Is it wrong to invest in the stock market? Hi, welcome to today’s little lesson. We’ve got a great question to answer today
about investing in the stock market. Some Christians are very concerned about that
for a couple of reasons, and actually for a couple of very good reasons. One of them would be investing in a company,
a business that is doing something, producing a good or a service that’s not so good, particularly
something that would be offensive to God. I think it goes without saying that the Lord
would not want any Christians investing in and therefore profiting by a company that,
for example, what they do is pornography, right? Right. If they’re harming people by their service,
quote on quote “service” that they’re providing and people are paying for, or harming people
by the goods, quote on quote “goods”, wrong name in this case, that they’re manufacturing,
then Christians don’t want to be in partnership with that and profiting by that. I personally would never want to invest, for
example, in a cigarette company. I mean, honestly, what is there good to say
about the whole cigarette industry? It causes people to get lung caner and to
die prematurely. So you don’t want to be invested in some cigarette
manufacturing company, all right? Another reason that Christians are concerned
about this, and rightfully so, is because Jesus talked about, don’t be laying up your
treasures on earth, but be laying them up in heaven, because where your treasures are,
there is your heart also. But I don’t think that Jesus meant by that
that we shouldn’t own anything on this earth, right? I happen to own this shirt, and I own these
glasses, and I own those pictures on the wall back there, and this murphy bed over here
that you see. You know, we have to have a place to sleep,
we have to have a place to live, we have to have clothes to wear, and so obviously we
have to decide what we actually need and what we really don’t need. And all the things that we really don’t need,
it would be best to take the money that we would use to buy those things and lay the
treasure up in heaven, because it’s yours forever then. That’s the best investment, right? You know, anything that you invest on this
earth, anything that you accumulate on this earth, one day you will not be the owner of
it. But if you invest in heavenly treasures, as
Jesus said, you never lose them. So that’s the best investment. Everybody has to draw the line and wrestle
with, you know, what should be laid up in heaven and what should be kept on this earth. So why would anyone want to invest in the
stock market in the first place? Well, simply because it’s a potential means
of saving, and better than that, it’s a potential means of investing so that the value of what
you invest eventually goes up, and so in the end you have more than what you started with. Now let’s consider a couple of facets of that. One thing is of course, why would you want
to save up? You know, what would be the reasons? What would be valid reasons for saving up? Well, one is to prepare for things in the
future that you might otherwise not be prepared for. Things happen. Calamities happen. You know, it’s just wise to be prepared. One thing that’s going to happen to all of
us is that we’re going to get older. In fact, right now you’re getting older, and
if you notice, I’m getting older too. One day we eventually die. We’d all like to think that Jesus is going
to return before we die and so therefore we’re not going to go through old age, but I notice
that most people in human history have gone through old age and its accompanying challenges. I just wheeled my own 86 year old father out
of my house where he lives, in his wheelchair, out to the car, so he could go to his regular
therapy session that’s trying to help him once again be able to walk, which he hasn’t
been able to do since he had a stroke some months ago. So it’s a good thing my dad was somewhat prepared
for this time in his life financially or else he would have been forced to have been a burden
on somebody else. So saving for old age can be an act of love
and an act of love toward the very ones that you love the most, your own family members,
because they’re the ones who are naturally going to assume responsibility for you in
your latter years. Okay? Now the stock market specifically is not a
good short term investment, because it goes up and down, and stocks of individual companies,
their value goes up and down all based on the fear and the greed of all the rest of
the stockholders. So if you’re going to get into the stock market,
you’ve got to think in terms of a length of time that makes sense, where you have a reasonable
chance of not losing your money. The stock market goes through bull and bear
phases where sometimes it’s generally going up and sometimes it’s generally going down. You don’t want to get on that at the wrong
time, because then yours goes down and it would have been better that you had never
invested. So that’s why a lot of people use the stock
market to invest for retirement, and because if you start early, in your 20s or 30s, you
then in the end, the chances are it’s going to be worth more than what you put in it. I have more to say on this in our next little
lesson. But something that I think that I’ve felt
I needed to avoid in my savings plan for my elderly years, is investing in mutual funds. Although it’s very wise to spread your investments
if you’re investing in the stock market over a wide range of stocks, because then if some
go down others will probably go up, and you have a better chance of not losing your money,
you’ve got a better chance of actually making some money. But the trouble with mutual funds is, someone
else is in control of which companies they invest in, and you might inadvertently through
a mutual fund be investing in some companies that are doing things that God hates, okay? The products they manufacture are not good,
you know, the services that they provide are not good. Those companies I think are a minority, but
people are sinful and they buy sinful products and sinful services, and we don’t want to
be a part of that profiting over that. Okay, all right, more to say on our next little
lesson. Thank you so much for joining me. God bless you.

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