Here is the new Audi RS8 2020 C8 V8 BiTurbo 600 HP and 800NM! friends i’m in the company of ludo
free trial and we’re going to have a little little detail this this big baby this pretty
jewel there the last flagship the the audi rs6 avent les amis 600 horses v8
biturbo short there it goes in all meaning the numbers are pretty
stratospheric and we’re going to see a little little what does it give a little a little
presentation quickly with this beautiful German for those who like and
who likes breaks frankly this car is legendary
come on let’s go friends Well Oh before i even start on the front me
it’s true that I had spotted this proof also on nosy the soft close
on an area and if you have already seen its car goes directly into detail
mrs reding details to start a trait on quality but he will sign at
discover yourself but I would like a moment of silence for this grail automobile
because it brings together just about everything this car is efficient at
large aisles you sign this guy is crazy he completes he is stung
will start with the front already nothing made of calan already which builder in
allow themselves to land today it’s a little it’s a little
a fashion but it’s a character it was still when it’s when
same strong and and have brought on the fourth generation anyway from 10 to
20 6 he always gets to do more strong me I like it it’s good it’s
very good look at the kinematics of the barrels at the front then we will start with ria
flat in fact it is full of details in length with you not dream there is
full of carbon touches on them air inlets on the blade
so we have a full full black grille there is more chromium we removed the
chrome thus prohibited i believe chrome on this version
and we always have we can we will find again tell the radars but it’s okay
frankly season everything is really so we’re on a black it’s bing I
actually believe there is this is a no sign necessary because she was doing it’s
a blue a black glittery blue you see it’s super beautiful
it’s very very beautiful we have babies multicolored sequins if you want to
those who like that they confess they want to put glitter
in their life well I can guarantee you that it was also that makes them for it
still lorient it’s too shocking I’m frankly shocked 22 inches
even my control screen is hard to frame
as for the huge if you remember but at the time
it was at the sema show all that you had concepts at 22 inches studied but
we would never have this series is today we are inside and we have them
the looks are watching you sort them in flea markets and vacuum on suicide and
otherwise 6 pistons but I will stick can it 24 pistons I troubleshoot a
everywhere look at size 370 millimeters in diameter France fears
a ceramic brake risk for a film on circuit in my opinion you have to
exploded then must say that the beast she is still more than two tonnes 2
tons on the scale it starts to weigh for this little hunting break very
angry we are still on six are hot v8 biturbo 4 liters at audi il
do well I love what he does in techniques it hurts it hurts that
makes 1-0 to 103 secondfloor it’s good it is good and s-max unbridled vmax 305
points but what does that mean noise v8 petrol so dear world ludo put you well
safe in dynamic mode or in tracking mode because it is sure that otherwise it will not go
do it then there beating so if I’m going to start he was married then
Wait hayot gbh please
as possible now Ah yes
make a few runs his revolt more
and in addition it looks okay it’s okay reasoned we are on a studio in the 93 haha is looking for sport mode
for us so also back there is lost a little
but aird motor homes but yes that’s right so wait
expect sport mode and where the lessor less family kwok to
roland nothing i put you at rs 2 1 let’s go again yeah comments related ah ah yeah yes yes yes yes time
so rsi slim return trip I can’t wait for you
also yes it’s true i really haste and not too jealous anyway two
well I want to leave with madam tcg an equivalent of acer is known very well
that you have as info so it’s a big when I’m not jealous it’s a beautiful
quality again okay let’s stop making mumuse up
being all that anyway I don’t know what you think one of this audi
rs6 the very last one is frankly top good inside you already know pretty pretty we have a nice leather steering wheel
Alcantara of the most beautiful effect it stands well in hand
here we have a little rs monici button which allows to activate different
driving modes we have an accelerometer that change depending on there we have a
esp sport stabilization control so attention
but you should know friends that this car to orient them performance
why performance because you don’t have a lot of options 45,000 euros file I
we said we have ceramic brakes we have four-wheel steering friends so
this in terms of motor skills and all a road is the best
currently and today we have the engine in lamborghini and russian and
so here deflate to 600 horsepower for performance 0 to 100 speed
maximum 305 kilometers hours like the lamborghini russian speed acceleration
from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds 6 like almost the lamborghini and russian
good short it is a jamboree until braking is like high schools that and
you would you take what you come you barrel that’s right he chose he’s crazy and the
weak matrix hot hot in real for real we go on
will ask a real question what is who can compete in the market has
over there how to tell you shit latitude practically the renault
what is the talisman draka called by the reno talisman station wagon what
can compete with the audi rs6 I do not see what you have in
made at mercedes is what you got personally I take the rs6 and indirect at
bm tac watts at the m5 but the same parents break and so you got what’s the
last version I believe but honestly of all there all
categories 1 large road frankly the blues were going very well so you have to know that I
take my excuse me donations because i’m all hearing maintains it’s there
she digged a little bit spat out at the small tension
no what i meant is that done compared to the audi a6 before
basis in fact they expanded oc one the wings
they widened the back and the front to bring in those big shoes these
big 22 inch sneakers is sensitive to an option at 6000 euros if you
come to see what it is i’ll be on my back for cherry
sorry the icing on the cake is like playing with me i love generating
I love I love then by cons it’s fine the more it will open the trunk more
now i would put the I no longer knew what the price the price
the years 629 euros I don’t care and this model with the bars
by adoption it receives more than 45,000 euros of options we are at 100 180,000
let’s go bounce this is the note i will pay the
canteen it’s good it’s good it’s the team this guy you have to go to the end
concerts and we stop for the moment on the back a back at noon at
asia look he goes he goes the grelle goes put its big depth the tube I
could come in it’s true that there are moms next door it’s just huge
no but what is the living room we see valves it feels real from that
it’s not it’s not the fact that it’s not dummy you insured I
show below while waiting for ludo check they
are good exhaust pipes and by defect here we have a bone carbon return
x or y and z massive back with a honeycomb spirit here this is very very
beautiful logo r and if it is yes in black fangs but frankly what
what do you think of this new era and six me I personally love him
would give a score of 20 out of 20 clearly i don’t like tried yet
but I can but I give wines surely looked at the width of the tires at
the rear it’s very very very wide it’s true that ludo made a little
who in jargon offered himself a a nice plan on if you want that is
what is beautiful frankly is beautiful it’s true it’s true that
I have the keys with me, one of his fields we Well she’s start the engine yes know
it’s true that you have that but me I love you talking that I had an amik
micro hybridization it will be during this 48 volts that’s it yes it’s true it’s true
this month it’s true micro hybridization actually mild hybridization which
help speed up the one doing better fuel savings and good behind
hide it happiness it’s tidy in Anyway, someone did a good job
it’s very beautiful cathedral is here and especially never put douala said i
wanted to put because also -10 ° say what you can do is then look
reinforcements reinforcement frames here right to left to really support
the 1.2 ton chassis on the balance 600 horses anyway this is 800 newton
that’s what I’m going to ask when a truck it’s connected with my brain
you see this is an 800 game truck can pull caravans all that but
imagine you i think you will be there will be that 3% of ss owners who go
only open the hood at most they will have fun behind the
flying and only that plastic cash we could take away
but doesn’t that forbid me launch I like it is the small detail then
I don’t know why but it’s the small led lights
it’s a little bit heard the noise you know the ability we will have it here
which will display here the cars of 600 trait horses boast of having such
code in automotive production of series of series and admitted admire this
small carpet shower ok it’s good so this is the attention of the species via
the keys because i will take them and we don’t expect storage so
know that this is the ideal station wagon if you have a family you really are
in a hurry you want to mountain everything you take a break and
succeed it’s very good at the level comfort is performance
in the raises you want to double a truck a tractor for it’s perfect
honestly this car was going by respect i told you she gets
the ultimate score of 20 out of 20 oh la la he could have fired and 6 you have
we the interior is good and 8.51 is 6 600 horses then took consumes
hardly it consumes call and how much you learn from robin we are at 16 trains
alright Alright well it’s not much but in mixed
we mix you want mix should she how much do you want it me i think
we hit 1.8 away there were 8 it’s true it’s true that it does
a lot but hey as you say it’s a empty when we love we don’t count we
is in danger in co2 emissions must take in a big my list of twenty thousand
in my opinion good in any case the interior frankly
it is beautiful we have a specific steering wheel it’s the same as what we saw
last time and the steering wheel wii d Alcantara and its magnificent now
you know the story a little bit racing had told
the arranged aps maybe i repeat myself you know with
old age say at last I think that it is for a better grip
when you have sweating sweating maybe when you went your fingers
wet hands and the same as you found in the hall will count on the
part of the file here it is precisely to avoid lateral sliding of
bordeaux you still admire florian and look to hold on for two seconds details
go you and me it’s beautiful nothing to what is it for and years to come
admire the place in fact that the tuque red border as we brew toro I
finally looked I think the car is for me eventually but it
I have to call my integer because this is the price of a house almost
175,000 875 euros what is it plus 20 miles we’re on a car at
200 miles on the pedal it starts at make a small gift a bundle of money
look the little girl is surely at say that audi we’re used to finishing
impeccable materials impeccable sewing impeccable stitching impeccable we have
that’s it for the sporty side on this es16 we have red topstitching
with a little carbon reminder department celebrate is fine he has
always the table the tactics where when you were passing by made a little
noise it’s impressive look at 7 euros
here and there we have a little bit of notes carbon here I’m trying to
settle the I am trying to me 88 ha yes iran two thirds between mirande
settings what the steering wheel could not you got it from my dear you
alive at the start no i for the moment I put the position of
driving to look at me it’s ecstasy lalala a little feeling
enjoy going inside these stories it’s superb it’s up to him to see
the table is everywhere carbon mixture Alcantara chrome is the target
small bang & olufsen speakers ah yes it’s beautiful like that then the
guys i don’t know i think it turns anyway I don’t have the meter 88 is
well installed by the way I’m going to straighten up and now we’re going to go see
behind had to climb behind what pass is very beautiful carpet and stays well
sure look then we’re going to watch a little bit the plug
the technical file the friends the technical file technical 175,000 euros this car
still has a lot of options big option to these are the rims of 22
thumbs we are more than 2800 euros options let’s go phew system so I said in 1 46 thousand euros
options on his land and if this last 8.50 tfsi 600 hp at quattro
tiptronic 8 automatic transmission reports please and we can even
see that at the back gives him with his 1 m 88 instead they cloned him
so thin it’s true that behind these first criteria those who choose
generated 6 this is for first the first criteria the trunk and then places it in
the rear it’s good it’s true that it makes me
I would like to have another noise you see it’s really it’s a lot in
want to that’s why i tell myself but it is
completely crazy to have bought 1 this new era and 6 a budget two hundred
thousand euros downright boring 75,000 euros more than 20,000 euros it’s been if I
calculate well 195 thousand euros and yes tell us too i will i
will give time to rave in front of this beautiful jewel
I believe it has become completely crazy friends don’t hesitate to put
thumb if this video discovered on this audi rs6 you liked the light and
powerful all in for comment huh if you like what do you
also think of this heresy if you have this kind of car
which today will be rare in 2020 and the other years until tomorrow what
may be the electric that will replace this Indian remains frankly
well done ludo you really found my sequence
final to this discovery of rs6 which is here we found a mirror to
say goodbye and that is rather not wrong
here we go this is a pretty curtain I thank you again for having
shared these tests following this discovery
audi because each time it’s a true happiness and mosquito boils if
many on the last video liked this duo the future of bench rice
the automobile maybe we will have I courchesne auto moto turbo and dominique
chapatte all have a concern and faults white be done since honestly at a
nice little complete duo and we are rather beautiful kid and above all complete the
radiation of melenchon will rather head towards the rsa ya look this is gorgeous gorgeous mirror backpack
congratulations try you know what we’re going even make a little instagram photos
for those who will still follow us on instagram on the chain of the moon one
free trial instagram also youtube but so we also have an Instagram for
small hills precisely on six on land to live in preview a
another disappointment and we will make a little photo / sister while waiting for the
photo / g I drove

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