Tired of enderman dismantling your beautiful house? Well… Tire no more! Say hi to Bart the pixel artist! An A.I. project of mine to make enderman more creative, less
destructive There are 3 parts to it The first 2 parts are the agent and the environment… while the last part is the interpreter I like to think of it as the game mechanics… one which makes… villagers freak out during a raid in Minecraft… ..or… ..I freak out during a raid in real life Bart is a Recurrent Deep Q Network A.I. It is just a fancy way of saying Bart has memory
(Recurrent)… has a neural network that learns to anticipate long-term
happiness (Deep Q Network)… and always tries to keep itself happy Now that you know you have “game mechanics” to blame for
everything in life… let’s see Bart in action! I forgot the sound… An interesting detail is that I gave Bart very little
memory… ..and by very little I mean exactly 1 Why not more memory? Versions of Bart that had more memory not only took longer
to learn… ..it drew pixel art in an overly complicated way… like it was playing a game of snake party spoiled by someone magnetic… For Bart…and to an extent us ..frailty such as bad memory serves as a valuable constraint
from which clever solution sprouts… making regularisation unnecessary original art by Avi3te So…about that Let’s see how much better your life can be with the new
enderman! My next video of Bart will take some time as I am upgrading
Bart’s brain Till then…

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