well the increased amount of artificial
intelligence used in our DV gadgets is becoming more pronounced by the day its
Spartan debater and whether the technology will benefit or threaten
humanity as their Oh Sooyoung reports it’s giving rise to one more human
centric artificial intelligence here’s the very bottom that predicts what you
want and fetches it for you using a sensor to track your gaze the arm moves
towards a box of candies that it thinks you want before you select it this is
one way that Professor Henry mone is developing intelligent robots to empower
human lives my dream is to have a robot like this help someone have a social
meal so you know social meal we’re eating but we’re also talking there’s a
lot of conversational dynamics and social dynamics I would love to be able
to get this robot intelligent enough that it could help people spear or scoop
or twirl food into their mouths when they wanted it and not interrupt them
when they were in the middle of having a conversation with the proliferation of
artificial intelligence mimicking and emulating humans ability to think
perceive and make decisions the notion of human centric AI has become a goal
for scientists and the manager of tech companies like Samsung the picture shown
here are created by artificial intelligence without specific direction
from human beings it was also created without replicating existing work or
scanning real-life images it’s really a depiction of how autonomous systems are
growing in intelligence and Sensibility a large part of that means training AI
to understand human behavior anticipate our needs and that’s autonomously and
even creatively for instance suggesting relaxing activities and bringing over a
cup of tea if its sensors were stressed or taking over the role in a
self-driving car but a crucial skill of learning to read between the lines and
understand nonverbal cues and different contexts is very difficult for machines
to emulate through computer vision sensors and algorithms scientists are
aiming to optimize this skill and increase collaboration between robots
and humans if you’re in manufacturing it may be
impossible to build a single robot that does all the tasks that a human can do
but in coordination with the human being the productivity might be significantly
higher caring for the elderly is for sure an important application and
building soft robots that even carriers or feeders and help us locomote these
are very important robots that we will surely be living with in the
not-too-distant future the world is increasingly running on codes from smart
speakers to robots that bring us toilet paper and that technology needs to be
programmed to work with us and fit seamlessly into our lives Oh Sooyoung
Arirang news Pittsburgh

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  1. This makes people more lazy honestly like duh you have your hands to pick it up or to eat but you still want a robot to feed you humans are becoming more lazy🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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