>>Hello and welcome to this week’s webinar. We’ll get started now. This session is around top tips and tricks from Power BI tips. We’re actually going over the 2019 best blog posts and items that we’ve done from the website. So these are just a bunch of really good helpful… Continue Reading Top Tips and Tricks from PowerBI.Tips 2019 Edition | Community Webinar

Hello guys, welcome. In this video I will talk about SMART HOME Smarthome is a system that can control for example lights blinds refrigerator TV, washing machine roll up doors locks cameras and thermostat these are controlled by one device or, a mobile phone for example: the light can be… Continue Reading Control Your Home Devices Anywhere/Smart Home Automation Overview Simple and Easy – in Tagalog

Hai Welcome to TechBuddies. Today we are going to take a look at how AI transformed the way we use our smartphones. First and foremost. What is AI ??? AI means Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that focus the ceationof intelligent machines that work and react… Continue Reading HOW AI TRANSFORMED SMARTPHONES || TECH BUDDIES

Hello? Hello chimpanzee! How are you? I come in peace. Look what I’ve found. Oh, ouch, ouch… Watch! Here’s an invisible banana! Good luck! Oh… Keep it. It’s yours! Give it a try. Jackpot! That was fun. Now I have to go! Take these as a token of my appreciation.… Continue Reading Chimp vs. Robot Magic

– Today we’re taking a look back at an iconic shonen anime, “Hunter Hunter”. Based on the currently running quintessential Yoshihiro Togashi manga, there’s thrilling battles, wild monsters, and bloodchilling enemies. And the most best boys and girls per capita than any other show out there. Disclaimer: we’ll be covering… Continue Reading The Complete Hunter X Hunter Timeline… So Far | Get In The Robot

Hey guys! I decided to make a video about the state of current Sonic games because of the Sonic Forces gameplay reveal. We’re going to see how that compares to previous games in the serie and why I think it’s not as good as Generations let alone the classic 2D… Continue Reading A Short Analysis on Automation in Sonic Games

Hi I’m Tim from Mister Gates Direct, you’ve probably noticed that all our gates have the option of being automated which is a fantastic system to make your life a lot easier. You can add our systems to your swing gates and the sliding gates and this is the Linestar… Continue Reading Gate Automation LINESTAR from Mister Gates Direct

>>Hi all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar, and my name is Deepak Shankar. I’m a community manager within the Microsoft Business Application group. Today, we have Markus, an MVP with with us, who will walk through the… Continue Reading Self Service AI in Power BI Desktop | Community Webinar

These days the headlines are constantly telling us: Artificial intelligence is changing the world! Robots are taking our jobs! 96% of HR professionals in a recent survey believe that AI will greatly enhance talent acquisition. Sounds great! But what the heck is AI anyway? I asked a group of recruiting… Continue Reading AI For Recruiting: The Questions You Were Afraid To Ask – Answered