100 thoughts on “iBlinds Automated blinds for your Smart Home”

  1. Anyone see the price on these units yet? I was planning on getting the Solmni automatic blinds from Home Depot online, but if this is a lot cheaper….. then I may change my mind. It's hard reaching windows that are freaking 20 feet above you.

  2. I would love to buy a few of these….Although the motor is a bit loud. Do I have to use the samsung hub with them?

  3. I don't believe this kit works on cellular shades, especially shades that can operate from either the top or bottom.

  4. I love how overly enthusiastic and smiley you are, its cheesy but in a good way .. being nice to look at is just a bonus

  5. Just to clarify this can only tilt and close the blinds, right? If so can you still lift the blinds up and down? Still a great design and very intuitive.

  6. Do you know if these will work with the blinds that have a fixed poll you turn to open and close, instead of the pulley?

  7. If your channel had a great intro and some attractive video editing, it would be great. You have a unique channel and a lovely personality, but your clips need some polishing.

  8. My wife insists I comment and tell you she thinks your hair looked better in the "How to install LED strip lights" video.

  9. also, i dont know if im a horrible person but its either that i am a sociopath (which is entirely possible) or that you smile way too much 🙂

  10. i saw im guessing one of your earlier videos, nnow hats ive seen about ten, you guys start putting out great and helpful videos.AND you guys never lose my attention lol honestly set that aside you guys are doing great.

  11. IBlinds is now launched. Special only $65 (34% off) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2334130/x/18098486?secret_perk_token=4bcbb57c

  12. Interesting. But what happens if you have pulled the blinds all the way up and then you forget to shut off the timer for the tilt. When the timer goes off, will does the motor have a cut-off mechanism, or will it just try to keep cranking the blinds open and probably burn itself out?

  13. I love this type of technology. Im in early stages of dementia, so this would have to be a one time programming without faults or i would be ruined ! Lol

  14. Be smarter than saying command words like, "okay google" or "Alexa" if you're going to have a tech channel. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when your videos set off our assistants?

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  16. I understand that the point here is to save money but this is it a bad idea, think of what will happen when the battery runs out. You’ll have to dismounts all the blinds just to change it.

  17. I would definitely recommend a little more coverage, to keep it professional and avoid the constant distraction I just experienced while attempting to watch this.

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  19. Please don't include the words "Alexa" or Ok Google" in your videos without first warning your audience. That's just not cool.

  20. Sorry but I'll stick with the Lutron Triathlon Battery operated wireless controlled shades with my RA2 Grafik t system.

  21. I like the idea of automation the blinds, however just making them voice controlled is not automation. They should simply raise when its too hot in the room, or lower at sunset. Automation = automatic = meaning I don't have to do anything. This is just remote controlled. womp womp

  22. Hola. No hablo Inglés. Pueden ayudar con el enlace del dispositivo y con el nombre de la aplicación que usan? Gracias

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