63 thoughts on “How Articles Of Impeachment May Be Laid Out | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. t-rump even said on camera that China should investigate Biden. t-rump is not mentally capable of doing what's right, because he has gotten away with lying, cheating, and playing the fool for most of his life. Now, why the republicans are supporting him?..I can only imagine that they are almost, not quiet, but wanna be just as bad, and they look up to him because he's such a bad player. The sick role model for the rest of the cronies.

  2. Nobody needs support from the Republican Senate in this impeachment, Lay out the Crime that Donald committed to the Americans/Constitution and let the PEOPLE Clean out the Senate and the President from the Government in the 2020 Election. America does not need any form of Totalitarian/Russian coddling in our Elections/ Democracy.

  3. "I don't recall" the Republican answer to everything corrupt, it worked for Reagan during the Iran-Contra investigation and the Republicans have been saying it ever since

  4. DON'T RECALL? Even AFTER these dudes indictment? NUNES should go back to his cow's DEFENCE? LOL NUNES is a JOKE toxic JOKE

  5. Trump was so confident that he had BARR and didn't anticipate DEMOCRATS were going to have the POWER to INVESTIGATION OF THIS CORRUPT PRESIDENT

  6. Trump needed help to win 2016……putin is a professional……knows how to do. Trump et al thought they could be as good by doing it themselves…..what a joke.
    I bet he was hoping he could get that money for his wall

  7. As a German – I LOVE Trump! Creating so much internal Chaos, Americans have no time anymore to set the World on Fire. He should get the Peace Nobel prize! Peace by Chaos. Trump should become American Kaiser. Pax Americana! Kaiser Augustus Trump! Heil Trump!Build a Chinese Wall around the entire USA. Stay all inside!

  8. If he is not removed by the senate you can say bye bye to the Intel committee and the Judicial committee, no more checks and balances, their aim is a one party rule.

  9. Reality Check?? Why if Trump's focus on Ukraine was truly about corruption. Why would he recall Ambassador Yavonivich who was extremely effective at her job? Could it be that she wouldn't stand by, and allow a US President to force Ukraine into the very same corruption she was there to EPOSE???

  10. Nobody can Trump The $y$tem. It'$ De$igned To Chew People Up. The Machine.
    Corruption in Ukraine i$ Code for $omething El$e!

  11. Nunes: article states Individual #1's 1st wife Ivana is very close & good friends with Les(Lev) parnas. individual #1 his personal lawyer Rudy is godfather to one of Lev parnas kids. Why isn't fruman spilling his beans? #impeach
    #2020 #blue

  12. What happen Nunes the truth catching up to you and your GOP kremlin operatives. How much $$ did you all take and in the end maybe part of the Russian & Saudi oil & gas $$. Is this what you all were promised? Maybe throw in an individual #1 golden shower. You all know your relatives will be reading about you in text books for eternity? Lol, LMFAO
    Wonder what kind of history reports the people in white house kids will write on there parents. Hammer & sickle in the WH.

  13. But this ain't the first time the president put the nation in Jeopardy rememberhe got on national TV standing right next to Putin and the reporter asks Putin did you interfere in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Putin said yes I didso now Donald Trump try to get another p*** country not to but tryna to interfere in the 2020 election to help him win like Putin did in 2016 this is not the first time the president committed treason when he could Russia over the United States and when he was giving top secret information on the United States to Russia this man has committed treason several times this president has committed treason many of times right in front of the American people face what aisle could see so there's no way they can deny it

  14. I am a boulder and I am paying attention to this corrupt administration and this lying president even those on the committeethat is involved in the criminal activity of Ukraine on the committee's have the audacity to question somebodyit really stinks when you got criminals involved in the Ukraine situation on the committee trying to investigate others when they are in being investigated them self it really smell rotten Devin Nunes who is now being investigated for his criminal activity in Ukraine should not be on the committee trying to question anybody it really stinks in Giuliani who's being caught red-handed when there are recordings of Giuliani of his part in the Ukrainian criminal activityhad the audacity to go back to Ukraine because Donald Trump in the White House still owe them 35 million dollars and for him to go back to Ukraine to try to offer them the 35 million dollars so they can interfere again in the 2020 election for the 35 million dollars Ukraine has not received yetbecause they're holding a certain amount to still try to get them to interfere in our election for Donald Trump in 2020 by not offering him all of the money that the Congress the whole Congress agreed upon

  15. No human being is above the law the president is not above the law he works for Putin heos Putin so much money in the world knows he in so much debt with Putin he has to do everything Putin tells him to do like he said Putin's always rightit doesn't pay to be in debt with that amount of money to a foreign country because they have leverage over you

  16. Joe you really should be ashamed of yourself. You sold out to the Global Elites.
    You are a gisgrace to this country! Traitor!!

  17. Trump is still withholding the Congressionally allocated monies for the Ukraine, which an illegal misappropriation of congressional funds.

  18. Why would the GOP want to defend Trump's corruption and behavior? Why would the GOP want 4 more years of Trump and the Trump Circus ?I'm now questioning what the GOP is trying to hide from Government oversight and the American people.

  19. This is not only the biggest criminal conspiracy in world history, I doubt there has ever been a more widespread corrupt Government of willing conspirators anywhere in History, not even in Hitlers Germany…….in Germany they were under the threat of death to comply with the edict of either "you are with us or against us" not so with the GOP they are free to be honest Patriots but they choose to be part of the Criminal conspiracy………but they are the dumbest lot of crooks in history…..I have seen movies where the innocent suspect finds the body with the smoking Gun or Bloody knife alongside the body…..and the suspect picks up the obvious Murder weapon just as the police arrive, when that happens I switch channels as I figure even though he was innocent of murder he should get convicted on the grounds of stupidity, so I am not watching that inane junk…..same with Trump and his GOP mates…..they leave a trail of Bread crumbs everywhere they go to commit a crime……They wouldn't be safe from the Keystone Cops……..Inspector Clouseau would catch them in a few minutes…….they are the dumbest criminal conspirators in history
    In saying that they do have the Supreme Court stacked…..and the DOJ on side….and control in the Senate…..so maybe they just don't care about being caught…..they have all the bases covered…..so are they really smart or really dumb?………heaven help America if that is the case…..how will they ever get Trump out of the White House?? America you may no longer have a POTUS……you may have a King instead…..King Trump……..in a Monarchy it gets handed down to the next male in line, for the Throne not sure who that would be? King Don junior or King Eric? So America be prepared to go back in history, pre 1776 to when America was ruled by Royalty! good luck with that!

  20. Please guys, its not Keev it is spelled Kiev, pronounced key-ev. You US guys have a knowledge of world geography that is difficult for many, especially Europeans to understand.

  21. i find myself cringing whenever i see some of this show, Mika is constantly talked over and relegated to the silent observer by the male anchor. Its very uncomfortable to watch

  22. I'm beginning to think this is not nation, or nation v nation anymore. It's a conspiracy by the some of the very very wealthy, to own the world. They have paved the way for the scurrying vermin and parasites, Trump, Nunes, Giulliani et al, to get to the heart of the beast, and now they are in full fight mode attempting to ensure they cash in!

  23. Its the money. They are being paid off one way or another. It appears that as soon as someone speaks up they suddenly change their stance. They brought in under the payment wing.

  24. Why does the President worry so much about corruption in Ukraine but NOT CORRUPTION committed right here in the US? Say, how about his own corruption, about his Twitts from his Cell Phone?

  25. The American people, yes, the same people with so much 'say so in events affecting the entire planet' are the very incredulous people in the whole planet who prefer to sink their heads in the sand and deny President Trump is doing anything wrong, they could care less if the country goes from the 'most powerful nation' in the whole planet, to be the last place to visit as a tourist. Not concerned with having a criminal acting President and administration than to correct the ills of this Presidency. That's what is wrong with the new Republican Politburo of Trump Republican Party.

  26. He should be wheeled into court in a jail cell with a huge padlock and guards….start things off with the proper tone of facts!

  27. Whatever his name is. Said Hannity. He reported on him when he was arrested. Why act like it's a new character?

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