So AIx stands for Artificial Intelligence Exploration and it’s an initiative that we’ve taken here at CSUN to try and start exploring what uses AI could have. When you’re engaging a computer and you stop realizing or remembering that you’re dealing with a computer, that’s when you’re dealing with AI.… Continue Reading “Exploring Artificial Intelligence Innovation for Faculty and Students” Hosted by Mariano Loza Coll

JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the fundamental economic shifts of our time is the way that big data is disrupting commerce and everyday life. Artificial intelligence, which involves machines learning, analyzing and using enormous sets of data, is expected to have an ever-wider impact, transforming industries and eliminating some jobs. That… Continue Reading How big data is transforming creative commerce

Translator: Hélène Vernet Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I’d like to begin by asking a few questions. Who knows if they have a wireless smart meter on their home? Okay. And who has their smartphone in their pocket right now? Great. And who’s read the fine prints in your owner’s manual that says… Continue Reading Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

10 of the Richest Men in the World #10. “Bernie Ecclestone”-Bernie Ecclestone was the longtime CEO and President of Formula One Racing. With Ecclestone at the helm, Formula One reached the pinnacle of its popularity and made him a billionaire along the way. Today he is worth over $3 billion.… Continue Reading 10 Of The RICHEST Men In The WORLD!

Hello, my name is Nikos Paragios. I’m a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Ecole Centrale de Paris and I’m also the Scientific Leader of the GALEN team of Inria at the Saclay, Ile-de-France. And I’m Pawan Kumar. I’m an Assistant Professor at Ecole Centrale de Paris… Continue Reading Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision with Nikos Paragios and Paw

So I lead a team that’s building products to help cities operate more effectively and to provide better quality of life for their citizens. It is only possible because of all of the trends that you see out there that are connecting devices with software and connectivity. Now, that extends… Continue Reading How AI Is Making Cities Safer And More Livable

Please Muscle, I really want to be popular! Please Muscle, I really want to lose weight (YES!) Please muscle, because I really want to be popular! Oh (You’re doing it!) Ha (You’re doing it) I want muscles! Hip raise! Side bend! (Your abs look like a six pack!) Dumbbell curl!… Continue Reading Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Opening Full『Onegai Muscle』by Ai Fairouz & Kaito Ishikawa