We type the commands for the robot into our laptop We have to get these commands into our robot We use a cable to do this One end of the cable has a large rectangular plug The other end has smaller plug. Look for sockets in your computer. Only two… Continue Reading B2.1 Connecting the EV3 Robot to your computer

how can you easily automate your work in Microsoft Excel without using macros or programming hi I’m dawn Bjork the software Pro I’m also a Microsoft certified trainer and certified Excel expert Microsoft Excel includes a number of built-in automation features including autocomplete autocorrect and Auto calculate you’ve likely used… Continue Reading Microsoft Excel: 3 Time-Saving Automation Tips & Tricks; AutoComplete, AutoCorrect & AutoCalculate

Novatron – Earthmoving Automation Since the early 1990s Novatron a part of the MOBA group has been a forerunner in the field of earthmoving technology Back then it was all about machinery and manpower Information technology was taking its first steps and the idea of machines communicating with each other… Continue Reading Novatron – Earthmoving Automation

Here is the deal I’ve been running errands like crazy today My friend and I went to do rent check groceries cat supplies Fabric store blah blah a lot more like pharmacy and oh my gosh Bambi is always here for the camera Anyway, it’s 9:00 now and I have… Continue Reading 2. I TRIED ⁄⁄ CatCreature

If you upload a photo into Google’s reverse image search, it’ll find websites where that picture has appeared, or provide “visually similar images” that have the same coloring and composition. The leading search engine in Russia, called Yandex, has reverse image search too but it doesn’t work the same way.… Continue Reading What facial recognition steals from us

Taking a design idea, thinking of ideas and presenting a solution on the same day I think will be a great experience. Nothing like this has been done before for healthcare and if it comes together I think it will be great for, not only the IT industry, but the… Continue Reading Kingston University hosts World’s first healthcare automation hackathon

Garry Kasparov is probably the most famous chess player in the world. In 1985, at the age of 22, he defeated 32 chess computers simultaneously. But a bit more than ten years later technology caught up with him. And in the mid-90’s he got beaten by IBM’s then-supercomputer, Deep Blue,… Continue Reading Dr. Kasparov: How I learned to stop worrying about A.I. – The Medical Futurist