Yesterday morning, Donald Trump jr decided
to be even more irresponsible than usual and retweeted an article from Breitbart that allegedly
named the whistleblower who filed the complaint that launched the impeachment inquiry. Now, Trump jr along with the Breitbart article
named this whistleblower, allegedly, this is who they think it is. Uh, we will not be naming the name. We will not be showing the tweet because we
are not going to spread that around because we understand, unlike Donald Trump, jr and
Breitbart and conservative media, that this person has already received countless death
threats as have this person’s lawyers. And in fact, let me amend that because it’s
not that Donald Trump jr and these conservative outlets don’t understand that it’s that they’re
banking on that. That’s what they want to happen. Folks. They want this person to be threatened. They want something to happen to this person. That is why they have been so desperate to
get the name out there to the public. And again, we don’t even know if what Breitbart
sent out there, what Donald Trump retweeted, we don’t even know if that is the actual whistleblower. But to the heart of this a Breitbart piece,
they talked about the fact that this alleged whistleblower worked with anti-Trump forces
in 2016. They didn’t go into much detail about that
because no such details actually exist, but they did say that this person working, uh,
in the state department, I believe was working closely or they were CIA officer, excuse me. Working in the intelligence community worked
also very closely with people in the state department. Oh my God. Somebody in government worked with other groups
in government. Stop the fricking presses. Right? No, that’s, that’s what happens. But Republicans are trying to hype that to
make it seem that this person was running around in cahoots with everybody they could
get their hands on, when in fact, that’s simply how government works. You have to have inner agency communications,
interagency cooperation. That’s how the government continues to function. And Oh my God, maybe this person at one time
or another actually had to go talk to Joe Biden. Imagine that a government official having
to speak to somebody higher up the food chain happens all the time. Happens nearly every day. Donald Trump talks to people like that. You wouldn’t say that that person is suddenly
a maga hat wearing rally going Trump supporter, would you? But that is the picture that these conservative
groups are trying to paint of this whistleblower completely ignoring the fact, by the way,
that the whistleblower is irrelevant. We already have all of the corroborating testimony. These people are also turning over evidence. Whatever they have, the whistle blower does
not matter any more yet they are obsessed with it and hung up on it because since we
don’t know who this person is, they can paint these vivid pictures that are completely false,
but their readers, their viewers, their Twitter followers are gonna eat it up and believe
that this is the case. Because these people don’t go out and do independent
research. These people don’t understand how the government
works. They don’t understand how whistleblower protection
laws work, and that’s something that Don jr probably needs to look into right about now
because there’s already calls for his prosecution for tweeting this out. Republicans don’t want the whistleblower named
because as long as that person remains anonymous, they get to create whatever narrative they
want to paint them as some kind of anti-Trump Crusader who’s involved in a deep state coup
to overthrow the president. When that person’s name actually comes out,
when we find out their history or whatever it is, they’re going to realize soon that
yet another narrative they’ve crafted completely falls apart.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Out Ukraine Whistleblower”

  1. Republicans don't know that's how government works, they only go to work to collect their weekly allowance by big pharma and oil industry, and when they watch 'FBI' they're rooting for the white supremacist mass murderer

  2. Everyone who's trying to put the whistle blower are playing with fire. It's illegal to out a whistle blower, and they should all be locked up for obstructing the investigation.
    Only guilty people go to extreme measures illegal or not to cover up their lies and corruption.
    Even murder.
    Trump and Kushner gave the green light for Khashoggi's murder and they must pay for that with their lives!
    Grifters, Cubs, Rapist, Pedophile and Murderer in the WH!

  3. None of this matters. Chump has the entire process, now and into the future, rigged. That's why he is so confident. The world s such a tragedy at this point that it's very easy for deep depression to set in.

  4. Dickwad Jr. needs to go on one of his " manly " wilderness excursions and not come back. Gee……maybe get lost and fall over a cliff(?)….drown in a wild river(?)…get eaten by a bear(?).
    The possibilities are endless. ( hint,hint )

  5. This dude Jr is such a human sack of crap his whole family suffer from affluenza. How the f#ck do these people have a cult of defenders behind them? Is it really just about the tax cuts and deregulation and judges?

  6. Going to jail with daddy. God have we dropped the bar low to have a presidential family like this. The first family that openly wants a lawful american citizen to come to harm.

  7. Don Junior, projecting, panicking with fear & dread, must have done some really nasty crooked things that he is trying to coverup and create a distraction in order to obscure his own criminal enterprise.

  8. I seriously hope the FBI deals with these clowns. The filthy losers can't even accept the fact they lost in Kentucky. If they're this pathetic with an insignificant state, wait till drumpf is ousted.

  9. No matter what Don Jr. does, he is too stupid to realize that he will never ever get his father’s affection — that belongs to Ivanka!

  10. If you guys see any of the maga filth posting names of people and thinking they're "clever", please report them for harassment. They have no business trying to out people who have the country's back, while drumpf and his minions destroy it.

  11. Demms dont want you to knw he was one of the ones working with the Hillary russian collusion with the russian dossier. That it was all rehearsed in advance including the whistle bower laws being amended right before release because it was hearsay.

  12. I have no doubt and I have said this before-if Trump told his CULT followers to kill they would do it for him. That’s how disturbed this whole thing is with them. I read an article that interviewed a bunch of his diehard followers and they said he could do anything he wanted and they would always support him. I know that includes inciting violence. I truly believe they would kill for him.

  13. A lot of people are comparing trump to a crime family. That’s insulting to real crime families. Even they have some kind of morals. Strict set of rules they live by. These people don’t. It’s hate violence corruption all of it. We’d be better off with some Italian mob family running this country. I say this in jest but some of it really is true.

  14. They act like knowing the person's name will somehow change things.
    It can't.
    It won't.
    As soon as testimony cooberated the whistleblower's accusation they were immediately removed from the board.
    How is it people will not understand that?!

  15. Jerkoff Jr. needs his lily white chicken shit for brains ass kicked up around his neck along with the asswipes at Fox and Breitbart and all the other conservative yellow journalists.

  16. What's to stop someone from "citizen's arresting" the people who break the law?
    If it is the whistleblower they go to jail, if it's not it saves a mans life. And if the police have any sense, they say they've contacted the lawyer of the whistleblower, and can assert that is not the whistleblower. The responses here are either you were a liar trying to get an innocent man killed, or you were right; welcome to prison. Any lawyer with a brain will advise to "shut the hell up" and work out a deal where the charges are dropped because the police announce "it is not the whistelblower" doesn't matter if it was or not. Everyone goes home safe, bad people get made fun of and some lawyer gets paid, and good people are left the hell alone.

  17. Don Jr. needs to get an ultimatum regarding the way he is breaking the law trying to oust the man who is a hero.
    Donny, why do you need to know who it is? So that they can kill him? This will be a murder. A murder performed with malice afore thought. Whether Don Jr. finds him or not, whether somebody else kills the whistleblower, Don Jr. will be found guilty or, at least, an accessory.
    That is the whistleblower's job, to blow the whistle when somebody does something wrong. And, let's face it, your father did something very wrong!
    You won't be vindicated if you intervene or meddle with this issue. Per the law, and the majority of the people, you don't have the right, nor your father to take these decisions, who lives and who dies, much less get rid of people, just because somebody messed up your father's corruption plan.
    You better stop doing things that don't concern you. It was your father wrongdoing, it's about time that you and your family take responsibility for your acts and wrongdoings.
    We are not here to serve the Trumps. It should be the other way around!

  18. Ya know, if the tables were turned and any one of the trumps were the ones getting hundreds of death threats daily, we'd have to listen to them whine incessantly about it for years to come. Look how long he's played that crowd size crap. You know something like death threats would get far more air time. Hope their stupid base doesn't turn on them. I really don't care to hear them whine about another thing.

  19. So what's going to happen now, if this ISN'T the w.b., he/she is going to be threatened or attacked because Don Jr. and Breitbart are idiots. Also, they need to understand that getting rid of the w.b. isn't going to stop the impeachment.

  20. Charge him and put him in the same jail cell as Jeffrey Epstein died in. Junior would get a much deserved message.

  21. Its just like Trump doesnt really want a wall but he wants the fight over the wall so that he can have something to complain about and if the wall is built they lose their biggest bogeyman (Mexicans) because its all for show just like everything he and the republicans do – its not real.

  22. The "WHlSTLEBL0WERS" name is Eric CiarameIIa. It's been public knowledge for a month now. Just search that name on Google & Youtube, you come up with every news outlet from WaPo to CNN, MSNBC repoting on Eric Ciaramella being the Ieak. You're welcome. 😆

  23. You right to freedom of speech comes with some caveats, one of which is you can't endanger another person's life or liberty. This presidency has made it abundantly obvious that "conservatives" and the 'wealthy' are so far above the law that they can get an innocent man killed, just to stroke their ego.

  24. They desperately wanted to paint a target on this person. Now they're going to sit back and wait for their minions to close in. It makes Trump feel good that people have his back and are willing to make sacrifices for him.

  25. He can't get his dick out at a urinal, how does he figure he's smart enough to "out" anyone? A sad piece of work who is even dumber than his daddy.

  26. The whistleblower's identity is now irrelevant since so many others have made statements under oath confirming what the whistleblower claimed. The whistleblower merely started the ball rolling or are the trump supporters now claiming all these people have committed perjury ? Highly unlikely.

  27. First time am seeing a real live picture of satan but who broke off his horns to make him look more like a human? …. not working put em back he needs those assessories because he's the senior Satan's spawn

  28. Shame on you Donny Douche Bag Jr. wtf 🤦🏼‍♀️ is your problem. You are a piece of 💩 just like your father.

  29. I bet he used to have his sons fight each other for affection they both wanted but never got! All while his daughter sits on his lap watching. Sickening.

  30. Junior claims to be outspoken but watching him on the view it's apparent that his girlfriend is in charge 😂😂

  31. Don the little con is such a twat . He lacks grey matter and hunt and murder animals for kicks . He is despicable like his namesake


  33. Does Don Jr not understand that the alleged whistle blower is legally entitled to not be outed.
    His girlfriend is a lawyer and she should also know this.

  34. Let me guess… now you can't be indicted if you're related to the "president"?
    Or maybe no laws apply to anyone named trump anymore, – y'know, like they used to have it for "royalty".
    …bow down, slaverinos!

  35. Let's audit and out the sissy boy DJ. I am sure we can unearth some I'd his threats.
    He and Matt Gaetz are a couple – of jackasses.

  36. These cowardly traitors like the Trumps need to be arrested and put in Fort Leavenworth for the rest of their criminal treasonous lives!

  37. If the whistleblower comes to harm or is killed then Trump ad Trump Jr. needs to be arrested for murder and fuck impeachment! We need to get these traitors and treasonous orange crap out of the White House!

  38. I am really getting tired of these Donald Trump surveys on YouTube how many ways can I tell Trump that he's a piece of shit

  39. If anybody is surprised about this, here’s a virtual smack upside your head👋.

    If they are named Trump (or Kushner), they assume they can do anything they want.

  40. Does Predatorinchief Jr think the beard and new image will help make him look smarter? Plastic surgery won’t help that man. By nature and nurture he’s been groomed (and prob bullied) by his dad and the world of the elite. It’s all he knows and is dependent on it now. I’m not making excuses for him just making an observation of him being a product of his dysfunctional prob abusive childhood. God knows what Ivanka’s was like. FYI I’m not anti beard and actually a big fan of them.

  41. Witness Intimidation at it's best. They need to arrest the Trumps, if something happens to the whistle blower. The Trumptards wonder why we compare the TRump family to mobsters! If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…..You're probably a Mobster!!!!

  42. You'd hope that at some point the Trump kids would say to themselves, "Ya know, just because the old man is a heartless piece of shit doesn't mean I have to be." Maybe there is an actual genetic predisposition, it's possible I guess.

  43. Farron cousins you are my favorite person to watch I love you because you speak the truth. And the truth is what we need in America now

  44. Junior you by the stupid is your damn Daddy why do you put other people's lives In Harm's Way you don't give a s*** about the American people why don't you and your damn daddy moved to Russia and see how much poop will put up with your s***

  45. If something happens to the whistleblowers Trump and Trump Jr should be held responsible to the full extent. Prison don't sound bad for both of them. They are endangering people's lifes by outung a whistleblower name.

  46. The trumps are the most hated family on the planet for good reason they are all pathetic excuses for humans and I can’t wait to see them in matching orange jumpsuits

  47. They should be arrested for accessory if anything happens to this person. Trump doesn't want to protect whistle blowers because it stops his thriving abusive ways . Innocent ppl don't do that

  48. Once I thought it was not possible to be more degraded than President Lies, but then President Lies Jr. came along and proved that there is always a reprobate hiding in the wings to take the center stage again. This is so sad, and I am not repeating President Lies, just saying a prayer as I write.

  49. statute at 18 U.S.C. § 1512, which defines it as "tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant." The punishment for such an offense is up to 20 years if physical force was used, attempted, or threatened. The tampering need not have actually been successful in order for it to be criminal

  50. Not only are they trying to name the whistleblower and put him in danger, they are naming someone who hasn't worked in the white house for two years and can't possibly be the whistleblower.

  51. Let's just say if it was a republican whistle blower, their name would be in big bold letters now wouldn't it ?
    Moron !
    You're right the whistle blower doesn't matter. Nor, does all the testimony of innuendo, speculation, and what people think happened !
    We can read the transcripts !
    What is it that Trump did ?
    Oh and I do remember a Biden guy actually confessing to holding a billion dollars in aid.

  52. Trump supporters: Colonel Vindman is one of the whistleblower.. I dare you to go and harass him and his family. You will go to prison.

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