– Hello everyone, and welcome
back to “Lifted Logic”. Whether this is your first time here or you’re a returning guest, thank you for your support. Today I’m joined in the studio by Jarrod, or as most of you guys know him, Junior. – Hey, how’s it goin’ guys? – Yeah, that’s where you say hello. Thanks so much for joining us today. – No problem.
I appreciate you taking the time and working through the last
bugs we had for the, hour beforehand.
– It was entertaining. It’s fine. – For those of you that, you guys obviously wouldn’t know, we just spent the last 20 minutes trying to troubleshoot a bug that came out to be that we had
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these cool hoodies, right here. (rock music playing) Today is episode two of “Lifted Logic”. And we’re joined by the one and only Junior, of Custom Offsets. – Yes sir. – On today’s episode, I want to start talking about who you are, kind of how you
got started with Custom Offsets cause I know you’re kind of an OG here. – Sure. – From there, we’ll transition into what
the early days looked like, pizza shop days, stuff like that. – Oh boy, we’re going way back. – Yeah, we’ve been, yeah the last two episodes
we’ve kind of been building on this history of Custom Offsets and getting– – Is this the second or third episode? – This is officially episode three, it’s the third episode
but it’s titled episode 2, cause the first was a Pilot. So you have episode 00, which is a pilot. And then one with Banker and two with you. – Okay, yep. – But yeah, we’ve been kind of going through the history of CO, how it got started and stuff like that. We’ll touch base about that. From there we’ll transition into how you got to be a
personality in Custom Offsets, cause I know you did
that for a little while. And then from there, we’ll go into probably the majority of our
conversation about Arkon, how you got to be over at Arkon, what you actually do with Arkon off-road. – Sure. Okay – And then from there we’ll
jump into Wheel of the Week, which is what we talked
about a little earlier when I asked you about your
most under-rated wheel. And then at the end, we’ll have one ask-us-anything question
and we’ll wrap it up. – Cool. – Any questions? – Nope, let’s do it. – Cool. I’m gonna shut up now. (laughing)
– Oh boy. I do all the talking now? – This is where you start talking. – Great. – So tell us who Junior
with Custom Offsets is. Tell us how you got hired, what the early days were like, kinda, bring us up to speed. – Like as quickly as possible? – Take your time. – Oh, Gosh. – Take your time. We shoot for about a half hour episodes, so as much detail as you want to go. – Sure. So initially it all started out I had bought a 97 F-150 from my grandparents for like $400. That’s how it all started. I had a buddy who actually now works here. Who told me, he’s like, “Yo, have you ever heard
of Custom Offsets before? “You can buy wheels from there.” And I was like, “No, cause I’m trying to
find wheels for this thing.” – Sure. – So I’m scrolling through there, looking at their site and stuff and had somehow ended up finding
that they’re from Appleton, and then I’m like no way! – Right. – I lived in Greenbay. It was 30 minutes away from me. I’m like, there’s no way
that they’re this close, this cool company. So I emailed Sean, after seeing a couple of
their Team Stance videos, and I was like, “Hey, so
I see you do some videos, “Team Stance is kind of a big truck club. “All you have are some GoPro videos. “I think I can help you and
do some video for you guys.” He’s like, “Yeah sure. “Come down to the shop.” “We can talk.” I’m like, what? The owner of Custom Offsets? – Right. And we’re talking circa 20
– 2014? Or 15. 14. Cause I graduated high school in 15. – Oh wow. So you were still in high
school at this point? – Yes. I was like 17 years
old, I’m pretty sure. It was way back. Went up to his cabin for the weekend, which that was my first time ever experiencing Sean’s summer cabin. – So hold on a second. So how did we get from
come down to the shop and take a look at what we can do and then he’s just like, “you want to come to my cabin with me?” – Basically. So I went down there and talk to them kind of bullshitted for
like 30 minutes or whatever. I think I showed him some of my works and my stuff that I had and he was like, “Hey, we’re actually
shooting a music video.” This is for hands on. It was going to be the flex music video, which was the custom offsets – Low and behold the custom offsets, like song – Theme song.
Theme song. They had a guy filming it, but they were like, “Hey, if you want to come as a second” “and everything like that,” “we’d love to have you.” And I’m like, all of a sudden it was like, a month later or so I’m at Sean’s cabin having a great time filming, – Indulging and all of life’s goodness. – Yes, it was crazy. And it’s like, it was just, it was mind blowing that like all of a sudden that happened. And then after that,
ever since it was like, just whenever I could, I’d be at like truck
shows and stuff like that or like doing little videos
with some of the guys. I know I did one with a
Banker like one winter, and stuff like that. So the kind of doing
videos whenever I could just to kind of stay with them. And then I’m Sean got
his first Lamborghini in 2017 question mark. – Somewhere in there. Yep. – Maybe in 2016. – I don’t know if you guys can see that, but Fuller was just creeping
through the window there. Kind of like you did on the first episode. – Yeah, well…maybe
it’s like an Easter egg for the next person to be on
– I guess so. – But yeah, so Sean got
his first Lamborghini and Emily, his wife reached out to me and was like “Hey, are
you able to film this?” And I was like “yeah, of course I can.” So I basically for $60 cause I wasn’t, I was working at Walmart at the time, – Yeah, you’re not employed,
no – With Custom offsets yet. You’re still working at Walmart right? – Yeah, for 60 bucks. I did my a edit of the unveiling of Sean’s first Lamborghini and all of that stuff. And then shortly after he was asking for like
a full file of the video after it had already gone up on YouTube and all that fun stuff. And I was like “yeah, I can get it to you after work.” And he’s like, “where do you work?” And I’m like, “I work at Walmart electronics.” And he’s like, “why don’t you just quit that shit” “and come work for me?” Ever since…like that was like, okay when do I need to put my two weeks in? Like ever since then. Yeah, sure. – That’s so crazy. Yeah. It’s interesting to me to hear the common theme I think I see when I talk to people
about how they got started is that Sean just kind
of gravitated to people and he just kinda caught them. – Yeah. It’s crazy. Cause he knew what he wanted. He also knew that he
couldn’t afford it yet. He knew that he wanted a videographer. Video was going to be the thing. He knew he needed someone who do photos, someone who does graphics. He knew he needed all of that. And then as soon as they had the money, they had the capability, the resources, the big thing was waiting on Mandy, our HR person. Once we had her in place, we were able to like actually hire people. So like that’s when I was actually hired and then Josh Russell hands-on was hired as a graphic designer. It was because we had someone in place who could actually like
legally hire people. He had the eye for it and knew what he needed type of thing and it just, it worked out awesome. – Just a matter of
things coming into place. So how did – Fuller
started after you, right? So you have the title of seniority. – Sure. Yeah. – So how did that – give us that timeframe from your perspective. Cause we heard from Fuller two episodes ago about how Sean was like,
you should come work for us. And Fuller was like, Jarrod is a good guy. Like I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want to take his job. He’s doing all right. And then Sean was like
“no, we need both of you.” – Yeah. So Fuller actually knew and had been around CO
for longer than I had, for about probably a
year before I knew it. – So tell me about again how, like when you came in with Fuller. – Yeah. So basically Fuller had been like
around CO for about a year I think ish before I had even known
about it and stuff. Like he knew Sean, I don’t know how, – he was shooting photos – shooting photos and
stuff like that. Yep. And I kind of knew of him just because Cody Banker was also friends with him and stuff too. So like I just kind of knew of him. He stopped by the shop a lot when I was like working, I think it was like two days a week cause I was still in school at the time. I think I was in college at that point though by the time I was actually hired. But I’d only come two days a week. I’d work from home the rest of the time, part time, all that fun stuff. And when I was there though Fuller would be stopping by in his cop car and stuff like that. Maybe taking photos on
the side and all of that. And I knew like of him and I knew that he did good work and I also knew that he was kind of like an asshole on the internet. So like there’s all this talk about like needing another
videographer and stuff like that. And I think like I was still young and like probably in my third
or fourth year of photography and like super new and videography- super new to all of that. Even though I had the
schooling and stuff for it, it was still like one of those things where he’s had the actual
like on ground experience of it or whatever you want to call it. So like when he was like, we’re talking about a
new person coming on, I think we both had like
respect for each other and both kind of like threatened by each other almost because like, it’s like
two forces colliding and at the same time like I can do everything he can do, he can everything I can do. And it’s like well, are we both gonna have a
job at the end of the day? What’s going to happen? Look at us now. We’ve got like 40 videographers
and photographers you know. It’s like, it’s grown. So like, yeah, that dynamic at first was kind of weird because like that was before I like personally knew him enough to know like how he is and everything like that. – Yeah. He has a persona. It’s you know, it’s very different. So yeah, it’s crazy. I know his big comment, not to make this all about him, but his big comment was – He wants it to be all about him. So he’s okay with it. – That’s true. He couldn’t believe that we were going to have two videographers. He thought it was crazy. And like you said, now we have a team of 40 and growing, I mean almost daily. – And that’s like Sean’s
like visionary mindset. He knew what he needed and knew that needed to keep growing. You don’t just have one
videographer and call it a day. – Right. – You need more than that. Cause look at all the
stuff that you can do with all of them. – Yeah. Now we have nine,
soon to be 11 divisions and an average of two to three
videographers a division. So tell us about, tell us your experience
with like the pizza shop and/or 10 60, kind of. What was it like in the good old days? – So the pizza shop was actually super like
underwhelming I would say. Cause you think of custom offsets, you hear about this online entity and there’s thousands of
people running these stickers and you show up to this like
two or 3000 square foot area. – It’s pretty small yeah. – It was tiny. And like
the amount of desks we had, we were still like four or
five people that we’d hired. And that was like, it was full. Like that was it. Cause we had a shop on
their side of it then and that’s where Banker was. And that’s where our like, our front showroom was. Our front showroom was
about a six by three foot – It was like a walk in – Yeah, right. Like a little
cubby and that was it. But like everything back then, it was like crazy cause we could just like kind of do whatever you,
there was no like plan. It was like, Hey, we should shoot this. Hey we should do this. We had a British dude running
the front counter, Marco. coolest guy ever. He moved to Tennessee
and everything like that – Shout out to Marco for being awesome. – Yeah. He like came here from Sheboygan, like drove every single day, had a lifted like brand
new Ram at the time. I was like 2014 or whatever
the new body style is, a fourth gen. Like brand new at the time they had just gotten everything. Like this dude was just wild. Super good dude. Awesome. And that’s kind of like, like I remember sitting there, we had like four or five of us and we came up with a name for
our customer offsets shine. Like we don’t even have that anymore because we’ve got all of
our carbon products now. But like I remember the day that we all sat there, Sean had his like a workout machine. Like you know the ones that’s got like four different like pieces of like workout things like lat pull downs. There’s like the, all the different things. He’s sitting down they’re doing like shoulder presses or something like that as we’re just coming up with names. – Just getting jacked – Yeah. Just chilling. We’re all sitting there like spitting out ideas for names really- well what about like floss? Everyone says like floss
and stuff like that. Like okay. What about like floss gloss? Like just stuff like that. It was crazy like coming up with all these names for like all of our color wax products to like have our own killer wax line. And that was crazy at
the time for us to have, cause we sold wheels and
tires and that was it. – Yeah, to have your own
line to shine is crazy or a detailing products for those of you that
don’t know what shine is, it’s a custom offsets exclusive line of detailing products from you know, quick detailer to wheel care
kits and stuff like that. – Tire shine, wheel shine, body. Yeah, all of that. But it’s all rebranded now to carbon. So like even that doesn’t exist anymore. That was five years ago. Which is so crazy to me, you know? – Yeah. – It’s nuts. Let’s shift gears a little bit. Let’s talk about roles that you’ve held here at custom offsets. And this doesn’t have
to be super in depth, but kind of take us from the beginning through the end of your tenure. I’ll say at custom offsets. cause you’re still under EE but in a different division now. – Yeah. So when I
started I was doing video but we didn’t have enough videos per week. It was like one video per week. So I was also doing like comments. I was manually posting trucks, like from the gallery. We’d literally like save the truck to our phone, copy like the information, like the wheels, tires,
suspension, all of that, paste it, do all of that. If we could find the owner
somehow we would tag them too. But like doing all of that manually. I did comments and stuff too, like on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Messages too. And people messaged in. Sean taught me how to do all that. How to respond to all of that. So I did that as well and kinda did all of it at the time. And then we had our designated
graphic designer too. And then over time as
we hired more people, like Brian Rainey, finally came on as like our dedicated guy for all of that. So he took all of that. I remember he took it off of my plate or if you took it off of
like Fuller’s at the time, cause that stuff
transitioned so much until he’s finally had it solid
for like three years now. But before that it kind of bounced
around between everybody. I’ve cleaned gallery photos too, which we like have a designated person
who just does that now, but like I would do that too. So like I would do all of that and then photos when I could. But photo wasn’t really the priority because we’d use graphics, which would be like
trucks from the gallery and stuff like that. Video was the main thing that I would do basically as the big thing. – So you were primarily
videography through when you transitioned out is what you’re getting at right? – Yes. – Did you hold any other roles in custom offsets or anything like that? – Yeah, I went to be the like, – shut up Siri. We’re
not going there today. So continue. Sorry. – Yeah. So like I went to become the just the lead at the time. We didn’t have different types of leads – We didn’t have like creative and opps. – Yeah. I was like the absolute. That’s kind of what I did was I kinda got, I became just a lead and that became then the operations lead and then Fuller got the fun
role of the creative leader. I like to call it like
the marketing media lead just cause I don’t know personally I like that better than
just creatively lead. Like that’s so generic. But yeah. So I was like
the operations lead then, which is like the sales and diving into sales numbers and then looking at trends as far as like how is our site doing? Visits, all that stuff. Then the creative leaders
have the fun stuff though. Hey, what videos we’re
shooting next month? How is our YouTube doing? Hey, what cool new tactics
are out there for social media to post cool graphics and stuff like that. – And fun fact for you guys,
if you don’t already know, we are a sales company, that’s what pays the bills and allows us to make cool YouTube videos. People still get upset by that. They still find it odd
that we sell products. They’re like, what? Why are you guys selling stuff? – But we wouldn’t be here. – That’s what keeps us in business. Cool. All right. So you did some personality stuff for a little while, right? – Yeah. – So tell us about that. Cause I’ve known you
for a little while now and I know that, sometimes you don’t
always like to be either in front of the camera or in front of people, you know, so like how did you get
into being in videos? – I’ve never had someone asked me this and I’m actually like super proud of it. And it’s something that
has never been like brought up at all. But Fitment industries,
their first banger series I ever had was their wheel histories. XXI was like their first one I think. It did extremely well – I remember it broke the internet – Sean looks over at us and goes, “Custom offsets, When are
you doing wheel histories?” And me being me, I’m just like, we don’t need to do them. There’s not much to talk
about with truck wheels. And he’s like okay, so
why does everyone say that Specialty Forged is the
same company as American force? Why does everyone say this,
that and the other thing. What about BMF being sold. And it’s like, Oh, there is a lot to talk about. You just need to find the right people to ask the right questions. And so we needed to find, I’m just a videographer at this point. That’s all I did. We needed to find our Alex Martinez, we needed to find our guy who
could sit in front of a camera and just spit facts, talk about stuff and like be engaging and
be someone who can like tell a story essentially. And we didn’t have that. Sean didn’t want to do it. Fuller didn’t want to do it. We didn’t have a guy who could do it. – And this is when, just
to bring this full circle, this is when Sean is
transitioning out, right? And Fuller is kind of like they’re handing Fuller
videos at this point. – Yes. – Or is this before that? – No, this is before that. So Sean is still the main guy. I think Fuller was trying
to get his foot in the door with some videos and stuff like that. I think, I mean this is a while ago, but Sean was still the main guy and I think Fuller was kind
of starting to sneak in. I remember it specifically
like some spotlights where Sean followed them together because there was like
two of the same trucks. We did like have them dressed the same and it was kind of fun stuff like that. But I’m pretty sure it was still Sean doing a majority of the
videos at that point. And I was like “Hey, I think I can do it.” And they’re all like, are you sure? I was not in front of a camera. I did not want to be. I’m like, personally, I’m like an introvert. I am not the guy to get
out in front of like 20,000 people and just talk. And you get in front of the camera and sure it’s just the
guy behind a camera, but you know that there’s
millions of viewers that are gonna watch
whatever you’re about to say. And so it does get,
especially when you don’t know where it’s going to go, it does get nervous. So like it was a big like
thing that I was like, “Oh boy, what am I doing?
Am I going to do this?” And I thought about it before I even said anything out loud. I was like, what am I getting myself into? Am I going to be able to do this? I was like, “screw it. I’m
going to make it happen.” “I can do it. I know I can.” And so I just did it. I wrote my first script, I think it was American Force. Did the reinventing the wheels, what we call our version
of the series then, but it was like the history of American
Force and everything. – I watched that yesterday. – Did you really? – As part of prep for this. I wanted to kind of go back and see where it was in the timeline that you jumped in. And I remember watching and I was like, wow, this is, this is great for a guy that’s pretty you know, normally pretty introverted. You crushed it. – That was my first one. And we’ve obviously
done a bunch since then and we made them funny. We made the screw ups and all of the like bloopers part of it. We made it like fun and I think that helped
make it easier too, so that I can sit and I’ll tell stories about my builds, about my past, about other stuff related to here and be fine with it. Whereas before I’d be like, – So these wheels. – Yeah, right exactly. This environment brings that out of me to where like I can, I’m encouraged to have fun and encouraged to speak my mind, so to speak and encouraged to just be out there and feel comfortable doing it because like a lot of companies I
feel like, might be like, no, no, no, keep that to yourself. Keep it quiet. – Inline where you belong. It’s super crazy that the environment here and how they kind of calm you to come out of your shell and really explore what you can do. – Cause like in public, I’m not, I’m not like I am here you know, which this is like public
talking to you know, most people like grew up
places like you’re in the, out in the public. – It’s different here. Yeah. – Yeah. Absolutely. – Cool. Well let’s jump into kind of the next bit here. So talk about, I heard that. Let’s talk about how you kind of transitioned into Arkon cause that’s, that was
recent or relatively recent. – About a year and a half ago. Ish. Maybe a year, less than a half ago. – Okay. So kind of tell us, cause I again, I don’t know this story, I wasn’t with Custom Offsets yet, but kind of tell us, so as Arkon launched,
how did you get involved? When did you get involved? How did you get to where
you are with Arkon? Kind of give me the up
to speed if you will. We’ll go all donut media
on people right now. – So like we have a documentary right. The Arkon documentary. We recorded our first like six months or a year leading up to like the creation of everything up to our wheels finally like sending. – And that’s on YouTube? – Yup. – Zach, can we link that down below. Just make a note and we’ll get that a link down in the description so people can check that out. Cause it’s a cool video. – Yeah, it’s a big old 44 minute video. But like I watched it the other day again and it’s like, it’s just crazy and I didn’t realize how
much I was even in that. Like I’m in it more than I thought I remember myself being and I’m like holy shit. No wonder I went to this. I was super passionate about it clearly. Cause these were voluntary
meetings to talk about the box design or the logo design. I didn’t have to be there, but I wanted to be
because I knew that like when I was with custom
offsets and stuff like that, I had a lot of ideas and
things I could bring to it. And I was like, it felt fun. So like, I’ll backtrack a little bit. When Arkon first was talked about and first became a thing was actually probably
like three years ago. It was like one summer I remember I was out at a buddy’s bonfire and our custom offsets chat at the time we just had like one chat for everybody. It was just custom offsets – Cause there was eight people that were Exactly – It was going off. We’re talking about wheel
designs and stuff like that and like, Hey, what if you took this wheel and did this with it and this and that. And it’s like, I’m not going
to name the wheel brands that we took and kind of stylized. We didn’t use any of those designs anyway, so don’t get it twisted. But like I literally
went, grabbed my laptop as I’m at this bonfire
from my car or my truck. It started like
Photoshopping all this stuff. I’m like “Hey, what’s your wifi password?” And I’m like downloading
photos and doing these things and saying the chat like, ah. They’re like, I don’t like that. What about this? Like I’m supposed to be having a good time hanging out with your buddies – Partying with your buddies, sitting in your car on your laptop – And nothing ever happened with that. And that was it. And then about a year and a half ago, then it kinda got re-brought up. It was like hey, so Steve with SD Wheel down in Chicago, they
do all our distribution, they’re saying it’s go time. We can do this if custom
offsets partners up with them, We can make a wheel company and we will do the marketing and designing and they’ll fulfill all
the orders and stuff and they’re in on this. And there’s a lot of
investment in a wheel company. Like millions of dollars because you’ve got to get the molds, you got to get the inventory. You can’t just say, okay,
we’re gonna make wheels and then you buy a
wheel and you gotta wait three months to get it. You gotta have inventory on hand so you can ship them out. So like that was all the crazy that it kind of came together and that’s what I ended up leading to our merger was essentially, Arkon was like okay, hang on. If we have a wheel company together, couldn’t we all be one big
family at the end of the day? – Just partner right? – Yeah. So that’s what
ended up leading to that. But at that point then it’s like okay, we have a wheel company, what are we calling it? What are the designs going to look like? And that’s when it started like flowing. And people like Sean and John and a couple of others started like throwing
wheel designs out there, stuff like that and coming with a name and
all this crazy stuff and it was like, just
starting to come together and it was kinda crazy to see what, what it was becoming already and I knew that we wanted like the crown series. It’s supposed to be
this like high end wheel and Arkon itself is supposed to be like a super clean high end design like as a brand as a whole. And personally I feel
like everything I’ve built as far as builds go have been along that route. It’s all painted to match and then there’s like big Chrome wheels. Just super clean, simple but like showy at the same time – And very minimalistic
but still super showy. – Yup. That’s my personality. That’s what I try and
bring up in my builds and the brand itself just kind
of spoke to me at that point. Then it was like this, this just lines up to
perfectly with like who I am and what I want to do and what I like believe in style wise and stuff. And so it was like I want to get more into this and help with it because I was like yeah, let’s do this. Hey we should do this. I was the one who suggested
with the crown series victory that we shouldn’t do it in a
smaller than a 22 inch size. At first Sean was kind of
hesitant cause it’s like, wait, we’re not making it 20
by 12 our most popular wheel? And it’s like no, the wheels are going to
look dumb in that size. It should only be in a 22,12 and bigger because that’s how you’re going to make this wheel look thin, spokes,
it’s going to look good. Long spokes. – Cause otherwise it’s
going to look so packed. – Exactly. So like things like that that like, and those were in the
documentary too you know. It’s like I look back and it’s like Whoa, I just randomly spouted off that idea as we’re in this meeting
and in the moment. And it’s like that became a thing. Like that became part of
the identity of who we are. So leaving custom offsets then and knowing that Fuller was basically cause me and Fuller we’re
working in tandem at that point, as leads together, he
was doing the creative, I was doing the operations. I’m lucky Fuller got stuck with all of it as I was like, I’m gonna make this jump, I’m going to go to Arkon, you know? That was difficult because obviously the last three and a half, four years before that was all
custom offset spent there. It was building that with Sean since day one of me being there into what our YouTube was you know. I remember when John handed us our, our silver YouTube plaque, he was like here, this was addressed to Alex Martinez. I think he just had his name on it cause he signed off and he’s like, it was addressed to him. But I feel like you’re
the one who really like this is yours essentially. And not just mine but the team’s. But it was cool that he recognized that I was there from the beginning to help establish and make that you know, and just opening that plaque and having that then
knowing I’m leaving that to go to a brand new
company that has nothing. – It’s tough. – It was wild. But like personally like working in smaller teams better. The customs office team was at like nine people at that point and it was getting more
managing people versus managing a product and a brand. And with Arkon, it’s more you’re doing
wheel stuff you know, you’re focused on the wheels, you’re selling the wheels. I’m able to do graphics
and video and photo and then I’m also to do social media cause I’ve learned all of that. And then luckily we have a videographer, a graphic designer and a social media rep. And then I can back all of them up. So basically we have like
the dream team right now where we’re all like high efficiency, just cranking stuff out, doing a bunch of bad ass shit. And then at the same time, – Can you say that? Can
we say that on YouTube? – Yeah. Why not? – Can we do that? I didn’t know
if we could swear like that. – That’s fine. Oh absolutely. No, it’s super cool that you guys are just
continuing to crush it and it’s not, I think it’s
important that we touch base on, it’s not like you guys are just like, Oh, we launched a wheel company. It’s cool. We have a couple of designs. – No, we went balls to the walls with it. – Like that was the,
I believe that was the number two selling wheel for, or was it the number one
selling wheel for 2019? – It depends. – I’d have to pull the stats. – Depends on what you’re looking at. If you looking at the full 360 I think we were number two. But if you look at like the last 180 days or the last however many days like, we basically had a number
one wheel since then. – Which is wild. So we’re
talking that out of every wheel custom offsets sold in the last 360 days. The chances of it being that or a TSI four four were extremely hot. – Yeah. The Arkon Lincoln and TSI four four, the TSI
four four has been around for like two years, maybe three now. And then the Lincoln’s been a year and they’re both like hand in hand, back and forth, back and forth. It’s nuts that a wheel
that we just came out with compared to a wheel that’s
been out for three years and has that much backing behind it. And a company, TIS has such
a big backing behind it too. – Yeah. They’ve been
around for a decade now or close to that. – To battle against them and to, it’s super like humbling almost to see that a company like that that has created such like a insanely good looking wheel. And we’re right there with them. It’s just like respect between the wheel companies
you know, as like, you did something cool. We did something cool here. We are together at the top. It’s just nuts. – We had, I don’t know if you got a
chance to talk to Miles? – No. But he was in here a couple weeks ago. Miles is the creator of the
five, four, four, you know, and he had nothing but
extremely positive things to say about the whole Arkon team. – That’s awesome. – Again, you have a guy that’s literally, you know, we almost put them up on top because he’s the man – He’s like DUB wheels. Like everyone’s heard
and played video games with DUB wheels in them. – He had his own midnight
club way back in the day. Like this man is no joke. And he’s like yeah, the
Arkon guys are super cool. They’re crushing it. That’s goosebumps, man. Like it’s crazy. So it’s absolutely nuts. Tell us um, I don’t think we’ve
officially discussed this yet. Tell us exactly what you do at Arkon. – So with Arkon now I got the lucky chance to become the creative leader. I renamed it the media marketing lead, the marketing media lead, and basically what I do is what Fuller did with custom offsets and it’s all the cool stuff. All of the media. Figuring out what videos
we’re shooting for next month, figuring out what our apparel
lineup’s going to look like, designing the website to
look as sexy as possible, as clean as possible. And just that brand image is always a thing that’s
burning in the back of my mind with every choice that I make and everything that I do with the company. It’s all like, where do I want this to go? What is it going to look
like in three years? And how are we going to get there sooner than three years? You know how we’re gonna get there now. – Right, exactly. Yeah. It’s crazy. I shouldn’t say it’s crazy, but it’s super cool to see how much influence you’ve had on Arkon and just their branding in there. – I’ve been fortunate to
have like Alex and Sean and people who like, they understand what I have in my head and they trust me enough to go with it and that’s super like cool and like exciting to
come in every single day and just like, I don’t
have a specific thing that I do every day. It’s a whole bunch of like just stuff and it’s all like, like one day it’ll be
remaking like a website thing. The next day it’d be like
our ambassador program, which went from nothing to like having 150 people in it in a matter of like four or five months. And it’s just like, like
all of these projects and things that are
going to help the brand, help grow things, help our marketing and all of it just coming together and just every single day it’s like Hey, what are we doing now? What are we doing now? And it’s like, I just
have projects lined up that I’m just like, when are we getting to this?
When are we getting to this? When are we getting to this? And working with our I.T team, our ninjas to crush all of that and knock it all out and have like the most insane looking like front end experience that
you could possibly have. – Yeah, absolutely. Cool. Let’s jump into the
wheel of the week here. Zach, do you want to pull this one up on the old customoffsets.com here. So we are looking for the
Arkon crown series triumph. So for those of you that are new, don’t know what the wheel the week is. I always ask off of a
whim. I ask our guests somewhere between 12 and 48
hours before the episode, what they’re most underrated or underappreciated wheel of 2020. – I literally woke up this
morning to a message from him and I’m like, I’m still half asleep, what is he asking? – I think it was 6:30 in the morning and Jarrod didn’t answer me. – I just ignored him. – So I actually went back and I cornered him at work and I was like, I need an answer. So, um, but yeah. So you picked the crown series triumph. So a little bit about that for those of you that
are listening to this versus watching it, the Crown series triumph
is a closed spoke design. It’s got milled accents on
the inner lips of the wheel. It’s got a large center
cap with the exposed slugs, exposed lugs excuse
me, I can’t talk today. And then it’s got a trim ring on the inside of the barrel that bolts in and you can
paint that cool colors and stuff like that. So it’s available in and
correct me if I’m wrong, 20 to 24 inch diameters, right? From 10 to 14 wides, comes in satin black, black and milled and Chrome. – Correct. So tell us why that’s
your underrated wheel. – So the crown series lineup as a whole is like a new concept where the center cap and the K
that’s in that center cap actually on bolts so
you can take that cap, the K out of the cap and you can paint that. You can wrap it. I don’t wrap and I wrapped
one for like shows and stuff. Like I took a carbon fiber, I don’t wrap and I did
it and made it look good. So like literally anyone can do it. Buy some wrap. You can take them. The ring comes off. There’s all real hardware like you see in a lot of like really expensive high end car wheels. These have that same real stainless steel hardware around the outside and there’s an aluminum ring that the hardware holds on. That ring comes up too. That ring goes around the whole outside of the face of the wheel. You can paint that any color. The hardware can also be like powder-coated in any color too. You can do all of that. The other beautiful thing
is the face of the wheel. If you take that ring off and we’re actually
having this done shortly so we can get a bunch
of like a sample photos cause like people don’t
realize you can do this, but you can make your wheel
look like a two piece wheel. And for those of you that don’t know what that necessarily means, a lot of people will take
the face of the wheel and it will be one color and then the lip will be a different color because when you have two piece wheels, the face and the lip are separate. So that’s when people get crazy with like color combos
and stuff like that. And we made this wheel so
you’re able to do that. You can take the ring off and that’s basically where
your paint line will be. So even if you have a painter who doesn’t have a very good paint line or you want to make it easy on them, – You can still cover
it with that same ring. – Exactly. That ring will
cover that whole paint line and you can have a purple face with a black lip and it’ll
look like a two piece wheel with all the super shiny hardware. And I think that the other
thing about this wheel too is it’s very like military inspired almost like if you get a 20 by
10, it looks very like rugged and beefy. But like that’s not why I like it, but I think that it could
be a good theme build if you have a wheel or a truck
that has the right styling and you want to go with a big wheel, you don’t want a 17, but you also want to look
kind of military esque, this is a great one to go with. And especially in that satin black it just, it looks mean. It’s like Batman is coming at
you in this thing, you know? – Yup. Yeah. I think it’s super cool. I think you’re going to
see a lot of this wheel on, I was drifting all the
way from the mic there. I think you’re going to
see a lot of this on, like the Overland inspired builds. You know, you’re starting to see more of, cause it has that kind of
close spoke really rugged, kinda design, like you said.
Almost military themed design. – And as soon as hard man because it doesn’t follow our brand necessarily. Our brand is very showy and this one almost gets like, I did not want this made in 20 by 10. I did not, I didn’t want a 20 by 12. I wanted 22s because like I want it to be in big sizes. But this is one of the ones where I think we’re kind of dancing into that market just a little bit because the design is so off-road. It’s so chunky. It’s not like, it’s not like our Caesar where it’s super thin spokes. It’s not, this isn’t a directional wheel. It’s just a very like – Arkon made a non-directional wheel? (gasps) – I know it, it’s nuts. It’s not something that
like I was expecting to like be a thing and I feel
like it’s just underrated because like there’s so
much you can do with this like people don’t realize. And you look at Rainey’s truck, which he’s running the 24 by 14 Chromes. The chrome looks like it’s a Forged wheel. Like the design and the
style in Chrome looks nuts. It looks nothing like it
does in a black 20 by 10. So like this wheel does
fit a wide range of styles. – Yeah. It’s absolutely a beautiful wheel. – I just want to do cool
stuff with this wheel. Please. I’m begging you. – And then add your truck to the gallery so that we could show it off. – Whoa. That was, that wasn’t scripted. That was not scripted by the way. – No, but that was really cool. All right, cool. Last little bit we have here is an ask us anything questions. So I go on the YouTube community and I basically just say “Hey guys,” “if you could ask us a
question, what would it be?” “And why?” I usually try to tailor it. So like last week I was like, if you could ask us SEMA builder anything, what would it be? It was Banker right? – Yeah. – So this time I asked if you could ask Arkon any one question, what would it be? And there was lots of questions
about guys that were like, how come you don’t make this size wheel or why don’t they come
in this bolt pattern? And we can cover that later. But I thought this one was really good. Cause it’s not so much a
specific wheel related question, but Owen Simons…Simmons? I think it’s Simons, wants to know what the best truck and year is and why. So in your opinion, what is the best year make, model? – Oh boy. If I could pick any truck in the world and have it be the best truck, I think I’d have to go with a
new body style super duties. – So you’re talking like 20, – 2017 plus. But any, any of them. Reason being those
headlights are insanely sexy. That see bar daytime running light is amazing. I don’t really care about the
whole aluminum body thing. A lot of people are like, Oh
I don’t want that or whatever. Like it doesn’t really sway me one way or the other. But like, just the way they look, the features they have. The interiors on them. And the fact that, that six seven is just like a solid diesel that you’re not going to have issues with. You can put some power
behind it if you want. I’ve seen some crazy builds of this thing. You go to SEMA and you see a lot of them and there’s a reason
you see a lot of them. It’s just a good new truck. They look good. You can do a lot to them. And it’s Ford which I’ve
had a lot of experience with in the past and had good experience with and yeah, I think that’s what
I’d have to go with, honestly. – Cool. Yeah, I always liked the weigh in on these as well. For me, it’s definitely
the Cadillac Chevy. The Cadillac Chevy has always been like right here to me. It’s always had a soft spot in my heart. – Is going to have the cab corner? – Absolutely. Absolutely. Cause that, newsflash for those
of you that are down South, appreciate the fact that
you don’t deal with salt because we deal with it
up here and it sucks. So, but no, for me it’s always been extended cab, short box. – Extended cab? – Yeah. I love extended cabs. I’ve never been a crew cab guy. I don’t know. – See I had a Desert 4
Sierra, which is the same like I could have swapped
my front end to a Cad. I found it was the same. Mine was the crew cab short bed though. And I loved that. I think I bought it with 160 and two years later sold
it with like 195,000 and like had no issues with it. – The five, three LS just ran forever. – Yeah. I liked the three
quarter ton and the one ton came in a like a metallic red with, there was a very limited trim package you could get with a ZF six transmission. So manual. – Oh, is it like a darker red? – Yeah, yeah. – I think I know what
you’re talking about, yeah. – I love it. – So cool. Well, I mean there you have it folks. There is the next episode of lifted logic. Thank you again, Jarrod
for taking some time, joining us today even through all of our
technical difficulties earlier. Remember if you need
wheels, tire suspension customoffsets.com also, if you’re new here, make sure to subscribe. Click the little bell notification button. Zack, is this where we add the little like thing on the bottom of the screen? That’d be cool. Let’s do that. Yeah, so make sure you subscribe. Click the bell so you get a notification so we can keep making super
cool banging content like this. And also if you guys have any thoughts on who we should interview next, let us know in the comments down below. So with that, we’ll see you next time.

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