(cheerful music) – [Narrator] Just how
smart is your building? The definition of a smart
building is rapidly evolving. As our world’s population
continues to grow and become more digitally focused, we must reexamine the way
we interact with buildings. Today’s buildings must run efficiently. They must be safe and reliable. And now, to truly be
smart, buildings must adapt to the preferences of occupants while offering the services needed for more engaging, productive experience. If your building isn’t
doing all these things, then it’s time to consider how
prepared it is for the future and if it’s smart enough to thrive in the transforming world. The Internet of Things is enabling us to connect our building
systems and devices, to capture more information
than ever before. But without the right tools to analyze and act on the data, your building cannot operate
to its full potential. The EcoStruxure Building portfolio from Schneider Electric enables you to translate data into actionable insights that go beyond efficiency
and sustainability and create more engaging buildings. Offering a host of services for facility managers, tenants,
security teams, and more, EcoStruxure Building is an
open, scalable, secure platform that harnesses the power of IOT to create truly connected,
future-ready digital buildings. With the right information
and analytical tools, you can create more
efficient, safer, engaging, and productive hospitals
hotels and offices. Deliver exceptional experiences and help businesses
around the world perform beyond their potential. Drive energy efficiency savings, create a more dynamic space
for occupants and owners, empower tenants and staff
with streamlined experiences and capitalize on physical space. Make your building smarter. It’s time to prepare your
investments for the future. It’s time for EcoStruxure Building. (bright music)

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