so it’s a pleasure to be here in Las
Vegas to present to you now I get invited to do keynotes across the globe
and while it’s easy for me to be here in Las Vegas it isn’t always easy for me to
travel across the world and even when I do I can’t always speak the local
language well what if neither language nor distance mattered for me to deliver
a fantastic keynote what if technology could help me be anywhere I needed to be
and speak any language I wanted well it can we are bringing together the power
of mixed reality and Azure AI services to create a truly game-changing
experience what you’re about to see is an exact hologram of me wearing the same
outfit that we recently captured at a mixed reality studio and I don’t speak
Japanese but what if I wanted to deliver my keynote in Japanese using Azure AI
technology I can translate my English into Japanese and train it to sound
exactly like me the same voice tones those same inflections now we brought
this together my hologram and as Rai to show you what’s possible so first I’m
gonna put on my hololens to hear and then we’ll flip in the room to the
special camera so you can see exactly what I’m seeing let’s get started first
let me introduce you to mini-me there she is my perfect holograph and thanks
to the power of hololens – she just floats right with me I’m literally
holding my hologram so natural now she’s a little small to do a keynote so let’s
get her up so she can do full-sized Japanese keynote render keynote providing us what does that about sizing
of Google gains its capture Gidget socio see what does in a hologram was accessed
Amos did I know Jim boots ahora gramma to estimate a kotoba are commercially
Masanga what a cigar design in nihongo Hannah
stay tuned Agha a Pharisee notice what does your new home go Hannah seem a
singer but the Sunoco a hologram you WA can pick in any home Hoda honest Amos
Korea a neurotic estoy yo me agita Oh buddy resides in notes in casino digits
you irony at ATT socio schemas Podesta to achieve una corner ago COC
personality covetous additional codes in taking on session a success mass nihongo
conference ago boruto gargle madonna Sema’s EEMA Koenig is its wha what a
static ah Hatake sob say katsu ho holy cast a sec I dunno cope Kyoya so he
Kyoto in Osaka Tokido Kyoto so so steamy Takeda say Missoni see hygge
games it’s an inheritor goddess as you can see this is mind blowing
technology and what you just saw was my life-size hologram my exact replica
rendered here in real time speaking Japanese with my unique voice signature
to do this we use mixed reality technology to create my hologram and
render it here live then we use Azure speech-to-text capability in English
transcription to get my speech then use Azure translate to get this in this
Beach into Japanese and finally applied neural text-to-speech technology so it
sounded exactly like me just speaking Japanese and the most
amazing part all of these technologies exists today the future is here

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