This is a rhythm game mod for the Nintendo
Labo Robot kit. I got inspired by coming across Labo DDR on
YouTube and that made me think, What if I made it a 2 player game, where the
other player controls the sequence? Here’s how I did it. It might look a little intimidating at first
but it’s actually quite simple. It mostly consists of true or false logic
using bullseye nodes, and some counters for the scoring. However, light movement can be a little tricky
so I will try to explain that in detail. My goal here is to get the light to move across
from point A to point B smoothly, and then makes it come back to point A, all on a single
button press. If I programmed it quite literally by connecting
the button press node with light up node, and select move, the light moves from point A to point B, but
not smoothly. So I tried using a counter node with “Timing
of count” set to “Hold”, and set the range from 0 to 50. And I’m guessing that means, now it will take
50 counts for the light to get to the point B and do so gradually just like Analog output
vs Digital. Bigger the number, slower it gets. But now the light is stuck at point B. I can solve that by placing a bullseye node
and connect it to 0 for reset. But I have to keep the button pressed for
the light to move. I still want it to move to point B automatically
with a single button press. So here comes the counter node again. But this time, “Timing of count” is set to
“Trigger”, with a range of 1. In my theory, this allows a single input of
something to cause all the nodes connected to it, to execute its function all at once. Causing this crazy loop, as long as this counter’s
value stays 1. So I will reset that the same way I did for
the other counter. Now a single button press moves the light
from point A to point B smoothly, and the whole thing resets when the light
hits the bullseye, ready to be moved again. You can also change the Robot Toy-Con inputs
to Touch inputs and play the game right on the console. I hope this video was clear and helpful for
your own Labo project. Happy coding!

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