Hi Folks, this is Michael Murray, that’s me
there in the photo enjoying some leisure time with the family while my Internet Business
Makes Money for me. After decades of working in the Corporate world tied to a desk or a
30,000 foot office in the sky, I now go where I want and do what I want thanks to my 24/7/365
Internet cash machine. I’ve done a lot of reviews this year and today
I’m doing an Expert SEO System by Tony Mariott and Anthoni Gardner review and I promise you,
this review will not only be brief but right to the heart of what this product is and does.
Unlike a lot of online reviews, I’m not going to insult your intelligence, try to sell you
anything or waste your time blathering on and on about some gimmick or shiny new object.
Here’s a dose of reality. Considering any online product or service to earn income is
a business decision that requires careful and responsible scrutiny, otherwise you end
up getting burned time and time again like I did early in my online career and wasted
countless hours and thousands of dollars my first two years. Just understanding that over
90% of the product launches online either grossly under deliver or their flat out scams,
is going to save you a lot of time, heartache and a ton of money. Now I’m not going to tell you in this Expert
SEO System by Tony Mariott and Anthoni Gardner review that it’s a scam, nor am I going to
tell you it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. What I am going to tell you is 100%
truthful, strictly the Pro’s and Con’s with NO BULL or fluff so that you can make and
informed decision on your own. By the way, I’m not going to ask you for any money so
you can hide your credit cards and wallet. I will have a special bonus for you though
at the end of this review so relax, pay close attention and I hope this information will
at least save you some time, heartache and money. So what is Expert SEO System by Tony Mariott
and Anthoni Gardner? Just launched, Expert SEO System – The Next
Generation Of SEO Software was created by Tony Mariott and Anthoni Gardner, well-respected
software creators on the internet. Expert SEO System is
a desktop software. At this time it is currently
only available for Windows and not MAC, and itruns on Windows XP SP2 and above. It is
important to note that Expert SEO is NOT a WordPress plugin but a licensed application,
and you will
be asked to register your email address. Expert SEO System uses free API keys to gather
some of it’s data. You will need to sign up for a free community account with Moz. This
is all managed from within the software and tales about one minute.
Cost: $67.00; one OTO for discounted additional reporting templates However, it is important to note that there
are a lot of these programs out there like Expert SEO System, and newbies wonder why
so many program creators keep coming out with this stuff. Here is basically why:1) The creators
have a huge email list of people that they can keep sending out to; these people have
proved that they are optimistic buyers and keep buying when a new offer is presented
to them. Often the creators, who had successful programs in the past, get lazy and coast on
their reputation, knowing just attaching their name to a new program can earn them fortunes.2)
They build their list with every product launch. The first thing that is asked of everyone
that sees the offer is to enter their email address. That way, regardless if they buy
or not, they will have the email for the following products.3) They sell with the enticing offers.
Often times they will have a nice looking sales video that tells you how much you can
make and how great your life will be once you buy the product. These offers are usually
a low investment, around the $25-$50 range.4) They up-sell you. (The Real Money Maker) Once
they have gotten you to pull out your credit card and use it, you are much more likely
to buy again. The psychology behind it is very powerful. They make you believe that
you need the more expensive products to actually make the product work. You could be spending
upwards of 4 to 5 times the amount that you thought you were in the beginning.
Expert SEO System Summary The software doesn’t actually build websites,
it just analyses them and produces actionable data. From the reviews that I have read, Expert
SEO System software seems to be getting good reviews, and unlike so many of the other programs
and softwares out there, which are pretty much re-written and re-hashed, this appears
to be a cut above the others. It is best used on existing sites but can be used to pre-screen
new site ideas. However, since Expert SEO System is brand new to the internet, there
is no track record and the jury is still out regarding it effectiveness and whether or
not it is user-friendly. Once again, you can join for $67.00; one OTO
for discounted additional reporting templates, or I can let you in on a FREE PROGRAM. I do a program called Instant Payday Network.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to give me any money so you can put your wallet away.
What I have to give you is 100% FREE. You’re probably saying, “You’re just trying to sell
me into your program” but that’s not true. Hard to believe, but Instant Payday Network
is FREE. Zero dollars and Zero cents. Unlike the other programs out there, this program
is not only free to get started, but there are no hidden costs or up sells. I get paid
$25.00 — $58.00 multiple times daily when folks come into the program for FREE. This FREE system was created by my associate,
Jeff Buchanan. His system actually has ZERO FEES. ZERO website fees. ZERO maintenance
fees. There are no sneaky hidden fees later on, no up sells, you don’t need to know how
to set up a website how to blog, how to do SEO. You dont need to know how to do any of
that stuff. It is FREE to get started. It’s: 1.Not an MLM! 2. No Bugging Friends and Family! 3. No Cold Calling! 4. No Product to Inventory OR Ship! You get a: FREE MARKETING SYSTEM FREE
CAPTURE PAGE (35% — 52% conversions) FREE AUTOMATED SALES FUNNEL (You get paid
every day) FREE AUTO — RESPONDER (Cost $25.00 — $45.00
per month elsewhere) FREE TRAINING TO START MAKING MONEY NOW? Jeff does most of the training himself. This
is a FREE system you can do at home. We have people making 10 to 20 thousand dollars per
month with Instant Payday Network. The
reason why Instant Payday Network stands
alone from the other programs out thereis
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Network is that you make your money from Multi-Million dollar corporate advertising. That means you
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to get started, a program that has the potential of making you 10 to 20 thousand dollars per
month, I would encourage you to embrace it. If on the other hand, you can’t find a program
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