In the US alone, about 70 to 80 percent of
the overall trading volume is generated through algorithmic trading and an increasingly large
portion of that leverages AI models. And in emerging economies it’s close to
50%. So regardless of where we live, we’re better
off by letting algorithms make the trading for us. That way we can actually have a chance competing
with large hedge funds and financial institutions and be able to make a living. So are we at a total disadvantage in this
space? We believe not. We believe humans supported by AI powered
data can be a lot better than pure algorithms. We can focus on being creative with our strategies,
while we leverage the insights provided by machines. That is why DecisionForest exists. To help traders and investors like you, get
financial insights from AI powered datasets and use these insights to improve your strategies. We know that access to clean and readily available
data is hard and expensive, as we struggled so much with this and that’s why we started
the company in the first place. We saw that access to already preprocessed
and insightful data was almost inexistent for small investors and traders. And this is the problem we set out to solve,
to provide access to AI powered alternative data that traders could use to leverage in
the stock market. And today, we offer datasets that together
cover the full spectrum of fundamentals analysis, market sentiment and
daily price predictions for the top 500+ US stocks. And this is just the beginning! We are constantly on the lookout for good
alternative datasets that we can add to our platform. This is the only way we can revolutionize
the alternative data industry and lower the entry barrier for small investors. With DecisionForest, you don’t have to worry
about expensive subscriptions. We optimized for a fast development process,
we integrate new data easily therefore we can offer access to all of our datasets for
an affordable monthly subscription. You like it great, if not, cancelling is as
simple as clicking a button. No strings attached. And if you just want to explore the data,
the free account is great as well! Just sign up and for DecisionForest’s datasets,
you get the last 10 days worth of data free to use. So subscribe now and use our signals to get
the money you know you deserve.

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