Vendor, the potatoes cost how much? What about tomatoes? Yes, give me tomatoes. My gold chain. My chain. Give it. Tell me, where is my chain? Aunty, he is Chadha uncle, he hasn’t snatched your chain. He was buying the veggies here. He is a very honest person. Then who… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Sabse bada muqabla | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

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All I’m trying to do is toggle the lights all together so that when it gets dark I can come in here and just simply turn these on. So if we drag these like that, now… Uh oh… Oh now I look stupid. What’s up guys? I’m Vortac and welcome… Continue Reading Mechanica Gameplay – A Programming, Automation, and Survival Game?? – Early Access

Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor at Wired and this is Tech in 60 seconds. Let’s go. We don’t know. He wrote a short Instagram post and said he was gonna do it. It is a ton of money, though. It would be more spent on climate change than… Continue Reading Nicholas Thompson on Bezos’ climate change pledge; Europe/AI; copy-paste | Tech in :60 | GZERO Media

One of the biggest headlines in AI research for 2019 was the unveiling of AlphaStar – Google DeepMind’s project to create the worlds best player of Blizzard’s real-time strategy game StarCraft II. After shocking the world in January as the system defeated two high ranking players in closed competition, an… Continue Reading How AlphaStar Became a StarCraft Grandmaster | AI and Games

Boss what is this? This is Robot ten , ten headed robot , his ten heads have ten brains and strength. It releases fire, water, smoke, stones, one lighting, laser beams, storm, oil, ice, flash lights. Meow! You are genius boss. She is right boss she is right. Just on… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs Robo ten | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

More customers interested in SD-WAN? Man, that market just continues to grow and grow. Looks like a great future your managed SD-WAN service. But you know that maximizing this market opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. I mean, all this growth is great. But just keeping up with… Continue Reading Solution Snapshot: Blue Planet SD-WAN Automation

“Damn, it’s ugly!” (68 likes) “When you’re rich, you really lose touch with reality.” (74 likes) “She was a lot better in orange.” (58 likes) What do you think of the car? Not very beautiful. But, if he likes it… Epic fail. 10 days earlier Hi Nathan. Hello POG. I’m… Continue Reading I screwed up my Lamborghini !