38 thoughts on “Ford Downgraded – Whats Next for Ford’s Stock after Moody’s Downgraded their Credit”

  1. Thanks for this Jimmy it's been a big talk! I think from a buying aspect it gives investors a better buying price point for a longer period of time if you are currently invested! As long as the new revamp goes well for Ford!

  2. Thanks for doing this! As someone who has never owned Ford, I think I'll steer clear of Ford stock for now. The only auto stock I would buy right now is Tesla because although they're still a spec stock, they look like they will be the next major disruptor in the auto industry as their revenue growth looks outstanding and eventually EV will be our future. They are years ahead of the ICE manufacturers and although they have yet to be consistently profitable, they are the only auto stock that I'm willing to take that risk.

  3. Very timely video Jimmy, thanks for posting it. I'm into Ford at just over 9 a share and will stick with it to see how it does. I'll be watching to see how things go and where the next buy point will be.

  4. If you are currently invested in Ford and believe in their business, then this should not cause you to panic; you should see it as a buying opportunity at a lower price point. I will be doubling down.

  5. Well theyre off their lows and it looks like the market doesnt care about the down-grade. Maybe a buy if it gets to 9/9.1 but id rather wait to see if a recession hits and if that brings a new low. Im more positive than negative on them though (which i guess is a buy even if i would personally wait)

  6. Another great video Jimmy. Do you mind doing a video on Accenture (ACN) Stock since they are a consulting company and I don't know if you covered any of those yet. Thanks

  7. man this is amazing, learning a lot every video! Buy ford stock if it bottoms again at $7? I cant invest in ICE makers. TESLA all the way ;P

  8. Good analysis, but I don't get why you didn't mention EV's. Ford is behind on EV's, will they able to make the switch is another big questionmark.

  9. With one and maybe two rate cuts in the cards from the FED, will this downgrade really raise their cost of borrowing that much? It would seem like now would be the best time for for this happen (not that there is a good time to be downgraded).

  10. To each their own for Tesla people. But honestly who the hell has a Tesla and how many decades not years but decades will it be till you see them all over the road like you do ford and gm? Iโ€™ll take my huge dividends and stay with old school American car companies that most people own and will still own in the future. Donโ€™t over think things people.

  11. I bought Ford @10 and holding now. I was planning to add more but after this I'm not going to right now . On the long therm i still convinced that Ford will do fine but it will take more time than i thought when i bought them.

    I think ford need to cut dividend for the long time play but it will impact the stock price so personally i hope not.

  12. I would really appreciate it if you can do a video on US marijuana industry! The elections are around the corner and if dems won most likely they will make marijuana legal subject to congress of course!

  13. Ford is part of the law inforcement infrastructure and is the top selling truck, and itโ€™s a pretty old company with dept, but a lot of free cash

  14. Ford is not positioned well for the future. It looks like a classic dividend trap. They've done so poorly with sedans they've announced they're going to stop selling them in the USA. The entire auto industry (including Ford) is in trouble in Europe because of all the onerous regulations (GM pulled out of Europe), and China isn't any better. The economy in both locations is slowing down and auto sales are in the tank. Ford is a late entry in China and isn't as well established as GM there yet. The only bright spots for Ford are the trucks, the Mustang, and the Lincoln SUVs sold right here in the USA. But they're also-rans in terms of autonomy, electrification and infotainment.

    They really need to be in a position to roll over their existing debt and add more because of all the R & D they have to do to keep up with the massive changes in rest of the industry, but their debt level is already so high they can't add more. People grouse about Tesla's debt level, but Ford is even worse off. Tesla: 9.4B debt, 3.6B cash, 2.55:1 ratio. Ford: 100.7B debt, 33.9B cash, 2.96:1 ratio; numbers from Yahoo finance. Moody's downgrade is a major kick in the nuts, and Ford isn't wearing a cup. I doubt very much that Ford will be able to maintain it's juicy 7% dividend, and when they announce that cut it will tank the stock even further.

    The competition is going to get worse for Ford before it gets better. In Europe, the major local auto makers will be able to sell negative yield bonds and continue to invest heavily in the future. In China, there are literally hundreds of starving auto companies (each major city has its own subsidized company with its local factory), many of which aspire to go international, even if that means selling cars at a loss. In America, Tesla is eating the breakfast and stealing the lunch money from the Detroit Big Three and pretty soon they're going to come after their dinner as well when they start selling an affordable crossover and a pickup.

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