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This year I figured we could do something a little bit different and instead of me telling you how great this class is I figured we could invite someone else from outside the class to do that instead. So let’s check this out first. Hi everybody and welcome MIT 6.S191,… Continue Reading Barack Obama: Intro to Deep Learning | MIT 6.S191

Colin, welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast I am so happy you’re here I’ve been so excited about this like for weeks so thank you so much for joining us and making your Astrology Hub debut here today. Ah, it’s my pleasure, thank you for being here Amanda. I’ve spoken… Continue Reading Shame Triggers & Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age with QueerCosmos Astrologer Colin Bedell

Hummm… Hello everyone ! So I’m LELAY! I just finished my studies in 2D animation And I am currently on an internship to validate my degree Because I do not have to do homework anymore I’ve decided to take advantage of my free time to do small animations on youtube… Continue Reading Comment j’ai appris l’Animation

Ben Wattenberg: Hello, I’m Ben Wattenberg. Welcome to Election Year 1996, which we will celebrate with a contest that will be announced at the end of this program. Election year — once again, American democracy is under harsh scrutiny. Many voters are fed up with the tone, the cost, the… Continue Reading Rights and wrongs of American elections (1996) | THINK TANK

JUDY WOODRUFF: Returning now to our main story, the president urging another foreign power, China, to start an investigation into a potential political rival. What are the implications of this, as a matter of law and national security? Michael Mukasey was the U.S. attorney general under former President George W.… Continue Reading Trump is suggesting foreign leaders investigate the Bidens. Is that illegal?

Finally it’s ready. I can imagine how surprised those heroes will be – Professor G., Red Arrow and Super-Sergeant when they see my invention. I’m curious about what’s going on in here. Oh wow that’s powerful. Yes Super- Sergeant, you’re right. That’s the most powerful train in our city. We’ll… Continue Reading 🤖ジョージきょうじゅのはつめい | Train-Transformers | 🚆トレインズ EP37 | 子供向け電車アニメ