With rising labor costs and increasing service
expectations, the demand for robotic systems in unstructured environments like Warehouses,
Hotels, & Hospitals is becoming increasingly urgent. Since machine intelligence is probabilistic,
even the most reliable autonomous systems may have failure rates over 5%. The resulting downtime is time consuming and
expensive. Consequently, many potential users can’t
apply robotics to their applications and their business loses the benefit of greater efficiency
and profitability. Meet Cognicept’s Hybrid Intelligence, the
human-in-the-loop error handling system that eliminates malfunctions and downtime through
the use of telepresence technologies and remote pilot assistance. In a Hamburg warehouse an AGV is carrying
a load from storage to picking. Unexpectedly, a trolley is left in the robot’s
path and causes an error alert. No worries, CHI detects the alert and sends
a signal to a teleoperator in Belarus, who takes remote control of the robot and moves
the obstacle or finds a path around it, allowing the robot to continue autonomously. The system can be used in any number of unstructured
applications. Has robot downtime been keeping you from deploying
robots for your application? CHI has you covered. We enable applications that were previously
impossible by greatly minimizing system downtime. With Cognicept’s Hybrid Intelligence, you’ll
always have support when the unexpected happens, better efficiency, and a human on standby
to solve the problem. Cognicept’s Hybrid Intelligence. AI Technology with with a safety net. Visit Cognicept.tel to learn more.

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