Machine learning is one of the
fastest growing fields today. Data scientists use machine learning
to predict the future enabling them to forecast sales, understand user
behavior, and identify potential market segments. Companies crave machine learning products and there’s an ever increasing demand for
engineers and data scientists who are able to deploy machine learning
models for a global audience. In the Intro to Machine Learning
Nanodegree Program, you’ll learn foundational machine
learning algorithms starting with cleaning data and
building supervised learning models. You’ll then move on to exploring deep learning
and unsupervised learning. At each step you’ll gain practical experience by
applying your skills to code exercises and projects. If you have experience in python
but haven’t yet studied machine learning, the Intro to Machine Learning Naodegree Program
is a killer intro to a fascinating world. To support your learning journey you’ll have
access to a dedicated mentor and career services. You’ll also complete portfolio-ready
real world projects!I highly recommend you to start
machine learning today.You will find you dream job but most of all
you’ll learn a fascinating new skill –how to make computers really smart.Are you ready to take your first steps
in machine learning? To learn how to make
machine learning products at scale? Are you ready to deploy
machine learning to predict the future?

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