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Nature boys be coming out about a lot of stuff lately I don’t know there’s this
new person that he has become how sincere it is but I’m not going to
speculate on that my last video hope you guys went and checked it out he was
talking in regards to serenity basically saying is either me or velvet and he has
already chosen because velvet is back over there at carbonation so serenity
will not no longer be coming over the carbonation she’s even thinking about
shutting down her Instagram page in disappearing and that’s because she
didn’t get what she wanted which was to be back with Nature Boy but go check out
that video anyways but getting out onto the task at hand Nature Boy finally
admits what Khadija was saying all along to the public everyone thought she was a
liar that Nature Boy was paid from Dreamworks a check he just submits to
the public that he actually was paid in a check money from dream
works when he was locked up now companies big companies like that just
don’t give you money or just don’t give jailbirds money for no reason there had
to be some stipulations some agreements now when Nature Boy I’m quite sure was
locked up I’m quite sure he was at the mercy of anyone to get himself free so
I’m wondering if all of the behavior changes is it’s coming to be the end of
the year is there a contact a contract that’s set up for the new year for
something that he is supposed to be doing for DreamWorks that he has to
clean up his act clean up his community so even if he’s
gonna be doing something with dream work to make some extra money even though he
only takes donations I hope you know where this is going
because you gotta be thinking if you’re smart well a man who only takes
donations and doesn’t live in the mindset of Babylon why would he take a
check from DreamWorks because I’m quite sure that that wasn’t a donation check
that DreamWorks basically paid him that was a check saying we got you where we
want you I know you want and need this money probably for legal fees in order
to fight this to get your freedom but this is what we want from you something
that we’ve been trying to come after for a while which has been like a reality
show as Khadija stated a while ago she was the first one to drop the ball that
Nature Boy was in contact with DreamWorks and they were trying to do a
reality show with him and I think that they had paid him some money and he
denied it but now he’s coming forth clearing things up that he in fact when
he was locked up did take some money from DreamWorks so this might be playing
into why he’s cleaning up the whole carbonation ploy the whole carbonation
script and he’s making it more family-friendly and trying to be the
family guy rather than the guy with the many women and that’s also why velvet
made it that easy despite everything she’s been through with Nature Boy ran
herself back over there because she wants to be a part of all of the glitz
and the glamour that’s probably soon to come and and also like the the rewards
that that Nature Boy is going to probably receive for whatever he’s doing
behind the scenes with DreamWorks so that’s why I always say you cannot
believe everything that Nature Boy says out of his mouth he is not a master
teacher there’s nothing spiritual about this
dude he’s a hustler in a scam artist and there’s nothing wrong with that if he
can hustle and scam people that should know better that we as channel holders
bring a witness on a daily basis of what’s going on with this dude and you
still donate your money and you still come over the channel hold his pages and
you defend this man and you support him and you leave comments underneath his IG
pages of the fight the power slogans and you know he’s not really living that
lifestyle it’s a ploy it’s an act he’s acting then you deserve whatever you get
if you get burnt like velvet has done to many people in the community and Nature
Boy has done way before velvet even came into the community you get what you
deserve you have many people it doesn’t have to be people that you know
personally that bring this awareness to you on a daily basis now we can lead a
horse to water but we cannot make a person drink it or a horse drink it
so at the end of the day we have to look at all of this stuff that Nature Boy is
doing and we have to question why what is the reason for now him being so
honest and forthcoming about things that he kept a secret that we knew about but
it was never confirmed one thing that he lied about and we all know this was that
he never received any money from Dreamworks he actually even said that he
turned DreamWorks down but now as you speak to me and I’m updating you and it
can be confirmed if you go to that video recently that he put up clearing it up
that he actually in fact did take money from DreamWorks that Nature Boy is not a
truthful person he’s not anyone to look up to in the community he’s not anyone
that you go to for any of the knowledge on how to live a holistic type of
lifestyle or any of any kind of teachings all of this stuff you can
google and learn this on your own you do not have to go over to carbonation and
subject yourself to being part of the ploy being used as a pawn for ultimately
nature boy’s world and then being thrown away as you see there’s a motive for why
even dolvett’s in the picture and I think that it has to do with more than
him just loving her I think it’s a bit of he does love her I believe that he is
in love with her but the sick side of him as a hustler and a scam artist as
much as he might be in love with her he still can use her as a ploy like he uses
everyone else that’s in a circle and we have to be mindful of that it’s okay I’m
not saying that you guys shouldn’t follow him because it is comical but
just know that you cannot listen to a word that comes out of this man’s mouth
he’s not on live streams or if you go to his
carbonation page trying to teach you anything I mean you probably could be
taught how to scam in hustle somebody but as father sent teaching you about
living off-grid and about nature and the holistic approach nature boy is not on
that that is a storefront but behind that storefront there’s many other
things that are going on that you don’t see and you just don’t want to go over
there it’s a combination give him your residual your monthly residuals putting
that money into the part that you could be using that money to take care of your
family and get scams because that’s all Nature Boy is doing is scamming the
people’s minds and their hearts and to believe in something that this man is
really not

44 thoughts on “Natureboy 😱 Clearing Things UpThat DREAMWORKS Did Cut Him A Check 😱”

  1. Serenity needs to truly reevaluate life at this point. If Rambo has any self-esteem he would not allow her to continue to live with him and he would use Babylon laws to gain primary custody of his kid. Not take her baby, but take her control. She needs a moment to herself to fully sit in the breaking shame that real spiritual transformation is born from.

    My heart hurts for her because all she wants is acceptance.

    🙄 @ Natureboy..

  2. Just goes to show that higher ups are funding this black woman smear campaign and that there's REALLY an agenda over there..they want him to continue his fuckery:spreading diseases, disrespecting black women, exploiting mental illness, perpetuating black stereotypes, more single black mothers..ive been saying someone higher up has been funding him FROM THE BEGINNING..but at the same time you really can't believe a damn word he says,so idk what to think

  3. Some of us being knew dream was payin him but naw ppl dnt be listening this rabbit hole is deeper than you think its alot to this story

  4. I agree. There is too much receipts about how how is a scammer and a fraud and sexual deviant and people watch these videos, still donate and still decide to go over there. At this point, I can’t even be mad at NB for scamming these people, seriously.

  5. I jus cant fathom whyyy Dreamworks would give him anything🙄 he's not getting millions of views… He's not on tv or zeus or something🤦😭😭 he doesn't even have enough followers to be imp enough to even be on Lhh😩🤣🤣 he is not even paying his "actors", whyyy would DreamWorks give him any thing🤔 this fool dont even have a world wide audience to get revenue from for DreamWorks to cut him checks🤷🤣

  6. He been with a production company since day one, why u think noone really disclose enough info just a lil here and there when they released from there contract,, this was and is an experiment to see how fools follow one delusional person. They had to reveal because woke folks kept saying this seem scripted and the Love and flip flops., they knew folks was catching on.

  7. Eligio Bishop is a mentally ill man who has come up scheme to exploit black men and women to ensure that he doesn't have to work for the rest of his life. His whole agenda is to secure a work free life for himself and himself only. He is not spiritual or enlightened. He has stated this several times. Why do people not listen? He uses anything and anyone around him. So who is really at fault?

  8. The whole moral to the story is don't believe in anything other than ,Yourself! Watch for entertainment, not true knowledge. You are your very own master teacher !

  9. Every scene looks like a set on the Real World… 🎬After he started dressing like the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), and speaking like Deepok Chopra, that was it. 🤷😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  10. Nature Boy needs to think about that deal with DreamWorks that allegedly he has because people are going to do him just like they did R Kelly it's going to be surviving nature boy you don't think the people that was over there want a part of the deal and tell their story all of that is going to come out matter fact go ahead and do that deal and get what is coming to you

  11. Where did this Dreamworks gossip start? I'd have to see the receipt to believe it. Khadiza (sp?) started it? Consider the source. Bunch of bs.

  12. Gotta keep it real. Natureboy is blessed. Just because we might have a certain opinion on Natureboy doesn't mean that the Most High has the same outlook. You never know what somebody relationship is with the Most High. That's why all the great teachers who came to this planet taught us not to judge others. I'm not saying I support the things NB does but you gotta keep it real. If the Most High didn't want this group to be successful, they wouldn't be.

  13. Also I want to know why those ladies keep their hair short I don't get it they can't let their hair grow out your hair is your crown I don't get it he like bald headed women did Jim back in the Alan about his salad jump back in the alley

  14. Whelp, hope this is not true. Someone small is always connected to large. So hope he is not defaming this company. He will get the publicity he really does not want. Have fun😉

  15. NB don't love her and she don't love him. None of them couples in CN truly love eachother. In order to love somebody else you gotta love yourself and anybody who loved themselves wouldn't put up with the BS that goes on over there. It's funny how NB talks all that mess about Babylon but then takes a deal from a Illuminati Babylon company like DreamWorks. That's no surprise to me though because I always knew he was a fraud and didn't mean what he said.

  16. When did he mentioned they cut him a check? I thought he never took any offers. According to what I heard him say……..that he doesn’t like to be controlled and wouldn’t accept the offers. Ionno🤷🏽‍♀️ So NB admitted they gave him a check??

  17. Lol… I watched a 3 min ad for u sis! 🤣🤣🤣 I hate em but once I found out that it supports the channel I gotta do it ✊✊✊ As far as Serenity Mama Willow Faith, she is having a temper tantrum! Its confirms her reasons for wanting to go back. Her and Rambo never wanted one another anyways. And NB promised her to always keep her as a direct. She is scorned now.

  18. it's a scripted show. that's the only reason why a huge production company would pay anything. all this is fake.

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