10 thoughts on “Gradient descent, how neural networks learn | Deep learning, chapter 2”

  1. Part 3 will be on backpropagation. I had originally planned to include it here, but the more I wanted to dig into a proper walk-through for what it's really doing, the more deserving it became of its own video. Stay tuned!

  2. Why are your values slighty off at 4:16 ? For example first number is (0.43-0)² = 0,1849 not 0,1863.
    Every number is slighty off in your example

  3. 15:19 seems interessting, just like you have to train your own (biological) NN to draw a human face, although you saw millions of them

  4. the average male brain has 86 billion neurons. the human body is made up of 37 trillion cells.
    neurons are made with multiple dendrites and multiple axon terminals.
    does deep learning use opthamalogy theory to tell a computer how bad it's doing?
    is it possible to embed an AI chatbot inside of an AI to give it an internal monologue in order to simulate thinking in words?
    the thoughts could then be displayed on a screen. making their thoughts visible would make AI less scary for People.

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