A farmer’s life is something I really enjoy. It’s really my thing and that’s why I studied in Ag. school as well. This is a family farm and I feel honoured to continue management. It’s a great opportunity in such a fantastic location especially with the new parlour and sheds and all the new developments… I thoroughly enjoy all of it. At the moment we are building a 44 unit Dairymaster rotary. We hope to start milking in about a month’s time. When we decided to stop robot milking we began to look at what was available. During my studies I got lots of experience working on various farms and milking with different systems. My preference was always an external milking rotary parlour but back then we weren’t sure which brand to pick. We wanted a high capacity parlour with only one man milking. I went milking in different parlours and Dairymaster impressed us right from the start. At the moment we’re constantly busy with milking. There’s no clear start or finish time so milking at fixed times definitely won’t be a bad thing. This frees up your day to do the other things you need to do and you’re not constantly worried about milking. There’s less chance for errors in the (rotary) system as well. As we grow the herd, I’d rather increase numbers knowing I have a sufficiently sized parlour where I can outsource labour rather than having to get another robot. Also, it’s easier to find staff to milk in a parlour than to find someone capable of milking with robots. I don’t regret my decision to milk with Dairymaster. It’s a big switch because we were milking with robots before and now it’s back to traditional milking but this suits me better and that’s my opinion. It suits the farm better as well. We’re milking in one place and that’s a big advantage compared to milking with robots. If you’re at a party or social event you don’t have to go back (to the farm). For example, if you arrange for someone else to do the milking you can stay out. You’re not as dependant anymore. We’re very happy with the choice we made. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If you are planning to milk a lot of cows on your own I would definitely go for a Dairymaster.

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