Now, soon in the Kansas City area will have another option for neuroscience and orthopedic care. The Menorah Medical Center is in the process of building a whole new state of the art center at its Overland Park Campus. So here to talk more about it and what it has to offer is orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Anderson. Thank you for joining us this afternoon. Thank you, Carolyn. What’s this new place all about? Why do we need it? Well, we’ve developed a lot of things that improve outcomes for our patients, patient surgery for total joint replacement, and new technology. This building gives us a foundation in Overland Park, Kansas to have higher quality care single patient rooms, and the ability to put digital or in our facility directly attached the hospital for better patient outcomes. Okay, so let’s talk about that digital stuff. You’re really excited about one particular breakthrough, or you… We’ve been using the computer navigation, for number of years. My group, my partners, we have a fantastic relationship with the industry, who develops this. We do a lot of the computer navigation, and have great outcomes. Their joints. Now we think that the advent and the introduction of robotic technology into our operating rooms is gonna help improve precision of the joint replacement accuracy of how we put the implants in, earlier patient mobility quicker return to activities our patients are getting back to our clinics at two weeks off their walkers, at this point in time, how I was quite exciting. And this is Rosa Hermosa. The new thing on the block, a new robot resistance robotic surgical assistant. What it does is basically a robotic arm, another assistant in the field, that helps improve that tracking for the three dimensional mapping of the joint. If you think about the knees fairly complex, it’s a three dimensional joint, you have all these different motion that the knee is supposed to do not just in walking but, going up and down stairs, athletic activities. Our patients want a golf and play tennis. This helps us put a more precise joint in for that better motion. So, that months, years down the road, they’re really happy with that, at the area. It allows us to couple that motion to the improved implants that are available with the new materials that are available, the plastics that last longer hoping that when we put a joint in somebody, a total joint replacement, it lasts the rest of their life to a high functional level where they actually forget they have the joint. Because it feels so normal, very cool when you hop in. This will open in 2020, I think, when the date for that is But… Arose the robotic assistance there. Now, the computer technology is there. Now we’ve got that all available right now. Very good Dr. Anderson, thank you. They’re stopping by in the rain, appreciate… And for more from HCA Midwest Health and go to came.

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