Movie logic horror movies in A nutshell you got safety in debt. We all know those horror movies. death safety uh Ahhhh!, you actually sound like the guy like in the Jason movie’s that for some reason survives in the end But always dies, what! oh wow what would you do to my head bro? I don’t know bro. But that bad acting made me nauseous This is relatable every single horror movie is literally like this You know when they’re running away from that scary Monster or that killer but are going so slow or you know they could go to the police station verse the woods but some reason They like go to the woods my favorite part is where they all run away and for some reason some guy said let’s split up yeah let’s split up, and then they all just scatter around you want us to split up alright now They don’t have any protection with each other boom Amazing and you all know the hottest girl in his life And that’s what we’re looking at today. guys. We’re looking at some amazing movie logic. Let’s do this movie Logic. alright you-you stop ruining the handshake That’s not a handshake. It’s called a high five please get educated Let’s go, only in the movies parents actually knock before coming into your room That is so true dude literally when I film my dad just walks in my dad you guys don’t see it cuz it’s cut out But you know he were just walking and be like hey. Hey We’re filming your dad dad dad get out dad there is food. Do you want some food dad? I’m making a move here Yeah, he’s like you have a girl. There’s no girls here. What are you doing? You’re here And the movies if a woman is alone and hears the noise She will go and check it out in her most revealing under wear, the hot girl. That is so true Can you just imagine like every time they’re either? They’re either showering just took a bath They’re in the bathroom, and they’re always half naked coming out It’s like really like if like if anything, why are you going to the noise in the first place? Yeah? Go away from it. Hey, 911? Yeah, there was a noise, and yeah like someone broke in y’know What’s worse is that when they try calling someone picks up and it’s just like uh I see you and like and then they hang up like boy. I’m star sixty-nining that Finding out were calling that person back what you you wouldn’t call them back Well, this is awkward aliens usually don’t invade Earth, but when they do they start with United States of America It’s not even the biggest Country in the world I actually just think like obviously it’s not gonna be like that in real life like if aliens come Knock on wood are you an Alien? Well? They’ve come here illegaly toys Come on. 10/10 let’s go amazing. Yeah, but what they do they start with the U.S.A Settings because Hollywood is the one I’m making more they’re making the movies or they know who? Runs this this Earth using U.S.A runs the earth. Yeah, we all know who owns the button Donald trump. Oh my God movie logic movie logic was that a horse This is why you will never make any movies. This is why you don’t have a girlfriend, you got any better ones come on? Exactly bye alright next. Finally he’s gone movie logic no matter how fast you run Michael Meyers can walk Faster that’s true no they don’t even run fast that’s a problem. They just show up out of nowhere they run they have teleportation, and then they trip every time I ever sight like is this realistic you can run faster than that You know it’s actually realistic. I’ve seen someone that got scared There’s a scare prank and she was running an actually trip and I was like I thought I was only in the movies But no, it didn’t realize that’s how Michael Meyers always gets you, so sad. He’s scary, you know He looks like maybe you guys should have actually showed up for gym class. He looks like I look like a burger No, you look like a killer. Oh Your fake bologna. But I love that So true read it, okay 110 minutes up Stop bro im trying to read When hundreds of innocent people get killed in a movie okay. That’s the face you make just eating popcorn here You know I seen it somewhere before will the ward you know just wore it You know it happens all the time, but what a dog gets killed in the movie. Oh no [this] is you. I’ll try to rewrite it. You’ll pay for this you horrible monster who would kill a dog Slapping me by sight kind [of] hon. You see me like a man hit me hit me daddy. Hit me oh Wait would you go? Movie logic and this one’s horror movies those are the best ones you know So you’re saying that there is a crazy serial killer trying to kill us Yes, you can easily pop out the lower and kill him why you get your next fight [alright]. Let me know It’s not russian, but like all right let me just I’m [just] trying to do a deep accent like [meshes] voice okay. Oh Yes, you can easily pop out of nowhere and kill us if [we] are alone well in that case We should totally split up. You said that before [yeah] pull it up. The movie. Lot is not voice you be ab Naylor I’ve been made fun in school. Good. Can you stop yeah? I make fun of you, and you’re supposed to be my friend be supported from the one that bullied you mips wow That’s actually that’s why we became friends. Don’t do that. Don’t [advertise]. Here’s another instance of Face movie logic movie logic here’s another instance of [make] movie logic you have no launch [evidences] of movie logic I know you sleep in my even when talking to each other Foreigners will still speak English that’s so true true, but in the very bad English yeah, they would do bad [English] But they were still talking with it’s like hello my friend hit me daddy [solution] finally first a killer oh Jenna Monster [I] love Justin Bieber It wasn’t me does. He love Justin are both always Justin Bieber could be just not really I love Justin Bieber oh my God, but you survived right so do you know what you need now a Therapy I’ve kind of like pTSd right now and all the monster chasing me All you need to supply all your need is a blanket Oh my God, I get it and they’re in Hollywood amazing putting commercials and movies And I think that might be the end to say movies in love Bro, just please things I want to [robot] gene they know how you would say [it] you can see the [original] article first thing is Going [to] be down below. There’s gonna be more moments of movie Logic. Don’t touch me [groans] come on come on You know I don’t like being touched out especially by you Oh who could touch you hope you guys go click on another video you can also check him out But I know you want you can say whoa Do you click that’s I don’t subscribe to the channel. I really appreciate it I’ll see you guys soon with another episode of [reaction] time. This was a good video. Good job high five confidence and I Will see you some more movie logic Maybe you could tweet some more on me, and yeah, have a good one guys does. What do you tweet?

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  1. I killed 3 cats and one was abandoned in a car (it was hot it died) and another one was a pig (it ate it) and the other one was… I forgot 😀

  2. 5:35 JUSTIN BIEBER…..The first fandom I entered and I'm there even now😍😍😍😍5:49 Did he just say BTS I'm in that fandom too💜💜💜💜

  3. 5:49 They were talking about blanket and ..
    Anthony :- what you need now ??
    Tal:- I need bts right now ..

    Haha ARMY.. hit like .

  4. In some horror movies the killer always has a conversation with the character before they kill them, and it gives the hero time to come

  5. Anyone else noticed in the other one of these with the exact same people the aliens and America thing came up and Tal’s friend said that America is the biggest now he is saying it’s not

  6. Movie logic:

    When a serial killer is in a house, their should be don't ask why but their is always a cute girl alone in that house and when she starts to run, she will fall and then a hero will arrive or the police and then arrest the killer

  7. 天河 四国内是: 的啊体会 哦人 萨丰田以 -配额哦破了: 的啊体会! (Signs: death or safty -people: DEATH!)

  8. 不要 弹劾 蛙泳 萨我 啊 啊你么 渥太华 中哦民币扼杀 不同 哈达同 客流量 弹劾 的哦个 (by the way i saw an anime with zombies but had to kill the dog)

  9. So the first one
    It's called "scary movie" and it's a parody including a bunch of scenes from other movies
    Like in part 4 (there are 5 parts) there are scenes from the grudge, saw and a bunch more

  10. God the first rules in horror movies is never go to a creepy place like a cabin in the forest and that always happens

  11. 0:12 I’m the type of person to help Jason and start dating him

    Edit: 3:08 and I can you guessed it just start dating him and I would

  12. Cartoon logic :wen they start running they just floate in the air for five seconds with ther legs moving and then start running

  13. If one my characters , shadow, were in a horror movie. Killer : ima get u… Shadow:nice mask, oh, and that weapon is cool. Killer : oh thx, sweet cape, where you get it? Shadow : dark web. Killer : kool. them on a date Tyler(another character) : sad back round music why shadow, why. THE END

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