okay in today’s video a couple of couple
days or so ago I did a video showing you how to use free PLR ebooks to make money
well today’s video is going to be sort of the similar but only it’s another way
that you can use PLR ebooks to make up to about 500 dollars in one day
possibility alright so you guys are gonna see this stick around we’re gonna
get you started on in here right now alright guys welcome back to the video
as I said oh they’re going to show you how you can use free PLR ebooks just
make up to 500 dollars per day okay possibility here so first of all my name
is Kevin laner and this is your first time here in my videos and or you’ve
been here before in the past and you still haven’t yet subscribed will reach
down there right now while we’re talking about it hit that subscribe button and
don’t forget to click the bell so you can get notified when I upload new
videos here okay alrighty guys well with that out of the way here let’s go ahead
and get started in on today’s video sort of excited to show this to you I got a
about three steps we’re going to go through here and let me say here at the
outset that I’m gonna be showing you one method to market what we’re going to do
here today and so it’s going to require some creativity and imagination on your
part to maximize this particular method to your particular way okay alright so
we’re going to come over here and we’re going to click on our Opera browser and
that’s going to bring us up here to a free PLR downloads calm remember I was
in this site a couple days or so ago on the last video I believe it was free PLR
downloads calm and what you notice right off the bat here is I did a search in
their search engine right here I did a search for motivation okay in today’s
for today’s example I’m going to use motivation now let me say here too at
this point that this can be done for 100% free and it could be done from
anywhere in the world doesn’t matter where you’re at okay alright so we’re
using motivation for this particular example here now this can be done in any
niche that you want to do this in okay alright so what I did was as I typed
motivation in the search engine here and I did a search it brought up about six
or seven different ebooks to do with motivation and what you want to do here
is you want to be using the free master resell rights that’s what MMR stands for
right here master resell rights ebook with that you can do just about anything
you want with it even including changing the ebook cover look of it or anything
like that if that’s what you want to do alright now it brought up this I chose
this book here it called motivate to empower alright you can see the
description of it here it talks about it’s got 31 pages master resell rights
has eight covers included you want to make sure you’ve got one that’s got
eight covers included because gonna be using that and in this example and a
sales page squeeze page and so on and so forth the niches you see here is self
help more motivation okay now so what you do is when you get the book that you
want in units that you’ve chosen or if it’s than this one here it doesn’t
matter you want to come all the way down make sure you don’t click on any of
these right here because these are all ads right here they’re on the page you
want to come down to where you see this download button right here you click on
that and it downloads it to your computer okay and I’ve already done this
some of these steps I’ve already went ahead and done to try to lower down the
time on this video a little bit because you guys know how I can get long-winded
and stuff okay alright so anybody’s and it downloaded it to my computer here
I’ll see if I can locate it here just to prove that to your right there it is
motivate to empower if you see that right there and then I extracted it yet
I created my own folder and extracted it over into here I created the motivation
power over and extracted in here and here you see all the files they’d have
to do with this particular ebook and here right here is our ebook motivate to
empower it’s an Adobe Acrobat file and if we load it up in Adobe Acrobat Reader
you can see that it’s right here is the actual ebook right here and it gives
down it’s got several chapters this has like ten chapters in this particular
ebook with a foreword and so so forth it’s a pretty nice ebook all right now
and here are the e covers you see the ebook covers here they have them in
different sizes in terms of dimensions and so on and so forth here and get four
of them alright so we have it down there we’ve got our product we’ve got it
unzipped and extracted into a folder on our computer so now what we’re going to
do is we’re going to come over to this site right here you see here it’s called
pay hip and up here if you look in the address bar it’s pay hip comm why are we
using this site well if I come over to my Chrome browser where I’ve got my
similar web extension in where we can see the amount of traffic that this
particular site gets and you see I have it loaded up here and I click on my
similarweb up here at the top I click on that brings it out to the right and you
can see that this particular site right here gets about almost eight hundred and
seventy-one thousand visits per month that’s almost 1 million visits per month
that’s one of the reasons why we’re using pay up alrighty so we come back
here and pay hip it’s the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships
their features are you can sell your ebooks or software on this site or you
can also have a membership what you’re doing here is you’re creating a store an
e-book or software or membership store right here on this web
site okay they do have different pricing here if we click on that as you can see
right here they have a free forever $0 there is a 5% transaction fee because
of that and you get all features unlimited products and unlimited revenue
here you see and then as you can see it comes up they got a $29 a month package
it’s only two percent transaction fee with unlimited everything and then they
have a pro for a hundred bucks a month and there’s no transaction fees on that
alright so come here sign up for free click the sign up for free button or get
started for free up here at the upper right and then get signed up on this
site then right create a local account right here on this site now so what we
do is as you can see like I said you’re going to be able to create your own
store here on pay hip and have as many ebooks or software programs whatever
that you want to sell on this site and basically have your own store for
example the day of say ebooks right that we’re going to sell because we’re using
free ebooks or okay so create your free account here and
then what you do is you want to get logged in and I already have my login
credentials here so if I click login and then it comes
over here and what you want to do is you want to set up if you see here I’m 55
percent completed on my store set up here and what I did was to sign it here
and I went to check out right here you know make sure that you click here and
set your check out because you’re going to get paid through PayPal or what was
the other one that was one other one to see if I can it’s not clickable it was
another one to is PayPal and another one but you just want to make sure that you
have a PayPal account you can set up your PayPal account right with your
store or your account right here on pay hip okay alright so when it does you get
store setup you want to come up here on products click on products up there and
it says add a product right here right all right so we’re gonna click on that
and that brings us over here to this you can have digital products or it says
sell ebooks software and other files you can even sell clothes and other physical
goods on your store on this side as well and you can even set your store up as a
membership to get recurring monthly income guys so you can see the potential
to make some big money with this site exists ok for our example today what
we’re going to do is click on add a digital product here click on that and
it comes over here and we’re gonna upload our product and what I’m going to
do here is click right here and it brings this up I’m going to come down
here to my C Drive I’m going to locate my folder motivation and power right
there and then click on it and we’re going to click on upload the ebook right
here motivation or motivate to empower right here so if I click on that you see
it uploads it straight to the site and then what we want to do is choose a
product title here well the product title will obviously be motivate to
empower ok so we’ll just type that in there motivate to empower alright might
spell it right I’ll be in good shape ok now our price range has set now you want
to you can choose your currency here like I said you’ve got currencies from
all over the world you can do this ok so mine of course is set to US dollars here
now what you want to do is you want to set your price at about $14.99 per a
book ok I mean you can you could set it at $9.99 you can set it to whatever you
want but $13.99 is a pretty good reasonable price range for that for the
e-book and what we want to do is we want to upload our
age our Ecover for the book right so people can see what it looks like so
we’ll click here and then we’ll click on e cover category here and we’re going to
choose this one right here it’s the medium arrangement it’s not the highest
one or the biggest one it’s this one here about 450 by 589 in size so we’ll
just choose that one right there and you can see that it uploads that
ebook cover to the site for our product ok now it wants us to add a description
down here now unfortunately you can you can use this description here but for
some reason free PLR downloads doesn’t allow us to right click and copy so what
I did was as I just came over you can write whatever you want for your
description you can make one up out of your own head if you want or you can
just use the one that’s on the site right there and that’s what I did was I
just came over in my notepad and I wrote down what you see right there this
paragraph right here about the description so what what I’m gonna do is
just right click and copy that I light it copy it and bring that back over to
the store and we’ll just paste that right in there just like that
alrighty now then then there’s some Advanced Options here but we don’t
necessarily need those you know thing you can check those out make this
product private on your store upload a preview file your customers limit times
the product can be sold automatically subscribe customers to a mailing list if
you want you can have a landing page I guess on here and create a mailing list
and save email addresses to later market other ebooks to them if you want to and
you can generate unique license keys for each sale ok but we’re not going to be
concerned about that alright so that at that point we have our ebook uploaded we
have our title we have our price set we’ve got our cover
loaded and we’re gonna go ahead and you click on add product down here okay and
you see it says product has been added your product motivate to empower was
added successfully now you see this link right here this is the product page link
so you want to share it to start selling right so what we’re going to do is you
want to make sure that you copied this and save this to a notepad file on your
computer or if you’re using Macintosh save it into a notepad or whatever place
there so that you don’t lose that link because that’s the link to your product
page but I imagine you can always come back here and get it as well hopefully
they’d like to do that alright and then you can share it on Facebook right here
or Twitter as well now so in and who can click right here and actually I’m going
to grab that link before I could do this just in case and then I’m just gonna
save it in here say and just will just save it right there now you can click on
here and we’ll show you what your your advertisement looks like or what it
looks like in your store on pay up here you see that there’s our ebook cover
it’s motivated to empower by me and then you can somebody can visit the store
there and it’s $14.99 with a Buy Now button here right they can share it as
well and tweet it or whenever we’re saved to Pinterest Facebook or tweet
that’s all pretty cool too and then it gives a description and so
on and so forth and it says you will get a PDF file when they buy that they’ll be
able to just download the book from your store or off of a hip site here right
alright now so we got our product we’ve got our store set up now step three here
is how we’re going to market this again guys I’m going to show you one way that
you can market this and get some sales to your free ebook here
all right but use your imagination and creativity it can be done on all kinds
of others Instagram Facebook reddit I mean classifieds just all kinds of
other sites that you can do this with you know and so on and so forth even on
Pinterest or whatever you can imagine okay to LinkedIn all right now but this
in a way this is what I’m going to show you today we’re going to come over to
Cora all right why are we using Cora today well again if we’d come back and
we look on and look at Cora here which I haven’t loaded up here and we click on
our similar web here we’re going to find out why we’re using Cora because Cora
has monthly visits of 400 well almost a half a billion people so you see that’s
high-powered traffic right there that’s what we want we want to be on a sites
that have high traffic all right if you guys need to get this extension just go
to chrome store it’s only for the chrome web browser and install it as an
extension on Chrome and you can be able to see any set of site stats for any
about any web site in the world okay now so we come back here and what
we do is I went to Cora and all I did was sign in to my account and I typed in
motivation right want to keep everything congruent across the board with your
product right so I clicked on motivation I clicked on what motivates you right
here and as you can see there are many other places now Cora is a site that
where you answer questions and you offer answers to people’s questions about all
kinds of different things as you can see what motivates you is a question all
these are different questions down to here that have to do with motivation I
mean you could even do this in self-help you can do this in inspiration you can
do this in all kinds of different categories or niches for this particular
ebook that we’re using here same thing on your ebook if you choose a different
niche to do this and you can and different keywords to use on hora
for example and find different many other different places that you can
advertise for your particular button now well I did was as I clicked on what
motivates you this top question right here and that brought me over here to
this right here as you can see it says what motivates you right here and all I
did was that is click on you can see other people have offered answers to
these what to this question down through here and what I’m what you do is you
come up to the question and you click on comment right here alrighty click on
comment and it opens up the comment with your account next to it and you can see
here that I’ve already typed in a comment here you see you want to give
value notice what I said there guys I said motivation is a deep down desire
and passion for something they’re trying to accomplish but sometimes you may not
feel like you’re motivated but this book I read really helped me to understand
how to keep that passion and motivation burning and I said here maybe it can
help you too alright so remember to make sure that
you always leave a good comment or a good answer just don’t spam your link in
there just don’t put your link in there and click add that comment because cor
is probably not gonna like it for one and neither are the people that asked
that question probably you want to give something thoughtful
you know to put your before you put your link into your ebook okay alright so I
said maybe it can help you too so then what I do is come down here and get my
link to my page store where the product is located at right click and copy and
I’m just gonna paste that right in there like that okay we can even test it to
make sure it works so see what happens if I test it you can see it brings you
directly over to my store on that page with that and they can
purchase that right there okay all right so then the system matter after you add
that in you can click add the comment okay and you see that it added that
comment and it leaves the link to it right there
okay and once they click that link in if they click that link you have an
opportunity to make a sale that’s just one way to do it that’s just one site
that you can market this on okay guys use your imagination and creativity and
you can scale it up this thing up you know you can make how would you make 500
a day like I said in this buy if you up what if you upload 20 d books to your
store from PLR now those different categories different niches you can see
that this thing could build up build up build up the more you market these out
of there on the different places on the internet that I mentioned and you can
probably think of many more you can rack up probably more than $500 in a day’s
time as you drive traffic to your ebooks store on pay hip all righty guys that’s
what I wanted to show you today was a really cool way here that you could make
money with free PLR ebooks all right I just use your imagination to scale it up
and make it even more alrighty guys well if you like this video make sure you
give me a thumbs up down there and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel click
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make up to four thousand dollars in just one day’s time
in about 15 days from now all right a guy’s gonna leave you with
that check that out down there mentor with Capcom and I’ll let you go and I’ll
see you again here in another couple days or so on the next exciting video
you guys take care have an awesome day

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  2. Hi Kevin, really enjoyed watching this video, i am a member of payhip and i only have 13 books downloaded and in my store but wasn't to sure as to how to promote them but i must say, you have made it very clear and you have given me the right information that i was looking for to do that, using quora and other sites to promote my books, thank you so much for this, i am going to do exactly what you do and see if i can start earning some money, many thanks again, Great video. – liked and subscribed.

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