What makes people different.
Is a flip in their fucking mindset. All those things that happened to you in your life. All those bad things, all those things that you blame other people for. They are now yours to own. You gotta figure out a way to reprogram your mind. To get outside the box. A lot of people will listen to this. And they will be motivating.
They will be fired up! They will be so fired up it’s not even funny. Motivation is keenly It starts to fire. but that keenly, once burned ranged off, Is that little keenly, it burned out. It has to be something that’s deep down inside. So motivation’s like this If you’re married, and your wife is okey And your bills are paid And the kids are good and the dog’s good If everything is good. You could find some motivation. Cause why your life is happy. Is that motherfucker, that wakes up in the sewer every fucking day Has nothing to fucking go home to Has nothing. Bills arent paid. Don’t know when the next fucking meal is coming. Don’t know shit. And still says fuck it. I am gonna do what I have to do. To get to where the fuck I have to go. That’s the distri motivation.
In drive & in soon obsession. Obsession makes a person. Makes other people. Like so when you’re around somebody obsessed Most people will have any fucking idea what to call you. So they call you crazy. They call you crazy cause they don’t understand were you trying to go What the fuck you’re trying to do, what you trying to be So to the “Normal” person, Which we’re all normal, we’re all very normal. Once they turn that mindset to a point Where they no longer wanna be so called normal That’s where you start to find out that motivation is not enough It’s not enough. You have to be that person,
who no matter what’s going on. If you’re a big time runner. You don’t care what temperature it is. It’s like.. oh a bunch of people ain’t running Guess they do every morning. Every night, they look to see what the fucking temperature is gonna be tomorrow. What’s the temperature gonna be? So I.
Am I gonna run inside, or run outside? A person that’s obsessed and wants to just get there. They dont give a fuck what temperature it is They no longer care. Cause they know no matter what’s out there No matter if it’s snowy, if it’s a damn tropical storm, if it’s 2 or 20 below. They gonna run. They don’t care. So they don’t need to waste the time to look. I’m just gonna go. And that’s how you wanna get your mind. It doesn’t matter what the fuck’s out there What’s in front of me Cause a motivated person is gonna look. Cause that weather is gonna fucking change their motivation Up or down. Oh, it’s seventy and sunny, I’m motivated. Oh it’s thirty & a blizzard, fuck that. I’m gonna go inside. An obsessed person, doesn’t care. They get the fucking job done. When I was in hell, I wasnt able I wasn’t able to be in hell & be calm. Hell makes you anxious. Hell makes you..
Wanna get out of it Is that person who has the ability to be in hell & think. Very calmy, very rationally.
About what the hell is going on. What’s the truth? What’s the reality? Why is my dad this way? Why are these kids calling my nigger? Why Why Why You have to be able to piece people apart Take it down, disect it and see what’s going on. So back then I had no skills I had no skills. All I saw was a whole bunch of kids like me,
but I no longer saw that. All I saw was.. This spray paint on my car, me being called nigger. It’s all I saw. My lens was this big, it was very small, very small fucking lens When now my lens is very huge. I see everybody for who they are, and what they are. So that’s the one thing that changed in me, was my reality. We always paint a fucked up reality, that’s not even true This reality what we think is true Because our lifes arent what we want it to be. I realised that god wasn’t gonna
give me a get out of jail free card. And.. from the time I was born and to the time I was 19 years old My life had these hurdels. I constantly hit obstacles. Obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. And.. I had to figure out how to manage suffering, how to deal with it Cause it had been a part of my life forever At least that’s what I thought. So.. In order to deal with it. I had to be able to conquer it. And overcome it And deal with it & know that in this suffering it has to be some kind of growth. With every obstacle. I look at it as friction now. Without friction there is no growth. You have to have friction in your life to grow. So I started looking at all these different things versus the “What was me mentality” Like “Omg look at my life, my life is so fucked up. I come from this fucked up family. “I’m being beaten. I’m being abused” Mainly physically I start looking at it as the perfect child ground. So I’d flip it upside down and say like “Okey.. I’m suffering. Tremendously, mentally” Use this to your advantage versus you disadvantage. So that’s what I did. Versus looking at it as like “Omg what was me. I’ll never get out of here” I’d look at it as “Okey hand on a second. Hang on a second” If I can overcome this. If I can find some power in this Some way to get through this. That right there would be the fuel
for the rest of my life. And so I found great strength in suffering. Great strength in it because why I through all of that It started to callus my mind. Over the victims mentality. You have to recognise what you’ve gone through. And that right there gave me pride. I realised that very few people
could turn upside down what I did I was able to turn upside down
every negative thing in my life Everything, and use it for power. Cause on the other end of suffering Is greatness. It’s not overhuman. So a whole bunch of us.
We put ourselves in this great box. And in that box. There’s no suffering in it. So what we do is.. Is we shelter ourselves from greatness. So for me for instance. I was 300 damn pounds. At one time in my life. Spray for cockroaches. Made a thousand dollars a month. I was living in that box. I would sometimes look over the box. And I saw hell. Suffering, storms, *, tornados I don’t wanna go over there. But I knew if I can get through that shit mentally,
on the other side Was a heard 85 pound person who’s navy seal, went through ranger school, only person who do this, Only person do that, only person do this But that’s through all of that shit! All of that shit I had to go through! So you peek over the box and you go back in and say “Oh I’m ok being 300 pounds making 1000 dollars a month, I’m ok over here” – Because that hurdle is suffering
It’s suffering. And when you’re willing to go past suffering and see that suffering is one of the best ways you can grow That you can overcome. Cause you can suffer for the long-terms. You can suffer slowly, or you can through pain And then experience what’s on the other side. The other side is where you start to,
really start your journey People think they start
their journey cause they are born. Nah.. There’s a lot of people in graves. Who have lived a hundred years. And they never really
started their real journey. The real journey starts when you going outside that box. And you start climbing mountains,
and start climbing mountains. And you think you’re on top of the mountain. and you go down on the other side of it thinking “I’m here” And you look up, “I’m fucked, there’s another fucking mountain” And it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on. And just when you get ready to quit. You crest that final mountain, and get down and look And there you are. And it starts to make sense to you then. Doesn’t make sense to you, until you get outside that fucking box. I talked to so many fucking people.
And what I say is not for everybody. So many people dont have any clue on
what the fuck I’m saying because they are in this box. And it’s their brain. The mind is a very powerful thing.
It has a tactical advantage over you all the time. It knows you fears, it knows your insecurities, it knows where you don’t wanna go. So it will guide you away from that. And that’s why the mind will
always win until you reprogram it It will always win. Until you fucking reprogram it.

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