As a child, I was very interested in electric motors When I was 6 years old, I made an electric car I broke an electric car so Mom said You can not buy a new car unless and until you repair this. So there was no point in repairing that. I understood that. So I brought one more motor like that And using both the motors, I got the car running. So basic electronics, I had in mind… I don’t know how. But I understand motors, voltage… As an engineer, you always study for 40 marks, not for 100. So I had too much time. I flunked my first year. Then Dad told me to work in his office for 6 months. Sit at home. This is your life’s biggest vacation. So I asked what should I do. By God’s grace, there was BSNL’s internet back then Google was there. So I started searching. I had a bit of interest in technology. in what happened and what didn’t happen. So there was a lot of Tata Nano stuff happening then. So I’m pretty sure everyone would have thought. If Tata can make one, we too can make a car in under 1 Lakh. I don’t know. It does sound stupid now. But it is what we thought then. The idea was to make an electric car. The idea was there and then my second year of college started. Now what to do… So I called my best of friends. This is the idea They asked me what the budget was So the budget came upto 25-30 Lakhs Even after being lenient and we doing it, It still came upto 25-30 Lakhs So half of the guys skipped Said it can’t be done. We can’t afford that kind of budget. Then I cut it as much as possible to make it 16 Lakhs. And when your college fee is 25000 Then 1 Lakh becomes a big amount to ask. So half of them left again. In the end, there were 4 Actually then it came down to 1. So I asked him what to do We have to make it, that is definite. Just to show these 16 guys, that I can build something. Then I started researching more. On what can be made. Then I understood that the technology is the same. Whether you make a motorcycle or a car The electric technology is going to be same. So why not build a motorcycle that is more exciting than a car. Car is a very big project.Motorcycle seemed a little easier in that term. But that is not the case. Both are really different. You just feel that. So then it started as an electric motorcycle project. And then met a lot of guys, lots of scientists like from ISRO. Anybody who has done anything with electric motor or alternator in Pune, we met. 99% of the people said it’s impossible because the plan was to build India’s fastest, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle For them, with our budget & knowledge, it seemed impossible. So we started the project So one by one things came up. The decision was what to buy. Because motors, controllers… It is all a circle. So we had to break it to buy something and then decide what to buy next. So for 1 year I struggled a lot. On what basic stuff you want on the motorcycle But I didn’t get anything. Then we understood that lead acid batteries will have to be made as it will have to be faster than a Reva Reva’s battery bank is this much, it’s like a car’s battery bank. So then lead acid batteries won’t do. Then the only option was Lithium-ion So we called up a guy in China The call went through and we told him about the battery we want. He said sorry. We don’t sell in India. I told him, by hook or crook I’ll come there… I’ll ship it… But I need those batteries. So he felt there is a little dedication, because he actually sent us an order form. Which in our lives as a first we called ourselves Tork,
a name we decided in our college Canteen As in what to say, what company you are, where you are talking from As in Kapil is talking but [email protected] doesn’t seem good. So I had to build a company reputation for that. The best part of an electric motor is Torque. You get Torque from 0 rpm. So I liked Tork as a name. There were others too. Ams, Vims… But Torque is what clicked us. And everyone in the group had starting letters as K. Kapil, K, K, K, K. So why not do it T-O-R-K I feel 2000 people have the question, Why is it K? It is just K. We thought it was K, so it’s K. there is nothing else. No fundamentals or anything. As in we don’t have a new formula for Torque with us. Then we started getting the batteries. Then we started asking money from our parents. Then the difficult times started.We had to get marks.
Without getting good marks, we couldn’t ask for money. Then we started studying. The same subject I failed,
I got the book from the library for the project. I must not have read it even after I passed, but just to study why an AC motor or a DC motor is different I had to go to the library and buy an electronics book.
For that I had to make a library card first. So doing all this, we bought that book, studied and understood what to do. Then it was 2007. We found a motor manufacturer. And as we continued working, we kept getting the required things. Then we had a breakthrough. We had all the things necessary. So we had 4 and 5 boxes sitting around and nobody knows what is inside it. That is Jugaad. And everybody was a mechanical engineer. Nobody in our team was an Electronics or Electrical, not even close… So we saw what could be done. The basic was wiring diagram. The guy who had never wired an electric bulb had to wire an electric vehicle. Difficult thing. But once you are there, you have it do it, so you’ll do it. So from somwhere you find out what is a plug, what is a crimp, where do you get it from… You start searching and asking people, you end up getting the things. And in 2008, we actually built the bike. Everything was on the bike… The frame, batteries… everything. Whom do we ask, cause it’s not working A guy in USA will not come here
to tell you how it is going to work So we went to a guy who makes
go karts and fork-lifts, basically fork-lifts
and similar things We went to him, sat there for
8 days, in his office Nobody answered anything Yes, sir is coming, sir is coming 8 days, wada pav and nothing And we were sitting there Finally, after 8 days, they felt bad for us They asked us, why are you sitting here Then we started questioning him
and he gave us the answers I think we studied so much, that we
started asking him the right questions And he answered right Bike started running, and it ran The top speed we clocked, with our
Pulsar First time was 90 km/hr on the pulsar
and 90 km/hr on the electric bike I was riding it, another friend was riding it We had gone crazy Achieving this much is a lot for an engineering project Let’s end the project and wrap it up, we’ve wasted
a lot of money I was not satisfied What do we do now, we’re done making it Put in 4-5 lakhs, now what? More than that, in terms of parts, 4-5 lakhs The rest is endless, what went from this workshop
is endless Autoblog green, was my favourite thing then There was something known as TTXGP on
autoblog I dropped them a mail I got this and you are prepping for the
world’s first electric motorcycle race Can we join? Their reply was fantastic They said why not, what are your specs? Our specs were minimalistic than the guys
doing it If their’s was a 20kW motor, then
mine was a 4kW motor I sent the specs, they said it is
very slow You will not be competing with them After hearing this, I was like I am trying
to build India’s fastest electric motorcycle I’m not even close to these guys So, I gathered all these guys again Dude, we have to do this They said, ask them for a sponsorship
we’ll take money from them and make Indian, asked for a sponsorhsip They said that we can’t sponsor, But I can tell you that Agni Motors can
give you a motor for free I said, done The guy was Gujrati, I had a friend who
was Gujrati We made them talk We got a motor for free It makes sense right, I had no clue what
to say to him for the first 5 minutes We did that and Agni Motors helped
us alot throughout these years It’s Agni Motors, they were actually
into racing That motor was break through for us We got that motor sitting here Our first motor had 3 wires, this
has 2 wires Then we didn’t know what to do,
because 2 wires and 3 wires Then again, we were in that race We had to complete this by June 2009 And this was, I’m talking about October 2008 We had 9 months to finish this Told everyone that there is a race
called TTXGP at the Isle of Man We were 4 friends, I’m the only one
who knows what is the Isle of Man Everyone might know, but I am interested in racing I’m like, Isle of Man Gujrati friend said, what is Isle of Man? Right then and there, showed them what it is
on the college computer on Youtube They said, it’s not possible
How can we do this? I said we have to, I have told them that
we’re taking part, I have e-mailed them Even the motor has arrived, we have to
do this, there is no option So we needed more batteries, better
controller, everything better better What we did in 3 years, we have to repeat
that in 9 months and take it there Our motorcycle was completely on wire locks,
we had to race with that, not possible Leaving everything, I was in B.E. B.E. means everyone is into books 4 of us were into somthing else,
we used to skip college and go These were our basics We started, came to January,
we had a college event Doing all this, the bike was running Rest of the parts arrived and we
rebuilt the bike Rebuilding done, but by that time
in college, it was April Now, we have to ship the bikem
from here to UK We have to make, the fibre-glass
body shell We have get our Visa, I didn’t
have my passport All kind of things were happening If you ask a B.E. guy, April is the peak
study time because you exams in May So I said, let’s see what happens,
we’ve already done so much We applied for Visa, I got a passprt
with 12 days, doing some jugaad Applied for Visa, first attempt it
got rejected, we’re building the bike here They were asking for the bikes specifications
and photos, we had nothing No shell, completely open bike,
what images do we send of that Autoblog was onto everything,
whose bike is going to arrive They started e-mailing us, please
put your photographs in We had nothing, so we kept
working on it. At the end, In May we had the shell and the
box ready The day it arrived, we had dates for
our Visa the same day Bike got ready here and we had to
go for the Visa We applied for our Visa again
and we had an exam the next day The next day, was the day we had
to ship the bike Exam was at 1 and we had to
ship the bike at 11 I thought it will be done by 11,
as it is we had not studied anything So we decided to finish by 11, study something
in 2 hours and give the exam And we’re talking about B.E., first paper
everyone else has studied We had done nothing, 2 of us,
me and another friend The bike was parked out here So we were packing it in a
wooden box The way someone would pack
a machine, we packed it like that It shouldn’t be packed that way,
with a metal frame Never been in racing, haven’t even
gone to Chennai to watch a race India’s coverage is not that good
to show us Chennai’s race in Pune There was nothing that we knew
about racing We packed in a wooden box
and left it We have to drop it off, so the
truck arrived 2 hours late So from 11, it went to 1 Got calls from home, asking did
you go for the exam or not Actually I told at home, dad asked
me, what are you going to do? I said what do you want me to do Do you want me to make history
or give an engineering exam He said what if you fail? I said here I am going to fail for sure
Even if I go now, I will fail There, I am pretty sure that I
will atleast complete the race Atleast that much I have calculated I said till today my calculation has
not been wrong The last time, I said 94 but it
went upto 90 km/hr Dad said, it is your life, you have
to decide, do whatever you want If you don’t make history then don’t tell me that because of you I didn’t It’s your life Bike went, so it is all excitement You have to go to the Isle of Man TT Isle of Man TT for me is next to God It was as if somebody is sending
me on a plane to heaven We got an engineering project uptil here,
we thought enough, we were happy We did something, which is very
difficult in terms of safety We achieved that, which was
a lot for us Winning, yes we won a trophy,
it’s really good to tell everyone But in terms of the team, in terms of
the effort, Just going to the Isle of Man and
being there was great

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