There’s no doubt about it. Robots have found their way into our lives. Manufacturing, healthcare and even the food
service industry. And artificial intelligence gives devices
the ability to think, learn and better interact with humans, so
we can coexist. But what if we need more than that? Is it possible to have a deeper connection
to robots? Or even for them to value our friendship? We’re about to see how one company is breaking
the stereotypes of robots and using AI to do it. Presented by Mouser Electronics, Microchip
Technology, Intel, Analog Devices and Molex. This is Generation Robot. This is Vector. Part of a consumer line of robots with AI
that is personality driven, designed to foster a relationship with human
beings. This could transform how we interact with
machines and also how they react to us. And he’s designed here in San Francisco
We think a lot about the IQ, how to make the robot smart, but also about the EQ, the emotional side
of robotics. How do we bring that type of character to
life and really have robot companions in the home? [GRANT IMAHARA]
A cute exterior covers the latest in facial recognition software and AI technology. It takes the best of your smartphone, voice
control device and computer apps and adds personality. It also gets to know your habits and mannerisms
in order to be a better companion. [MEGHAN MCDOWELL]
A lot of different groups collaborate to make Vector a reality, so we’ve got the hardware team, roboticists,
a whole character team, a design team, user experience teams, animation, audio. He’s a little guy but he’s got a lot that
goes in to him. [GRAND IMAHARA]
So Vector has what you call an “Emotion Engine”? [BRAD NEUMAN]
The Emotion Engine is basically how Vector decides kind of how he should be feeling at
any time. We have a few different moods that we’re
simulating at all times, and they are impacted by what’s happening
in his surroundings. [GRANT IMAHARA]
So you have happy, confident, social and stimulated. [BRAD NEUMAN]
So the idea is that the stimulation level kind of tracks the amount of activity in the
He knows I’m here even though I’m not looking at him. The goal is to continue to expand the use
of deep learning and neural nets on the robot to detect more and more things. We’re working on things like hands. People always want to know “Can he see other
Vectors?” Currently he does not, but that is the path
to get there. [GRANT IMAHARA]
Hey, Vector. My name is Grant. [VECTOR]
And he said my name! [laughter] [Vector Sounds] [MARK PALATUCCI]
People have a healthy skepticism about robotics and AI, largely because of media, movies, science
fiction, things like that. There are certain memes and stories that we
like to tell over and over again. The scientists themselves that work in the
field, when they’re the ones sounding the alarm, then I think that’s a good time to pay attention. As sensors get cheaper, as processing gets
cheaper, you’re just going to see more and more capabilities built into robots that people can have meaningful relationships with. We are really at the cusp of a consumer robotics
explosion. [GRANT IMAHARA]
When you think about robotics it’s easy to imagine jobs in manufacturing applications, service industries and places too dangerous
or remote for us to go. But until now, robots have been working for
us, to help us, with commands from us. So what does the future hold as they become
smarter, independent thinkers out there on their own? We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Guys i live in malaysia.i want to have one u know how can i get one?i reqlly like this product very much

  2. You guys never saw the movie TERMINATOR right? This is NOT a good idea……… feelings, no AI, PLEASE!!!!! This is NOT a good idea……. there are legit a TON of blockbuster movies and tv syfy crap productions about why this is a bad idea!

  3. Oh my robots are a bad idea they could turn against us it’s not to late to turn back please just stop making robots they will become smarter then us and we will lose money because they are taking over our jobs just please it’s not to late!

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