company. They’re stable. They have a good strong balance sheet. They should be around for a while now trading at about one hundred thirty dollars a share. Okay now we shift over the three best dividend stocks for new investors. Okay. The first one is AT&T ticker symbol T. Now a lot of people love AT&T because it currently pays a dividend of about five and a half percent. Now we definitely could not have this on the buy and hold list since AT&T has a ton of debt and they will have that for a while. They’ve actually done videos on AT&T and I’ve done a video specifically on AT&T is dead. There’s links in the description below. If you’re interested in seeing those but if dividends are something that we’re after. Well I would expect for AT&T to be able to maintain their dividend and continue to grow it as they have. And I do expect the stock to be a bit more volatile than some of the other ones we’ve talked about. But overall I think they will be able to continue to pay their dividend so that’s what we’re after. That’s the reason that one’s on this list. OK. Our second dividend stock is Colgate-Palmolive. Ticker symbol CL. Colgate sells many products that should continue to sell rather consistently no matter what happens with the economy. Things like toothpaste toothbrushes soaps shampoos deodorants things along those lines plus Colgate has a dividend yield of about two and a half percent which should help appeal to the dividend crop. So even if the stock market were to crash I would expect for Colgate to remain fairly defensive. Sure go down. But I would expect it to go down less than the overall market. OK our third dividend stock for beginners is another defensive company that I think could service well even in a market downturn. And that’s Bristol-Myers Squibb ticker symbol BMY. BMY is a global biopharmaceutical company and they have a dividend yield of a bit more than 3 percent. So they can be bit volatile from time to time since it’s a lot of competition in that space and they tend to be highly regulated. But from an investing standpoint they’re likely to keep growing at a somewhat steady pace and I would expect for their dividend to remain fairly consistent. Okay. So those are the nine stocks that I think are well suited for new investors or at least a combination of these markets. But what do you think. Are there any companies that are not on this list that you think would serve new investors well. And if you are a new investor are there stocks that you’re considering investing in that I didn’t mention. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. If you haven’t done so yet hit the thumbs up hit the subscribe button hit that bell so you can get notifications whenever we issue new video. Thank you for stick with me all the way to end of the video. I see in the next video. Thanks.

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  1. You the notha f'in man Jimmy…got me watchin you at 3am here in Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

  2. Sorry about the audio issue at the start of the video :/ Software Issues!?#! … Besides that, what do you think of these 9 investments for beginners?

  3. I would not go for Colgate and Boeing because I think that Airbus is better than Boeing and that People will more and more buy store brands than big brand names.

  4. What do you think about Utility ETFs? I bought Fidelityโ€™s not long ago, FUTY. Appropriate in todayโ€™s market conditions?

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. For a complete beginner, I might recommend broad-market ETFs, like VTI & BND, to start. Perhaps, add VNQ for RE exposure. Allocate based on the results of an investor (risk tolerance) questionnaire. A "Beginners" playlist on your channel would also be helpful.

  6. I think Berkshire is the easiest pick for a begginer. They have a proven track record (just look at their price chart) and listening to Warren Buffet is a good way to learn investing principles.

  7. Hi Jimmy, what do you think about Michael Burry thoughts on the Index Funds potential bubble?
    Thanks a lot, loving your channel.

  8. Why stocks for beginners?
    I don't get that J.

    It's either good solid investments or it's not.

    I would suggest investment for young investors, middle age and retiree.

  9. Just now FAA chief said he wonโ€™t certify Boeing 737 Max until he flies himself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Just be cautious with Boieng

  10. Thanks for another good one, and it's nice to know, I keep sending my friends your videos as a trusted anakyser, just curious, can you also do a top five picks for a month or quarter? Just like you did for top 30 companies before

  11. Another Great video!!! I have always been in out of the market but this year I decided to focus on long term. I dca about $200 a week from the job and do Postmates or whatever and try and throw in $5.00 a day here and there. I want my portfolio to sustain me throughout my life with dividends. I like your suggestions of Microsoft and Google because of the low debt. And the ETFโ€™s pay as well. Iโ€™ve never been invested through a recession before and I know Iโ€™ll be sick because I own Altria investing through the news is mental. Iโ€™m Sh!+inโ€™ bricks.

  12. I really disagree with Microsoft. It's a great company yes, but it's too expensive right now, it's PE is over 28. The time to buy it was a few years ago. And Boeing is one more disaster away from really falling off a cliff in the same way hydrogen blimps did.

  13. I'm a value investor at heart so i'm not big on most of your picks. Though i think MSFT push into the cloud has been great its way to over valued. BA is way over valued compared the issues they have had lately. GOOG/GOOGL is descent. Of your div picks i really like BMY. T i like below $30 but not at its current level. CP is way to overvalued for my blood. What i would suggest instead of an ETF 4 the div aristocratcs is to create your own list of them as a PIE on m1 finance and DCA into the pie. There is no commission so the fee is 0. Granted i don't use them because i like to trade only using limit orders which is not what m1 finance is but for a beginner that doesn't want to think about investing that much it would be great.

  14. Great video Jimmy, I treat BRK-B like an ETF ha! plus have 2 REITS, UNH is great div stock, then amzn, msft, sq, tsla, for long hold – those last ones in a decades time will be huge returns ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ’ฐ

  15. Hi, my question is i started stock trading recently and all are talking about rescission, so shall i buy or just wait, or open sell positions?

  16. Thank you Jimmy for another great video! But one of the big beginner mistake is to pay too much a high quality company. With a P/E ratio of 27, I am not sure that MSFT and CL are good investments. For example, if an investor bought KO on april 1998, I took 16 years (!) to get back to the same stock price. Great company but not at any price! Personaly, I think Low Volatility ETF like SPVL or USMV should be part of any investor portfolio.

  17. What should I be in if thereโ€™s a recession 6-24 months away. Itโ€™s going to happen
    I was thinking bond BND, gold GLD, and gold miners GDX????

  18. Hi Jimmy, great video as always. I have 2 stocks you mentioned here. I remember you recommended a conference call app in one of your videos. I forgot the name of it. Would you mind to tell me? I like to check it out.

  19. It will be really nice if you can make a video to explain how to value ETF. Not many information out there on the internet. What I can find is more about what ETF is but not how to value them.

  20. Liked the video Jimmy! Iโ€™m long Colgate (CL). Iโ€™d recommend Coca Cola (KO) to a new investor or maybe BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway).

  21. Great video!
    A suggestion for possible video would be a shorter overview of stocks that you currently have under radar for possible value investment. Like a list of a couple of stocks that reviewed now; and be brought back a couple of months later and check again if they are still a good investment, etc

    Like per instance BGS nad PDCO, that i'm very curious what is your opinion on them, what can we expect from these stocks

  22. ETFs: I would add SPHD as a dividend play and BLV as a more diverse bond holding
    Buy and Hold Stocks: I would also offer up JNJ as a sort of set-it-and-forget it holding through thick and thin, or MCD if you prefer a little stronger growth.
    Dividend Income: I like VZ over T because their dividend is close but their financials are better and they're still growing and innovating in their primary field. T has lost it's way a bit and has stagnated.

  23. One company thats really caught my eye is at home (HOME), seems like theyve got a solid management and growth plan, but they have a lot a debt, i was wondering if youve looked at them at all.

    Thanks for taking the time, im still new and it helps kinda comparing what i think to some other more exeperianced investors like you

  24. So if I were about to start college, with less money available than most investors, looking to start building wealth in mid-long range of time, i'd be interested in buy and hold rather than dividends right?? Or do I use some of my money to buy dividends and then use the returns I get to increase the amount of buy and hold stocks I'm buying?

  25. I'm torn between reinvesting dividends or getting paid dividends so that it becomes a passive income stream. Any suggestions on when to stop reinvesting dividends?

  26. T has a lot of potential. DIS should have the best streaming platform, my largest position is DIS. SMH is my pick for an ETF, but KWEB has potential for future growth.

  27. So I have a question as one of those new investors. You said AT&T would be a good dividend stock but not a buy-and-hold stock. So are you saying you should hold the dividend stock until it pays its dividend and then sell it or what is the strategy there if it is not to hold it?

  28. im not sure boeing will be a safe bet over the next 10 years. there is a huge push towards electrification of transport and i fear a similar story to boeing to what is happening to the legacy auto makers in the automotive industry. boeing have been in a strong position for years but this could easily change if they are not on the right side of the innovation that will most likely happen within 10 years. i would not bet against them though.

  29. like your list. Market looks so highly valued right now. Looking to buy something now is tough game. You mentioned AT &T and Disney. Even though Disney does not offer as generous dividend it has much more up side. In a year or two they are best positioned to win the streaming war.

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