Hey everyone,
this is Jake Burns with the Bigger Better Biz channel and I have a really
good one for you here today. This won’t take long and this is
something I have personally been waiting for and I know Bryan too has been
waiting for a long time from constant contact and that is
automation based on user engagement. Now when you send an email out,
you can set a parameter like clicking a link or opening the email,
something like that where then they’re going to start getting an additional
series of emails and that way you can create not just one email and then you
know, another email,
another email. Now you can create a few emails or five
emails, whatever you want,
a series of emails. And then based on that initial
interaction, you can have the end user get additional
emails and maybe it’s a progression. So today what I created it just real
quick and real simple, um,
is very simple progression. You send the first email,
they click a link and then you know, maybe they’re going to get an email
about four views. It’s going to show them,
you know, all the great reviews your business has
gotten recently and why they should, you know,
come over and join your gym or whatever, and then a couple of days later then
it’s going to send out a special offer. So let’s get started real quick.
And the first thing you’re gonna do is gonna log in and going to go to
campaigns and create. And this is an email plus.
If we don’t have this then you either need to upgrade to email plus or you
need to reach out to constant contact. If you have email plus and say,
hey, I saw this great functionality,
I’m just curious why it’s not my account yet.
A lot of times they roll things out over some time and constant contact.
So you click the automation and you’re gonna.
See here, automated email series new,
create that new email series. We’re going to give it a name super auto
and then we’re going to hit save. And now they’ve made it really,
really simple. You know which types of contact activity
you wanted trigger your made series. So my triggers going to be clicking a
link and they’re going to click a link. In this first email I have called the
email number one, email number one who’s going to be a
basic email. It’s going to talk all about all about
how great my business is and you know when somebody interacts with that and we
want them to get an additional emails after it.
So now the next step is this has already started.
We’re going to add to the series and I’m going to copy from an existing email
campaign which I already created just to something real quick.
It’s simple and it’s going to be a reviews email.
So now you know after a couple of days after it’s going to sit for days,
you can change it to be something else, like three days or or something else.
Or even immediately after that’s done, after those four days are up,
the person’s going to get another email. It’s going to tell him about hoggart and
their businesses. So we give them reviews in something
like that. So then after that I want them to get
another email because, you know,
now they’re kind of like, alright,
well, you know,
this business seems pretty cool. Maybe um,
when a maybe I’d like to buy from me, maybe I like to go to yoga class or
something. So I want them to get a special offer
two days later and then we’re just gonna set that up,
click save. I already had the email created so I’m
going to type in your 10 days later. So they get it just two days later,
you know, they get those reviews,
they’re almost hooked, they’re almost ready to buy.
And that’s it. So now what I want to do is,
okay, I’m going to check everything.
Go my first, you know,
got my second email and got my 30 mil. Alright,
I think we’re good to go. Now you can update delivery settings if
you want save and exit or you can just activate this thing right away.
And I’m going to choose my, my test list and you know what?
I’m going to click validate and schedule and we’re good to go.
Hey, I hope this helps.
If you have any questions on this new, um,
this new automation series, certainly reach out to us.
You were at a Brian capital marketing and the bigger,
better business channel, we’d be happy to help you out.
So anyway, until next time,
thanks so much. I’m Jake Burns for the bigger,
better, best channel.
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2 thoughts on “How To Use Email Automation with Constant Contact”

  1. Great stuff. I am trying to immediately send an email out "suggesting" to provide me reviews just after services are rendered (or payment processed). Can this be integrated with a system that tracks payment or services are provided? If not, how would you recommend that this be performed? Trying to automate. Thanks!

  2. Are you able to continually add contacts to the automated email campaign after it has been created? Also how many email sequences are you allowed to make in Constant Contact?

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