guys back with another video but before
I start make sure you smash that like button also if you’re not subscribed to
the channel you do so making sure that the notification bell is on so when I
upload my next video you are the first one to watch also make sure to leave a
comment on this video um so I want to start off by saying a lot of people have
asked me to respond in regards to velvet drinking wine and I guess she’s still
breastfeeding um first I just want to say to you I don’t know how often um she
feeds the baby that way um I know that when she was initially over our
carbonation prior to leaving carbonation she was breastfeeding uh and I know that
when you’re breastfeeding the baby gets all of the stuff that the mother eats
all I can say to you is one thing I don’t know how often she’s breastfeeding
I know that the baby is on table food and I think that she probably slowed
down with the breastfeeding but you’re right is not good for velvet to be
drinking and as natureboy being her significant other I think that he should
be telling her not to be drinking wine but look at who we’re dealing with
so I can’t really make a call on that all I can do is just respond to you guys
asking me to respond to that and keep it moving because at the end of the day
these folks are grown they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do in their household
and they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do with these kids and there’s nothing
that we can do but talk about it so if if if if if talking about it is not
gonna bring about any change we just have to let these people do what they do
it’ll catch up with them in the long run but I was watching a live stream that
Nature Boy did last night yes they would get their drink on talking about getting
their drink on velvet was getting very intimates you
know I don’t know what was going on with her in his lap action was really
uncomfortable to see but I guess she’s trying to send those
vibes out to the women that you know her man’s taken and he’s now living the one
woman one man thing so you know she’s doing her thing she’s feeling herself
for the moment cuz as we know Nature Boy will be you know get a winking and um
you know sneak demon chicks very soon because he’s going to miss his lifestyle
he’s gonna stop to feel like he’s soft because especially behind the scenes
when velvet of him getting to blow ups he’s going to feel as though he’s not
being a man the man that um he feels that he should be or was prior to all
these changes that he has made currently in narration ship but he showed his
finger on IG live and it had a tattoo on his ring finger um and he made uh he
made the statement my wife so I’m wondering is velvet in nature boy
legally married now this is something that I want to speak about before they
come clean with it I really think that they’re legally married now see I’m
gonna get people that are gonna be in my comment section cuz people watch people
like myself Nature Boy any members of carbonation and they get stuff twisted
they think because you you get a ten minutes of our lives or a few hours of
live streaming that we share with you that you know us personally now we all
know that Nature Boy is not a person to want to believe any of his word his word
is not as born and he likes to lie a lot and then when you call him out on it he
tries to say he didn’t say certain things so what I’m trying to get at here
is is nature boy legally married I know people are saying a
allegedly he’s still married to another woman in the States
but do we know for sure that he’s legally married to that woman and if
that’s a rumor that he’s legally married and was he in the States calling this
woman that he’s with for many of years and I think he had a kid with orchids
with um is he legally married to that woman so he’s able to marry
um velvet you know in that time that they were missing in action he could
have been taking care of legal issues with that if in fact he was legally
married to another woman so that he could get married to velvet now if that
tattoo on his left hand was already there then somebody please leave it in a
comment section but I’ve been getting this vibe of they’re both suggest
suggesting that they’re legally married and I’m wondering time will tell if
Nature Boy is gonna come clean about that and in is this also playing a role
into why he’s saying that he’s a one-woman man that he has saw the light
when velvet left and went when she left it changed his world because you know it
made him miss her and appreciate her more when she had left and then the the
thought of her not coming back could have pump fear in him to make a decision
like that to marry her legally and give velvet what she actually wants which
would be illegal marry a marriage where even if he’s not going to just be with
her after some time at least she got papers on him that she’s married to him
um but yes it just seemed like he was trying to show that left hand he was
scratching his face you seen the tattoo on his ring finger but I didn’t see a
tattoo on Velvets hand so that’s what kind of confused me but we
have to understand at the end of the day that’s what Nature Boy wants to do he
wants to keep up confusion and guessing now if velvet in fact and in Nature Boy
did get married if it’s gonna work I wish him the best but if they did this
making us think for the moment that they have changed because they’re trying to
change the direction in the audience and the viewership then that’s for all the
wrong reasons and it’s not gonna work I already see in nature boys behavior from
the rearm the reaction I was getting from that live that Nature Boy has not
changed at all it’s just a matter of time before he does something that’s
really disrespectful to velvet and Velvets gonna have a meltdown and to me
it’s just a wrong move for velvet to go back to nature boy because I’m really
predicting Nature Boy is gonna get himself in some type of legal trouble
this time around that he’s not going to be able to get out of and I feel as
though velvet going over to carbonation is already is already acceptant of that
because she knows in her heart whether she she is it with the world’s
or to a friend or keep it to herself that if he in fact gets in any legal
troubles behind any type of domestics that they might have arguments and her
making up that something happened and he goes to jail this time I don’t think
that Nature Boy is gonna get out as easily as he did the last time I think
that he’s gonna spend some some time in there so you know Nature Boy thinks that
he’s really slick we already know velvet thinks that she’s licked too because
she’s learning from her master teacher how to be a scam artist and how to have
people feel you know bad for her but this here is
not gonna end well and I hate to say that I’m all about the arm you know the
black love and you know less you know respect and love each other be loving
all on each other but I really think that this is for views and clicks and
donations and I don’t think that this is genuine I think that this is something
that they’re putting off for the for the camera but behind closed doors there’s a
lot of issues going on and you see it because look at rah how real she is you
can see it on Ross face that she’s not buying the fluff she’s not buying the BS
and those are signs that we need to look at these are key signs that we all need
to look at that carbonation is um in some type of
turmoil and if Nature Boy doesn’t get out of this fantasy world that he’s
living in now it’s going to be harmful to him in the end

40 thoughts on “Did Natureboy LEGALLY Get Married ๐Ÿ’To Velvet ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜ฑ”

  1. DDidnโ€™t they say while pregnant you can have up to one glass of wine now whatโ€™s the difference of having a glass of wine while breast-feeding and having a glass of wine while being pregnant it will not harm the baby

  2. Sldavis idk I doubt if they are married if he is he did it illegally and if he did divorce her and he married nana trust he would been said so to rub it in her family and our faces


  4. You can definitely drink wine while you're breastfeeding I think you can't go over 2 glasses of wine is what I found out but I don't think it's an issue
    I'm over them at this point

  5. Also, you can drink alcohol in breastfeed, you just have to not breastfeed as long as the alcohol is in your system, which Iโ€™m pretty sure the longest it about 24 hours. Not to mention wine doesnโ€™t have as high of an alcohol concentration as something like Hennessy. Then baby eliana is also on table food, so she can easily just not breastfeed her for those 24 hours and the baby wonโ€™t come in contact with the alcohol. Or she can expel milk before she drinks and refrigerate it for the baby for the duration of those 24 hours.

  6. I donโ€™t think that can happen because heโ€™s already married hello come on now.. But who cares if they are married they not going to have anything to leave each other but carbonDisease and Videos

  7. Yes…
    She can drink wine while breastfeeding. If you drink while breast feeding you have to wait 24hrs before you can feed again. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s best to pump before you drink.

  8. It would appear to me that if nb and velvet were legally married that velvet would most definitely state it and in her words, they are "literally" married! I believe they are married based on words only.

  9. Sldavis, hey hope you are enjoying the holiday season…If NB & Velvet are married LEGALLY so be it…I doubt it- but I will say they both should have gone to the DOCTOR B/4 doing what they wanna do! Everyone knows that NB doesn't use Protection…that's Crazy! Especially with a baby needing her! & him doing everybody!

  10. I thought he already had his finger tattooed when he was married to his first wife. But I would love to know if he married her to get her back at C.N!

  11. Heโ€™s not legally married cause heโ€™s still married to Miesha and I think that tattoo is old it looked old anyways

  12. Not unless he married her in Panama ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฆ illegally. They both a bunch of crap at this point ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  13. He can't marry anyone because he is still married. At this point, whatever money and/or properties NB gain and leave behind, it will go to his wife, not Velvet and her and her and her and her.

  14. Heโ€™s just luring her right in you could see it in his face. Heโ€™s just waiting for the perfect time to get her trust it

  15. ๐Ÿ– No they are not married. NB said it in one of his Videos. This is just a plow for views and to try in come up.

  16. Nope they both are lying. She thinks she is back in charge. They are not married. He said they plan to get married.

  17. he shouldve lol!!! they all need to stay there!!! not come back!!! they just should have a relationship with their families and not do abuse of any kind. Even words hold power!! Why lie and Why say anything to get views!! THAT'S WHAT MADE HIM A PROBLEM THE ABUSE ENERGY!!! #DRASK

  18. I hope hes not cause legal marriage is man made.. how are we supposed to trust everything he says when he goes against his own words

  19. I dnt think these 2 are married. His ego will let the world know plus I been looking 4 the humiliation video. But na…. she can drink wine depending on time. But I can tell the meltdown has already started

  20. Velvet was drinking wine ๐Ÿท while the baby was nursing! Literally AT THE SAME TIME!

  21. SL Davis dyt nb, changed up everything since the army guy said he was going there to kill nb, then the ex member Hugo(not sure if his name) said NB better get his stuff together or her was going to see him, too. Serious ppl have been talking about doing things to nb if he didn't change.

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