In this video we try to create some man-made volcano earthquakes by doing a simple science experiment. In this experiment, we’ll drop sacks of sand from a helicopter and measure the impacts on a set of seismometers. We want to know how fast the seismic waves travel in the earth because the seismic speed can improve the locating of real volcano earthquakes. For each drop, about 700 kilograms of sand is hoisted to about 400 meters by the helicopter pilot. He hovers over the target. If you look carefully you can see a white cross on the ground It takes about eight seconds for the sandbag to travel from the helicopter to the ground. The bag hits the ground at about 70 meters per second. The pilot is highly experienced. He can usually get the sandbank to hit with 20 to 30 meters of the target. We set up 17 seismometers before the sand drops and they will record the results of each experiment. Sensors are placed over the entire island and also in a line in the volcano’s crater. Then, we fill the bags with beach sand, laid out the targets that can be seen from the air, and the seismometers that capture the waves traveling from the sand bags as they hit the ground When the bag hits the ground it sends a seismic wave to all of the seismometers. The results of the experiment were quite good. We learned the volcano crater which is composed of loose sand and gravel has slowed seismic velocities of about 1,300 meters per second. Outside the crater, the rocks or more solid and the seismic waves travel faster at about 2,300 meters per second. With these results we can now more accurately locate natural earthquakes on White Island that might indicate the rise of magma and possible future eruptions.

2 thoughts on “Making Artificial Earthquakes on an Active Volcano”

  1. Cool! What's the advantage compared to exlosives or guns or a hammer? Was it impossible to access the crater area because of toxic gases or did you aim on a different seismic signal?

  2. volcano is to design by earth to prevent earth quake, root cause for earthquake is calcium in soil weak and calcium based soil only affected by earthquake volcano to replace calcium soil in to rocky and strong soil may be volcanic also do cause earthquake more details check

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