>>Yvette Nameth: And up next, we have Brian Gogan, talking about Chromecast testing.>>Brian Gogan: Hi, guys. So after all that talk of delicious dumplings and lunch, I’m sure there’s some post-food coma setting in. I’ll try to keep it fast. My name is Brian Gogan, I’m a software engineer, tools… Continue Reading GTAC 2015: Chromecast Test Automation

>>You’re not going all miss this episode of the AI Show. Where we learn about, automated machine learning, how to build AI with AI and One-Click Deploy to boot. Make sure you tune in. We’ll see you there. [MUSIC].>>Hello. Welcome to this episode of the AI Show. We are going… Continue Reading Simplifying Machine Learning with Automated ML

JUDY WOODRUFF: The impeachment inquiry under way in the U.S. Congress began after President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. But Mr. Trump has repeatedly charged that the real wrongdoing was by Ukrainians. He asserts that they colluded against him in the past. William Brangham begins our… Continue Reading The problems with Trump’s claims of Ukrainian election interference

Once upon a time a little girl was imprisoned inside a cursed castle ruled by a mysterious evil queen. While trying to escape she encountered a robot that decided to help her. Together they faced many challenges that tested the strength of their new found friendship. Welcome to the world… Continue Reading The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game Trailer

We’re one of the first hospitals in the world to have access to the single port robotic platform. It’s exciting in that it allows us the potential to do surgery with less invasive techniques. A single port surgery is cosmetically very nice for the patients, in addition to decreased pain… Continue Reading Latest Robotic Surgery System Arrives at UC Davis Health

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: a country on strike. France comes to a nationwide standstill, as protests over pension reform close schools and stop trains. Then: anatomy of a conspiracy — how a disproven narrative tying Ukraine to interference in the 2016 election found… Continue Reading PBS NewsHour full episode December 6, 2019