[IBM Watson] 800 same category. Harriet Boyd Hawes was the first women to
discover and excavate a Minoan settlement on this island. “Watson!” What is Crete. “Yes!” Lets finish chicks dig me. [LAUGHING] [Ryan] Alright. Could a computer that won Jeopardy 5 years
ago potentially improve patient care and save peoples lives? Yes. [MUSIC] Now ok, that’s a big thing to say but
let me break it down for you. So what we’re talking about is IBM Watson,
which is an AI computer that does quite a bit of things for different industries around
understanding. Where they can understand and interpret all
of your data. They can reason, provide personalized recommendations
by understanding your personality your tone. It can also learn and interact with you. Again this is being used for different industries
but what we’re going to talk about today is 3 specific use cases, things that are happening
now that IBM Watson is contributing to to improve and/or save peoples lives. So let’s break them down. #1: You could have a digital concierge. That’s right, IBM Watson could be a digital
concierge for you where it guides you through your medical journey if you have a long standing
condition, it can guide you through by answering questions instantly based on your unique situation. Also if you’re going into a procedure, it
can supplement the conversations you’re already having with your care provider – emails, phones,
in person meetings. When you think of specific questions, you
can ask this artificial intelligence system and it could provide you with information
instantly based again on your unique situation. #2: Doctors and nurses will be better informed. In the US for example the was a hospital that
did some genome analysis with IBM Watson and they were able to identify a pattern that
they were then able to use to better treat specific patients. This is done because the amount of data that
is out there is hard for us to sort through and find patterns. That is where IBM Watson and AI come in because
they are able to sort through hundreds of thousands of pieces of data and find patterns
that can then direct them to the right path and help the humans “us” do the additional
research to confirm what’s being found by this AI technology. And then finally #3: You’ll be prescribed
better medication. It can upwards of 12 years to produce a pill. By streamlining the process with this technology
they’re able to provide more appropriate treatments for you, when you need it. So stay tuned for what’s next with IBM Watson
and AI and big data analysis because this is just the beginning. There’s a lot of data out there and tools
like IBM Watson with artificial intelligence are crunching through all that data. It’s only a matter of time before they find
some really interesting ways of improving healthcare further. Thank you so much for watching, as always! We’ll be back here next week. But for now, have a great rest of the day.

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