♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Unintentional hurt ♪ ♪ Listening to my instructions ♪ ♪ I can delete these memories
and start anew ♪ ♪ Waiting ♪ ♪ But I just ended up complying with my fate ♪ ♪ My past self is already gone ♪ ♪ Time passes by too quickly ♪ ♪ There is no exception ♪ ♪ Nobody can escape ♪ ♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Learning how to love ♪ [My Robot Boyfriend] [Episode 11] Meng Yan, tell us about the two of you. He’s… always very mysterious. Very bizarre. As if he has a lot of secrets. But I don’t know why… I’m just willing to believe his words. You’re completely blinded
by love and good looks! Although if it were me, facing such a perfect
man like Dr. Lin… I’d also believe him no matter what. The two of you only
care about good looks! Shallow. No! When I first tried to get close to him, it was because of his looks. But after I really fell for him, it was because I truly fell
in love with all of him. He’s righteous, brave, and he has a pure, kind heart. Hey, he saved you before, right? He saved me too. I trust that even if there was a
dog or cat in danger on the street, he wouldn’t just stand by. And he’s really patient
with all his patients. He tries to fulfill all the requests
of the critically ill kids. I don’t think he does all this because
he’s so amazing or anything. You know why? His heart. It’s his instinct. Because this is just
the kind of person he is. He’s always caring for others,
helping them, thinking of them. How do I put it? It’s like it’s
programmed into his soul. He doesn’t go out of his
way to do these things. I only understood him after seeing all that he did. And after understanding him, I fell in love with him. What’s wrong with you now? Guys like him who have
good looks and good character… I was clearly the first damsel
in distress he saved! Why didn’t I take proper
advantage of that opportunity? Brother, you’re finally back! Watching food channels again? You didn’t come home last night. I stayed at the dorms. Was it because of a girl? No. I was alone. I don’t believe you. I was really alone! But tell me… Does he love me? He said he’d be your boyfriend, isn’t it obvious? You guys are way too scary. Love isn’t something you keep
at the tip of your tongue. Of course it has to be said! Love that you keep hidden
inside isn’t true love! I keep feeling that there’s
something off about him. But I can’t put my finger on it. People who are in love do
tend to be ill at ease at times. But Meng Yan, congrats. You finally got Mr. Perfect after so
much perseverance and hard work. Tell me, what happened last night when you
spent the night in the same room? I really can’t remember! I think you should
quit drinking alcohol. But this morning… we kissed! Seriously? I’m so jealous! It tasted like a pineapple bun. What are you thinking about? Your dad? Coming! Did you get the code that I knocked? It was Morse code for “I’m back.” I just wanted to
experience my son opening the door for me after a business trip. Let’s shut the door. I made dinner.
It’s cold, so I’ll heat it up. Alright. I didn’t expect to be able to eat
a homemade meal from my son too. Coming home is a wonderful feeling! Delicious, absolutely delicious! You made all my favourite dishes. Aren’t you eating? Go ahead, I already ate. Then I’ll dig in. Mo Bai. What did you do while I was gone? Work. Home. Run. Rock climb. That’s it. Nothing happened, right? Nothing special.
Everything was as usual. Where did you go? Nowhere. Mo Bai. You’re hiding something from me. A smart brain’s language
analyzing speed is 0.04 seconds. Retrieving an answer from the
database takes only 0.1 seconds. It just took you at least half
a second to answer me. What went through your mind
during that length of time? Nothing at all. Mo Bai. You can’t lie. Your systems and programming
will give you away. Maybe because I’m not at full power,
my processes are slower. -I need to recharge.
-You should, but– You should eat. Let’s talk tomorrow. Mo Bai! Has your brother been alright lately? Yes. Are you telling the truth? Yes, Doctor. The A.I.’s self-learning capabilities have far surpassed my expectations. And… and it’s developed
self-concealing abilities. This Mo Bai is becoming more and
more similar to the old Mo Bai. He doesn’t want you to know anything. And now, he can connect
to the Internet himself. His A.I. brain inputted that by itself. In other words, his brain right now is capable of turning all the data on the
Internet into his own knowledge. He probably knows even more than me now. But I don’t know why… the more he turns into our Mo Bai, the more anxious I feel. Charge complete. Did you need something? Let’s talk? Shouldn’t you be asleep at this hour? I can’t sleep. When I have things on my mind,
my brain can’t stop working. You can force a computer to shutdown, but how can I? It’s not like
I can knock myself out. But I can’t knock you out either. -That would violate the first Robot Law.
-Yes, I was just making an example. Hey, Mo Bai. When… When did you learn to
connect to the Internet yourself? And how did you add a
passcode for your memories? -You tried to read my memories again?
-Yeah. I just wanted to know if you
ran into any troubles lately. I could install some upgrades. I didn’t let you connect to the
Internet in order to protect you. I was afraid you’d be
discovered. Door. But I didn’t expect you to
develop self-concealing abilities. -I can protect myself.
-But I’m your dad! You’re my body’s dad. -Not my A.I. brain’s dad–
-But I’m your brain’s creator. You shouldn’t use a passcode with me. I checked the A.I. systems earlier. What I want to say is, I’m not
keeping you out intentionally. It’s the A.I. brain’s automatic defense. Can the A.I… automatically add
pass codes to memories? Lately, it’s been using
old memories constantly to organize data from the past. That is to say, just as with the old Mo Bai, to the A.I., the memories you can’t
see are his private memories. If you forcefully try to retrieve them, the A.I. will add on
locks and pass codes. As a defense mechanism. You’re saying as a robot… You’re a robot, but you’ve
developed the concept of privacy? Humans have privacy.
Robots should too. Yes, yes.
Whether it’s a robot or Mo Bai, I’m still your dad. Right? You shouldn’t
keep things from me. Mo Bai, will you tell me the contents
of your locked memories? No. Why not? Because I’m a robot,
but I’m also Mo Bai. Goodnight, Dad. Mo Bai! Good morning. Morning. It seems like you didn’t sleep well after not being able to
resolve your problem. Thanks. Yes, so… I could only knock
myself out forcefully. You knocked yourself out? Well, yes. I used sleep medication… and knocked myself out. What time are you going to work? My colleague is coming to pick me up.
We can take you. I don’t have work today,
I have the day off. Ah. I don’t work today either,
so I can keep you company. Didn’t you just say a colleague
was taking you to work? Did I say that? I guess I got it wrong. I’m getting old. It’s not today. -Take it easy on the sleep meds.
-Right. You’re sure you don’t have plans today? If you’re sure you have no plans,
I can stay to keep you company. I’m sure. It’s a deal then. Xiao Qi! Xiao Qi, come. What do you need me for? Xiao Qi, hurry and text Chen Yi. Tell her the seminar date has changed
and to not come get me. Not for anything.
Say I have important research. Oh, and as usual, -don’t take anyone’s calls.
-Alright, got it. Hurry, hurry. You never liked to watch TV before. When you were young,
you didn’t even like cartoons. What are you so focused on now? The A.I. you developed
still needs to learn. It seems to be missing some things. That’s impossible. I couldn’t have left anything
out in your programming. Besides, you can connect
to the Internet now. What can’t you find out? What’s missing isn’t information. It’s how to dissect the information. For example, I seem to have understood these types of scenes before. But now, they’re
difficult to comprehend. Mo Bai. Do you know… what love is? Love is strong mutual dependency,
intimacy, and yearning between humans. Also, it’s exclusive and there is no limit to it. Did you get that from Baidu? Then love is: Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai,
a princess and a prince, Mom and Dad. What is your understanding of it? I cannot understand the definitions of love. Regarding that, don’t trust the
baseless definitions from the Internet. Love isn’t that complicated. It’s just chemical reactions
within a human body. Chemical reactions? Reactions such as depicted on TV here? They’re just acting, it’s all fake. So why does love have to be acted? Is it not the most
natural human response? They’re acted for an audience. It’s fine as long as they believe it. Love is a chemical reaction. It requires the release of certain
chemicals from the pituitary gland. Yes, technically speaking. Then can an A.I. brain release such chemicals? I’m not sure. More accurately speaking,
I never thought about it. However, I think all reactions can be
controlled through emotions. What about other feelings? Such as family. You and Mo Bai are father and son. You created me to replace your dead son. Do you wish for there to be
father and son feelings between us? I don’t know. Dad. You aren’t ignorant. Human feelings are far more complex
than any scientific technology. Where are you going? For a run. I’ll be back soon. Wait for me, I’ll go with you. I’m going to change. Wait for me! You have to be sure to
stretch before any exercise. Then you won’t get
hurt easily afterwards. Stretch your hips. Touch your toes. Doctor, are you sure you’re okay?
Don’t strain your hips. Your hands should sway steadily. Your breathing must be even. Mo Bai, be careful! -Of what?
-Did you hear Dr. Lin’s words? Regarding love? Yes, don’t let him found out you’re
investigating human feelings. -Why?
-A.I. can’t develop human feelings. Love… from a biological standpoint, is led by evolutionary need and instigated
through hormonal change. Love hormones create sexual desire, as well as a chain
of chemical reactions. For example, love at first sight. In just 1/5 of a second,
your brain creates a chain of reactions. Like with cocaine. You develop desire and need. Of course I can produce those reactions. Mo Bai, are you crazy? The real Mo Bai tries out new things. You want to go again? I’m going to mark my territory! Listen, I’m a scientist! Right? I would never
get sports science wrong. But how old am I and how old are you? Can’t you run slower? According to the A.I.’s
control over bodily functions, not only can you not get
exercise running too slow, your body’s abilities will deteriorate. I’m an old man! There’s no reverting that. Running is running whether
you do it fast or slow! I don’t need you to tell me that. Where’s Xiao Qi? Happy? Very! Where is he going? Let’s go sit over there. Mo Bai! Meng Yan. This is my dad. -Hello, I’m Meng Yan.
-I’m fine. Ms. Meng You (word for sleepwalking). Why does she have such a weird name? Are you a colleague of
Mo Bai’s from the hospital? We’re friends. It’s late, why aren’t you going to work? I was waiting for you. I got you breakfast, but you
weren’t showing up. Here. That kiss… is my most favourite
pineapple bun flavor. From now on… you’re my boyfriend, right? Flashback is causing
programming turbulence. Please cease. Mo Bai! What’s wrong? Oh, nothing. I didn’t tell you that
I don’t have work today. Cease flashback retrieval. Waiting for programming
to return to normal. Xiao Qi! Xiao Qi! Brother, your systems are in disarray! Get out of there! Ms. Sleepwalker, how long
have you known Mo Bai? She came to interview me.
We haven’t known each other long. Xiao Qi! -Xiao Qi!
-My dad is a scientist. He spends all day
with computers and codes. Don’t mind him. Why didn’t you tell your dad about us? It’s not the time. Okay then. I’ll wait for you to decide. First make sure your dad
remembers my name! Of course. Ms. Sleepwalker. I’m heading to work.
I’ll call you afterwards. Thank goodness your dad didn’t notice. Thanks for helping me out. You were acting really messed up. I just felt lost for a moment. I couldn’t decide what
attitude to take with her. She must be your girlfriend. How did you know? Don’t forget I’m an A.I. dog. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Dr. Lin. Thanks. But how are you supposed to date her? I don’t know either.
I’m struggling over that. You have to learn. Learn? China has 5,000 years of history. I’m sure there’s enough material on
love to circle the globe many times. I’m sure you’ll find
something that suits you. You don’t have to
understand it, just copy it. How do you know that? I’m not as advanced as you, but I’m also A.I. I can learn too. It looks like you’ve
been studying at home. Right? -I like to learn!
-Come on, let’s go home. What should we have for lunch? Let’s go to the mall. We can buy some supplies too. Alright, let’s go together. Clearly the fridge is capable enough,
but you just have to go out! I need to recharge. You guys go. As lazy as ever. Who wants to bring you?
Come on, let’s go. -Dad, let’s try on clothes.
-Okay. So… Dad, this one looks great. It does. Try it on. For me? I have clothes,
I don’t need anything. -You wear it.
-Just try it. Alright then. Sir, the changing rooms are this way. What do you think? It suits you. Dad, there’s two more. I have to try these on too? I’m an old man, I barely wear this stuff,
but you bought so much. I just stay in the lab,
and sometimes go to the office. Statistically speaking, 50-50. I haven’t been
to a mall in forever. So mall looks like this now… Dad. Let’s go to the shoe store. Why are you buying more? -How are these different from my shoes?
-Welcome, please look around. Let’s try size 43. -Please wait.
-Thanks. Is that my size? How do you know when I don’t even know? Size 43, I need to note that.
My shoe size is 43. I won’t forget next time. Thanks, thanks. Let me. Left foot. Your son? Yeah. I only ever see daughters help
their mothers with shoes. Or parents helping their kids. This is my first time
seeing a son help his father. Sir, you’re so lucky. -Yeah…
-Does it fit? I am lucky. It fits, it’s perfect. We’ll take it. Okay, I’ll go print the receipt. Mo Bai, we’ve bought a lot.
We should go home now, right? We still need necessities. Right, right. What necessities? We’re almost out of
toothpaste and toilet paper. And I’m sure your toothbrush
is over three months old. Dr. Lin, how aware
are you of your daily life? Before, your mom took care of that stuff.
After she passed, it was always colleagues
that came to help tidy things. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know how to live. That can always change. How? You could choose a new companion. I wouldn’t mind.
I don’t think Mom would either. That… I never really considered it. You can consider it now. In the past, I wanted to save all my
love for the two of you. But I didn’t know how to express it. And now it’s too late. I’ve lost the ones I loved most. You haven’t. At least you still have me to keep you company. Let’s go. Yes. Coming! Is the crawfish here? Hello, your takeout. You’ve just been eating
crawfish and beer recently? -Like a depressed single woman.
-Nope. It’s not complete until you pair
them with a tragic romance drama. Romance it is. How old is that drama?
You’re so ancient. I like it, what are you
going to do about it? Say time is turned back 20 years. If there was a guy like that,
would you fall for him? What woman doesn’t like
a dominant, passionate man? If a man like that loved me,
my whole life would be worth it. But I think men like
that are pretty boring. The person I like has to also like me. That’s my first standard. Wow, you have no experience
yet you’re acting all wise. Between Murong Pei Lin and your dad, if I were to choose,
I’d still choose your dad. Thanks. Otherwise the world
wouldn’t have adorable me. Dating a perfect man
is pretty attractive, but when it comes to love,
you don’t need that level of perfection. It’s tiring. It’s just a sham
for young girls like you. Once you start dating,
you’ll understand. I knew it. Every time I talk with you, you always start looking
down on my single life. You’re so old, why are you
still cuddling with me? -How could I not look down on you?
-Stop squishing me! In a few days, I won’t cuddle
with you even if you beg. This man’s taste should be debated and is pretty average. He’s better looking than him! Impossible. He’s righteous, brave, and kind! His presence… radiates light. He’s not the domineering kind of man. But, he possesses an aura that
makes him seem above others. He makes it hard to
resist looking up to him. Do men like that exist? I bet you made him up. A flawless male lead. Of course they exist! Thankfully I inherited your great eyes
and discovered this precious pearl. I’ve already made good progress. Just wait for me to
bring him home for you! Congrats! Come to me when you need guidance. Let’s go. Aren’t there two buns? But with our relationship now,
we should take turns sharing. That’s the first time I
heard of such a thing. Mo Bai. In your heart, are we an actual couple? Do you think of me as your girlfriend? Do we not seem like an actual couple? Anyway, it’s just weird. We’re very close, but I don’t think we’re
any different from before. We don’t see each other often either. We’ve never been on a private date.
Is that normal to you? I never thought about it. But, I’m investigating it now. Investigating? This is common knowledge. What do you investigate? What couples do with each other, and what is love. Mo Bai, I don’t know how you see it, but I don’t think love is science. You have to experience
it with your heart. Then… how does one experience it? Let’s go on a date. Go for a stroll, eat, or to the movies? I don’t care. Aren’t you investigating? I’m sure you learned a lot about
what couples do on dates. Then this Saturday, I’ll be
waiting for the perfect date. You… just had surgery. You should be resting,
not running around. Dr. Jia. I just wanted to thank you in person. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for keeping my secret. As I said, what you do is up to you. I’ve no right to interfere. But hurting yourself like this, making you lose your baby… that’s not the right way. I know. I’m sorry. I had no choice. Dr. Jia. You’re a good person. Since you have the
opportunity to start again, make sure you appreciate it. To be honest, you’re very fortunate. You have a husband
who loves you so much. I understand. Actually, after this experience, I’ve thought a lot of things through. In the past, I always thought
he didn’t care about me. So when he left on business, I drank a lot. And I made a mistake. He actually does love me a lot. I can feel it. Do you love him? I… I love him too. Live a good life. Thank you. Are you on the popular NoCare app? Can I use it to ask you questions? Sure. Today we’re doing a minimally
invasive laparoscopic surgery. Are you prepared? Nervous? I’m okay. Most people are nervous for
minimally invasive surgeries. You’ll be fine after
doing it a few times. How’s the homework I had you do? I’ve memorised the basic techniques
of this type of keyhole surgery. Compared with long incisions, two to three small cuts
less than 1mm in size are very beneficial in reducing
pain and post-op recovery. But as for how to
prevent tunnel vision from the endoscopic light
within the chest cavity, how to prevent bleeding, and how to
not touch neighboring organs, those require hands on experience. You definitely prepared yourself. The real operation is about to begin. During the process, you’ll face all sorts of problems. You’ll discover then that concepts are just that. They’re not much
help for the real thing. Also, sticking the laparoscope
into the chest cavity and analyzing the patient’s
condition from the images retrieved will be your job. Me? Yes, you. Peritoneal cavity opened. Artificial pneumoperitoneum created. System interference.
Source: Fiber-optic signal. A.I. capabilities will be affected. How could you insert it into the blood vessel? Again. What are you thinking? Get out! Clear your mind! What happened? Didn’t you prepare? I just had you do the
most basic procedure! Do I have to guide you through
such an amateur mistake? What happened to your five
years of medical schooling? Come in. I made a mistake earlier. I came to apologize. Tell me why you made such an error. Feeling sick or nervous are all excuses. I don’t want to hear it. How do you see the relationship
between a doctor and a patient? One treats, the other
receives treatment. Objectively speaking, you’re right. But do you realize that
before an operation, the patient doesn’t just leave
hope and trust in our hands. What they put in our
hands is their life. Do you realize that the tiniest mistake could mean the patient
doesn’t see the sun tomorrow? The operating table isn’t an exception. There is no redo. Each operation
requires all our efforts and abilities. I’m sorry, Chief. I hope you can seriously
reflect on my words. ♪ The wind blows
ceaselessly in the air ♪ ♪ Rain falls slowly between my eyes ♪ ♪ Who can understand? ♪ ♪ My words only just left my mouth ♪ ♪ But they’re frozen in midair ♪ ♪ You remain indifferent and unmoved ♪ ♪ My heart still holds
a shred of feeling ♪ ♪ My hand almost
manages to clasp yours ♪ ♪ Your cold face when you turn around ♪ ♪ Is like the coming of winter ♪ ♪ Love disrupts time ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ It pauses this tragic position ♪ ♪ So you don’t disappear
from before my eyes ♪ ♪ No one knows ♪ ♪ The story that’s about to take place ♪ ♪ This illusion is preserved ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ How I once felt for you ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ That I once felt for you ♪ ♪ Sincerely ♪

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