Everybody and their grandmother has been trying
to find the one gene for pancreatic cancer, the one gene for acute myeloid leukemia. It turns out that, unfortunately, for all
other cancers, most of them, really, there are too many genes that are mutated simultaneously. And so the targeted therapies we’ve developed,
even for those multiple proteins or one protein that is dominant, it turns out it works for
a little bit. So, let me give you some statistics again. Ninety-five percent — 95% of the new drugs
that we are bringing, the experimental drugs we bring to the bedside, 95% of them fail. And to bring one of those drugs to the bedside
is a billion dollars almost. So imagine how much we are losing. Five percent that succeed should have failed,
in my opinion. Why? Because they’re only prolonging survival
by a few months. So, for example, there’s a drug that extends
the life of a pancreatic cancer patient by 12 days, at the cost of $26,000 a year — and
not every pancreatic cancer patient, just a fraction. So think of the financial toxicity we are
causing to these patients now. For very little prolongation and survival,
we are financially ruining 42% of cancer patients diagnosed, newly diagnosed with cancer today,
by year two. They lose every penny of their life savings. Speaking of which, before we go on to the
incredible stories you describe in The First Cell, your thoughts on Medicare for All? I have spent a lot of time accompanying family
and friends, for example, at Sloan Kettering, who are dealing with cancer. The astounding devastation of people’s,
aside from lives, financial destruction. Medicare for All, what would that mean for
cancer patients? Amy, while I’m not an expert on these issues,
I have common sense. And one thing I can say is that the current
situation is completely untenable. We are on the verge of a collapse with the
healthcare system. We can’t continue it the way it is going. And, to me, the only solution seems to be
— but again, it’s not speaking as an expert — is to have Medicare available for everybody. I think that’s the only compassionate and
humane solution. Well, Azra Apa, I want to ask you about another
incident that you mention in the book, before going on to the longer case histories of patients
in their own words as well as in the words of their family members. I mean, the cost of cancer treatment, as you
say, in the U.S. is exorbitant, and many families have been driven to financial ruin. But what about in places where cancer treatment
is so prohibitive that it entirely deprives patients of access? You talk about arriving in Karachi and meeting
— in Karachi, Pakistan, which is where you’re from — and talking to Zaineb, a cancer patient
about whom you write, quote, “How does one go in and talk to a thirty-five-year-old woman
for whom dying from leukemia is only her second-biggest problem?” Could you talk about that, access to cancer
treatment and who the people are who are entirely deprived of any treatment at all? This is a subject which is very close to my
heart, Nermeen, because, obviously, I am from that part of the world. The entire world looks to America for leadership. What kind of leadership are we providing? A leadership where we are developing drugs
or cellular therapies now that will cost over a million dollars per patient, for helping
very few patients. These are rarified cases for whom this kind
of treatment will work. As you said, what about the 20 million new
cancer patients being diagnosed universally all around the world? We just don’t have a compassionate solution
for them. Why aren’t we thinking not just of those
even in America, in the remote areas and many, many places where healthcare is becoming harder
and harder to access just because hospitals are closing down from financial ruin themselves? Why aren’t we thinking of them? Why aren’t we thinking beyond American borders,
for humanity as a whole? And when you think about that solution, I
mean, you don’t have to be a genius. No, no, look, the only thing that works in
cancer — if you have someone who gets diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you’ll say
is, “Was it advanced, or was it caught early?” No, early, so there’s hope. We know that early detection helps, right? Why are we investing money in chasing down
the last cell, in which — with drugs which have a 95% failure rate today? Because the pre-clinical testing platforms
we are using are so artificial, and that’s why we are bringing up drugs that are not
going to be successful. Instead of doing that, why aren’t we simply
improving on the techniques we know work? What worked? Early detection. How do you do early detection? Well, mammography, colonoscopy, Pap smear,
etc., has been reached to their maximal limits. Let’s develop the new technology so that
from one drop of blood, you can put it on a little chip, which can be read by a cellphone,
which costs $180 for 12 cancers to be diagnosed early. This is something that was just announced
by a Japanese company. So these are things not that are a pie in
the sky. These are things that are happening now. Except how fast will it happen to reach the
rest of the world? It depends on the amount of resources we invest.

57 thoughts on “Cancer expert: Medicare for All is “the only solution” to inhuman cost of treatment”

  1. Chapperal cures cancer along with THC. Stop promoting the ama lies the Royal Scam has imprisoned most humans minds. There are natural cures that have been proven over and over and the ama wants to kill you and your finances cancer treaments are royal scam wake up who will pay for all this scam programs? I know the answer do you?😎🐯🍯

  2. Like the high cost of cancer meds?
    Thank the 13 morally superior Democratic Senators who voted not to allow pharmaceutical importation from Canada…..not the 12 "evil racist mean" Republicans who voted yes

    to be fair, both parties are step and fetch its to their donors
    …each Dem Senator received legal bribes aka campaign donations, from Pharma

    Love Booker's reason for the no vote
    "Not sure about the safety of Canadian Meds"
    ….most drugs in Canada that are product of U.S. firms…are actually made in the USA, then sealed in NJ, etc…for export to Canada..

  3. Sarcasm: But, but, but right wing talking points … and and Venezuela … and also her e-mails, checkmate leftards 🙂

  4. There is a recent NPR story of a Woman in New York hoping to know if she had Strep Throat. She was scheduled to vacation in a week, hoping to take care, and not spoil her vacation.

    An Appointment made, blood drawn, a quick swab for lab work and, she was on her way, with a script for antibiotic
    – then – vacation.

    Returning home – she was told – her insurance was billed $28,000.00 – Out of insured care net – lab costs. Google this story.

    Our world is burning, and the misdirection is numbing us to slumber. Psychopathic culture of greed is driving a fearful humanity over the brink.

  5. What UTTER BS! Sugar is the number one cause of cancer. Growth hormones in our food is number two.
    YouTube~"The Ketogenic diet(Cure/Free🙄) and cancer."
    Hormonal cancers are caused largely by growth hormones in our food. Eliminate foods with growth hormones. Get on an extremely healthy nutrients / Mineral rich diet.
    Take turmeric with black pepper(5:1 ratio) everyday. There are a number of other things we could do with little to no cost to us personally that would help contribute to preventing and curing cancer and if we do these things as I said already we will eliminate 90 + percent of the risk. We don't need some corrupt and inefficient wasteful extremely costly government bureaucracy in bed with a bunch of drug pushing doctors and pharmaceutical companies controlling Our Lives.

  6. Our priorities are so fucked up in this country. Sure we'll spend billions on a Trump vanity project like Space Force but then it's too costly for M4A. Fuck the Republicans and their bullshit concerns about fiscal responsibility.

  7. Almost like cancer is caused by the 3 lbs of food we shovel in our face daily and the chemicals in the water and air. Go carnivore, supplement thiamine and protect yourself from these profiteers. The western medicine treatments would have been considered nazi experiments 50 years ago. Stay away from the hospital it is designed to profit off your suffering. Now that Americans can’t afford treatment the rich want taxes to fund it so they continue to profit. This is not about empathy, it’s about money. Early detection causes more cancer than it reverses.

  8. this woman doesn't know the difference between early detection and cure. Early detection is not a solution if there is no cure in allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine offers expensive and deadly treatments, and the 'early detection' procedures, like colonoscopy and mammography, are damaging and can actually cause cancer. The only cure for cancer and all chronic diseases offer the orthomolecular medicine, by its nutritional and holistic approach. The stage is not important, only the approach.

  9. I don’t know of a single person that has regular Medicare right now that would give it up to go back to paying for for profit insurance. That’s all every voter should need to know.
    People who have Medicare WANT to keep their Medicare so why wouldn’t they want everyone else to enjoy it to?

  10. All those early detection medical procedures doesn’t help insurance companies to make money… Cancer is big money, what Japan have found is a nightmare for Americans healthcare industry…

  11. Don't treat this as some giant mystery. There's profit to be made in cancer drugs and treatments, very little in the prevention screenings. Health is not really a thing you can profit from, so.. better to make/keep people sick

  12. Listen and listen clearly. I'm so for Med4All. It will save so many lives and help so MANY people. But when it comes to cancer, if we're not talking about prevention, it's a L.

  13. With all due respect this is not your field. This has to do with economics. And economics will tell you that that is a horrible idea.

  14. Why do you people trust the government with your health care.

    Is there a single governmental agency that is effectively run?

    Why give them more power?.

  15. Take the most popular gov’t program, expand it. Cover everyone universally. Eliminate Premiums, co-payments, deductibles and medical debt/foreclosures. Give Americans the healthcare that the rest of the world has had for 75 years.

  16. Don't you know? Cancer has been cured, with Boric Acid. Its inexpensive, you don't need a prescription and it's safe, it doesn't make your hair far out or make you go blind like the traditionally known treatment. Cancer is caused by microscopic parasites called viral titers that eat you from the inside out. Use Boric Acid eyewash sublingualy (15 to 30 drops depending on your body weight) once a day for 6 weeks and it will bring your viral load down to zero. Boric Acid cures cancer. Cancer is not genetic it's not caused by chemicals, its viral. Epstein Barr virus causes cancer.
    God bless these stupid parasitic Doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are killing people for MONEY. God bless our cancer patients who are lied to.

  17. Lynn Thyer is in prison for trying to get a cure out there, but you giving airtime to the cancer establishment are helping to keep her there. Shameful.

  18. There are natural therapies available now which provide full prescribing info in the PDR that work very well if someone is using an immune approach to address cancer. We have seen remarkable results with hard to treat cancers, or patients who are complete treatment failures.

  19. Yeah cept my dad got diagnosed with cancer and because Canada's healthcare system is a joke it spread while he was on a waiting list and died. I got injured at work and crippled my spine and it took two and a half years to see a back specialist only to be told he didn't want to risk liability of paralysis.

  20. Let's be honest here. Preventing disease isn't profitable, creating demand by exorbitant and illusory treatments are profitable.

  21. AHA. I was waiting for the reason why Democracy Now had someone on talking about cancer. They wouldn’t if the person would not advocate for their political agenda.

  22. the republicans and fox news and msnbc support billionaires, billion dollar profits over saving human life,just to get donor money,they dont care how many middle class and poor die because they cant afford premiums and deductibles and they dont care 500,000 people file bankrupt because they get cancer.we must elect bernie sanders for president and vote against all republicans in 2020 to save human lives

  23. Current Medicare as exists in the US is not free. 2020 premium price ranges:

    Part A – most people get it for $ free but the hospital deductible will be $1,408 in 2020 -for each benefit period

    Part B – The standard Part B monthly premium amount will be $144.60 in 2020 with a $198 deductible in 2020.

    Part C – Often called Medigap monthly premium ranges from $26 with Medicare Part B ($185 B deductible + $2,300 coinsurance deductible – to monthly premium of $249.00 with $185 (part B) deductible.

    Part D – Prescription insurance – monthly premium varies from $13.20 with $435.00 deductible to monthly premium $121.40 with $0.00 deductible.

    Annual total costs:

    Part A – $0 usually

    Part B – $1735.2 average

    Part C – $312 premium + $2485 total deductible (total $2797) to $2988 premium + $185 deductible ($3173)

    Part D – $158.40 premium + $435 deductible (total $593.40) to $1456 premium + $0 deductible ($1456)

    Not all plans cover skilled nursing facility, no new plans will cover Part B deductible.

    *Starting January 1, 2020, Medigap plans sold to people new to Medicare are no longer allowed to cover the Part B deductible ($198)

  24. Everyone in the US should watch this show, it tells the reality of the disease. Too many people are in denial about the reality of cancer and its treatment.

  25. Survival of the fittest and natural selection has been reduced to who can pay the most. Its almost like the powers that be know the world is running out of resources and are hording everything waiting for something like madmax or elysium.

  26. How does the Country expect to pay for Medical for 238 Million people- that is crazy- especially when she says a person only lives a few days after medical treatment.

  27. The cure to cancer is to become Vegan. What the Netflix Movie called: The Game Changers Movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan. It's excellent.

  28. if you read the details of Medicare for all – the plan offers – to end payments to profiteers gouging you for medical care. Your cost will be cut in half.

    Corporate News does not report – details – to end corporate profiteer’s hold on medical care, without framing the bill as futile.

    Corporate News – ignores- American middle class’s extraction of wealth. The banking industry extracts Money and it’s value every minute of every day. So called free market business models Exploit ignorance, at a rate never before seen in human history.

    American Subsidies are paid to these individuals – supporting industrialized – processes of medical care. Privatized medical care offering privatized sale of products, services, included in our Gross Domestic Product –

    The idea of medical care – included as pandering to the infirm, available for those who can afford it – is a conservative mandate.

    Some of these services do not belong in public care. Imagine a world with private libraries? Life for students with only private education, do you see the inequality developing as these services become free market commodities?

    Private police and Fire departments would be made available to everyone. As “Choice” competing to serve at competitive prices. Extra care for those who wish and can afford better.

    Our Gross Domestic Product includes medical care in the equation. Corporations profiting on care of disease. As “Choice” competing to serve at competitive prices. Extra care for those who wish and can afford better.

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