Every day, business decisions depend on your ability to manage a lot of information. Imagine that your business is a ship at sea… News, documents, email and much more are like a giant, dangerous wave. Our cognitive software Cogito is like having an innovative robot that automatically understands meaning in the way that people do. It helps you analyze all of the available data for a successful business strategy. With Cogito you can access internal and external information, extracting only what matters. Cogito allows you to automate labor-intensive processes such as claims management or customer assistance. With Cogito, you can support your customers with the right answers, providing more effective service. Cogito keeps you informed: you can anticipate your competitor’s strategies, track possible risks and protect against real-time threats to your assets. Enhanced insight and more informed decision-making at the speed of today’s technology. This is Cogito. What are you waiting for?

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