Imagine a solar cell that you can’t see,
it’s just there, integrated in the devices that you have all over your home The unique thing with Exeger solar cell
is that it will generate electricity under any light condition, even indoor.
It will integrate into any surface of the device so you won’t even know that it is there.
E-readers, tablets, wireless headphones… This piece of plastic allows
your products to be self powered. Eternal battery life, by you
not doing anything at all. After ten years of hard work and preparations we are now ready for commercial launch We can produce up to thirty million units per year
in the factory where we are right now. We produce by something called screen-printing
which allows us to produce on anything from rigid substrates as a
glass to flexible substrates such as metal foils or plastic. It also gives us
option for freeform printing which means we can produce solar cells in the
shape of a circle, rectangle or triangle or any other form you would like. We have met the ten largest consumer
electronics manufacturers in the world and all of them are interested in working with us it’s a proof that our
technology is something unique which gives them a leverage and allows us to
have a fast penetration in the market The future as we see it at Exeger contains
energy harvesting surfaces everywhere roofs, cars, tents, curtains, walls.
They will all be able to convert light energy to electrical energy.
Changing the perception of available power in the whole world.

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